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  • My favorite visual gag from The Sopranos was the neon sign for “Flatbush Bikini Wax.”

  • I hope they don’t confuse the two when you make an appointment

    • Ha, it’s funny you say that…once when I went to Shobha in New York, they did actually escort me back to the little treatment room with the massage table. Fortunately, I knew they did all the brow threading up front in the salon chairs, so I was quickly like “um…I’m *only* here for an eyebrow threading!” Good rule of thumb: If they ask you to take off your pants, it’s NOT a brow wax. 😉

  • I still remain mystified by bikini waxes, and when exactly they became a “thing.” Do women really pay to get them super regularly? That sounds sounds expensive and time consuming.

  • I want to know more about NYC’s worst brow and bikini wax.

  • “slickest squirrels in the CBD”

  • I believe thats between 17th and Connecticut – not 15th and 16th.

  • I used to go to Shobha occasionally when I lived in New York, and I really liked them (for eyebrow threading; can’t vouch for their bikini or eyebrow waxes). I alternated between Shobha and the handful of hole-in-the-wall threading joints around Herald Square. The hole-in-the-walls were more budget friendly ($6-$12 range for brow threading) but the quality was hit or miss. Shobha (~ $20 if I recall) was my “splurge”; they did really take time and care, and the ambiance was much more soothing and pleasant, but it was out of my budget at the time to be a regular customer. For brows in DC, Dupont Threading is somewhere in between Shobha and the New York threading “dives”–a little no-frills, but they seem to get the job done ok and prices aren’t terrible.

  • Love how this post was tagged with “Downtown”…

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