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  • Cyclist photobombs the first picture…love it!

  • thank god.

  • Gas stations are a necessity in today’s city. A necessary evil to some, but still necessary, nonetheless. Too bad we can’t get one with a really nice convenience store attached, like a Sheetz, to serve not only motorists, but the surrounding community. Does anyone know if Sheetz has an urban model in their portfolio? God, I love their MTO subs.

  • 2 gas pumps? why is it so freakin small? thats why i hate getting gas in dc

    • Well, it’s technically 4 pumps.

    • everyone wants suburban sizing.

      • but since gas stations are nearly becoming extinct in DC, there should be more than “4” gas pumps at a new gas station. otherwise, it’s just a tease. do you realize how crowded this is going to be? ridiculous. the suburbs have more gas stations so i’d think they wouldnt need as many pumps at a station. DC OF ALL PLACES NEEDS MORE THAN 4 PUMPS!

  • I wonder if this will be a sanely priced station or one of DC’s many jacked up filling points. I was on Pennsylvania Avenue a few days ago and the difference between filling up at the Sunoco near Potomac Ave Metro and filling up a few blocks closer to the capitol was 80 cents/gallon.

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