New Mediterranean Restaurant, Dunya, Coming to 801 Florida Ave, NW

801 Florida Avenue, NW

Back in mid-January we first heard about a new restaurant coming to 8th and Florida Ave, NW. Finally word on what is happening at 801 Florida Ave, NW (just east of 9th and U Street.) A liquor license application reveals:

“A Mediterranean restaurant serving tapas and high end cocktails with a seating capacity for 150 patrons and total load of 150. Request an entertainment endorsement with live performances jazz for brunch or private events and summer garden with a seating capacity for 25 patrons.”

Stay tuned for updates as they get closer to opening.

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  • New restaurant in Shaw: yay!
    Tapas: boo!

    Please take reservations. Thanks.

  • Connect the dots…la-la-la-la. Connect the dots…la-la-la-la. U street continues to work its way down to FL and to Shaw’s. A few years ago, unnoticeable.

  • A bit off topic but… how come craft beer and cocktails have become the “it” beverages of choice, but wine selections have become an afterthought on recent bar menus. Even alleged “wine bars” like Dickson and Room11 seem to focus more on their cocktails than the quality of their wine. Have tastes changed in the past decade?

  • I’m very excited for this. This building has such potential. As the project across the street gets underway this immediate area is in for some significant change.

  • msmaryedith

    Goddamnit, stop with the tapas already!!

  • I think the anti-tapas people here need to look past this fact and see it from a development standpoint. This shatty building is getting renovated and if the first restaurant doesn’t survive then the barrier is much lower for next restaurant to come in…

  • This place is within 50 miles of 13th and Wallach. Let the protest begin!!!

  • Usually when I see a PoP post about a new tapas place I instantly announce my desire to die. BUT in this case, the name of the place is Turkish, so the “mediterranean tapas” are almost certainly Turkish mezze. They just assume the audience wouldn’t understand, maybe? In which case, forgiven and delicious!

  • Tapas and meze have the same translation in English: rip-off. I’m super excited to see this place developed, and I’m sure it will do fine. I just wish it was a different “concept” as the parlance goes…

    • the problem is really that people think that tapas= dinner. but it doesn’t. it’s a snack, people. it’s something you eat while chatting with friends, drinking tea or alcohol. you don’t get too many things, just a few plates to tide you over till dinner.

      that’s why every tapas place also has entrees.

      • You know tapas is for rich bitches when the enthusiasts explain to you it’s just the place they go out to before they go out.

  • First World Problem (FWP)

    I never get this argument either……. tapas = small plates…… if you want a meal buy several small plates and eat it, if you want more of one thing buy two plates of the same thing and eat it, where is the problem? If you don’t like the price then may be you should reconsider eating out, or try Popeye’s Tuesday 3 piece special.

    Sometimes people try to create their own dramatic worlds just to feel normal. Think about that. The world does not bend to suit you, one must bend to suit the world, or put their money where their mouth is and open their own non-tapas restaurant. There are starving children in Africa that would LOVE to have a nice Tapas restaurant in their village, count your blessings.

  • I think this business is going to be struggling. I just don’t see it fairing up to anything in proximity. But I am happy to see the building developed no matter what type of bar/restaurant finally succeeds in this space.

    • can you dumb-down “fairing up to anything in proximity” for those of us in the back of the class?

    • are you kidding? have you seen the crowds at the Brixton and/or shaws tavern and/or cafe bohem?

    • You crazy. If this place actually manages to open up, it will do well unless there are some serious issues with the management. It’s opening up in a location that is hungry for new spots. All the ones that are in this vicinity are immensely popular and always packed.

  • The picture is deceiving. This place is on an odd angled lot and its tiny inside. for seated dinner I’m guessing it would probably fit 20-30 people on each of 2 floors. Occupancy of 150 people is way too many, unless they are looking at it as a standing room only dance club.

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