New Belgium Brewing “Tour de Fat” Coming to Yards Park June 1st

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

From a press release:

New Belgium Brewing today announced the long-awaited Tour de Fat 2013 schedule. The tour, now in its 14th year, will spin into 12 cities across the nation. This daylong festival in the park celebrates the bicycle, showcases New Belgium beers, and provides eclectic and engaging entertainment for all. The event is free, yet all proceeds from food and beer go to local biking groups. Over its course, Tour de Fat has raised more than $2 million for nonprofit organizations.

Each festival kicks off with a police-escorted bicycle parade through city streets in celebration of the bike. Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory, though the truly aware come prepared. Each parade route is designed for people of all skill levels, wrapping up at the park for a day of both sensory stimulation and relaxation.

After the parade, the festival stages heat up with national musical acts, touring comedy groups, artistic ensembles and unexpected entertainment. New this year is the opportunity to heighten your beer knowledge through beer contests, providing the chance to explore new brews and revel in a unique lineup of New Belgium selections. Kids of all ages can test their bicycle prowess on art bikes, dance in the grass and explore a wide variety of games and activities, such as giant versions of telephone and Plinko.

“Tour De Fat brings together entire communities to celebrate the bike as a vehicle for social change and good-time fun,” said Matt Kowal, New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat Impresario. “This is a chance to see world-class entertainment in your own backyard with a beer in hand while you raise money for bike advocacy. That’s like a win-win-win situation.”

One brave role model in each city will volunteer to trade their car for a bike and live car-free for at least one year. With a ceremonial pledge and a handing over of car keys, the celebrated figure commits to a year of human transport on the fully loaded commuter bike of their choosing. The crowd goes wild and the seed is planted: one inspired person on two wheels can make a difference in each of our communities.

Car-for-Bike Swappers are chosen after submitting an application describing why they are ready to give up their vehicle for the gift of two wheels:

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  • Fat people on bicycles getting drunk. A concept that should be right at home in DC>

    • Ummm. I know it’s all in good fun, but that guy is obviously wearing a fake sumo suit with a head band with clear Japanese writing. Sumo is a sacred sport in Japan.

      Would it be as funny if it was a white guy in an afro wig or an ‘illegal alien’ jumpsuit?

      Just food for thought.

      • Yes, it would be just as funny. Maybe even funnier. Some people get just off on getting offended. Best to ignore them.

  • The bike ride is before the drinking. It was a blast – lots of people in costumes and on funky bikes. The ride went up to RFK and then back to Yards Pakr. There were lots of games for people to play, like a huge Jenga set, and music and they gave away a Fat Tire bike. They’re bike people, probably the friendliest group of folks in DC.

    And this is America. We’re allowed to make fun of the sacred. In fact, it is encouraged. This year, I hope to see the Pope and the Devil riding together on a tandem.

  • I think Fat Tire is overrated. I heard beer geeks praise it for years. When I finally got to try it, I wasn’t very impressed. I think people raved about it so much because it wasn’t available here for so long.

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