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  • orderedchaos

    Hooray! Gotta get over there to check out the branded wooden stools… “Hey, could you get up please, I’m looking for my name.” 😉

  • Hopefully they’ll try to make the place look more presentable/inviting from the outside as well! It doesn’t even look open

    • Yes, I agree. Really great place but street presence is awful. Take the grates of the windows, wash them, and put lights outside…done.

      • You know what else would help? Adding to the menu the pork sandwich that El Floridiano makes. I don’t know what’s in the sauce, but it’s crack and they haven’t been by my office in a long time.

        • The pan con lechon!!! And yes, I agree. Alternatively, I would be happy if Stephen also just bottled the sauce he uses as I cosign with the addiction. I am not sure what goes into it but it is solid.

  • You remember that story about how the P Funk mothership is rumored to be in PG County somewhere? Any word on whether these guys are interested in tracking it down?

  • Love this place so far. All things in time and so great the license came through early.

  • … but hope to be proved wrong. Good luck!

  • Shockingly bad exterior. I agree with others that they could go from ghetto to great just by taking down the bars, adding some old lights outside and maybe some potted plants around the door.

  • Just walked by, and they have added a more permanent sign above the door, and placed two potted evergreens by the door.. BOOM results. bars next?

  • Food was great. Loved ambiance. Cool new place to get something other than tater tots and fried pickles in the neighborhood!

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