Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

30 Bates Street Northwest

This rental is located at 30 Bates Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“A deluxe 2 bedroom 2 full and a sitting area on upper level with W/D upstairs too for super convenience. Beautiful Hard wood floors throughout this 2 Level home. Wood Burning fireplace and powder room on main level. Also off street parking for 1 car. Move In ASAP…$1000 Deposit Special. Pets Welcome.”

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,350/Mo.

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  • two interesting facts about this area.

    1. it is the population center of dc
    2. it used to be the largest open air drug market in DC.

  • I used to home at 1st and P right around the corner from this. The area has gotten a lot better but yeah, it’s probably still rough around the edges although I haven’t lived there in 4 years. We had a shooting in front of our house in 2009 and the cops were there in 15 seconds flat… because they were already on Bates responding to a different shooting.

    Sursum Corda just south of this area was the huge open air drug market but there was plenty of that going on in the alleyway behind our house between O and P.

    • But you moved, so it’s good now, right?

      The O Street market and NoMA are about the same distance as the former Sursum Corda was.

      • your post doesn’t match geography.

      • Yeah don’t know what you mean by former, it’s still there with residents still living in the units there. Also, your geography is off. O St market and Noma are not closer than Sursum, especially since you have to pretty much go past Sursum to get to Noma.

        As I said, it’s gotten tons better… Big Bear was a great addition as well as the farmers market that’s there during the summer. But if you want to play that game, the loiter triangle at Florida Ave and North Capital is closer to this unit than Big Bear so there’s good and there’s bad.

        I’d say this unit seems like an OK deal. After we moved out and rented our house (a 2br, 1.5ba that was actually showcased on GoDN a few years back) we were asking $1800 for that unit.

    • i drive by there at rush hour, and it reminds me of the zombie apocalypse

      real estate prices are booming there though, and the rent seems less than a comparable mortgage, so ok deal? I would never want to rent there though, you’re basically living out the area’s reverse depreciation for the owner

      • The residential blocks are a bit nicer than the commercial dead zone of north Capitol.

        • actually, I’m thinking of O St not Bates, to be accurate. I think because of the soup kitchen there is a higher than normal proportion of slightly unstable people

      • also what is the “former” Sursum Corda (serious question). Those buildings are still there and people are living in them (or at least hanging out like they do

  • Omar coming yo!

  • Hard to understand the layout from the pictures – but good deal, I think. The price is good, the neighborhood is super walkable – and look at the crime stats – it’s just not the neighborhood it once was (in terms of crime).

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