Judging New Restaurants – TAAN Noodles

1817 Columbia Rd, NW

TAAN opened up at 1817 Columbia Rd, NW in early Nov. 2012. Their website says:

TAAN is a modern Asian noodle shop inspired by traditional izakayas and ramen shops. Executive Chef Jonathan Bisagni has composed a menu that will consist of kushiyaki, onigiri, various small plates, and three types of ramen: pork based, duck based, and vegetarian.

Any fans? Any must order items? For those who have tried both – how do they compare to nearby Sakuramen on 18th Street?

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  • bfinpetworth

    Only been once, and thought it was quite good. They have good nightly specials also. Nice little bar too. I’ll be back.

    • Love the food here. The bao app is delish and the ramen is inventive (try the vegetarian). Could offer custumors a more comfy set up to slurp these noodles (no chair backs or coat hangers under the table for coats) but glad to have em around.

  • salty salty salty.

  • I like both Taan and Sakuramen a lot. But they are apples and oranges. Taan doesn’t serve a very brothy ramen, but it is usually loaded with fresh ingredients. Sakuramen is really tasty, communal, no alcohol. Taan feel more “Momofuku”ish, and has cocktails, beers, etc.

  • ledroittiger

    It’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood and hands down the best ramen on the west side, but I would agree with rebekah that the offerings are pretty sodium heavy.

    I don’t understand why everyone is trying so hard to elevate ramen. It’s nice to have a good place to take friends on rare occasions, but I’d much prefer a regular mom & pop style place with a solid broth like I used to visit when I lived in Osaka.

  • Not very good. Especially their dumplings. Sakure is much better. Not much flavor and weird atmosphere.

  • Service is amazing, (way better than Sakuramen) and the food is delicious.
    Definitely will go again.

  • They have special happy hour pricing for their ramen on Mondays. I think all their ramens are $10.

    Went during the President’s Day holiday during the daytime when I was off of work. Pretty good ramen. though the dumpling add-on was kinda weak. All that plus a Hite beer for a total of $20 (with tax + tip). Not bad at all.

  • Both are good, but I prefer Sakuramen and their fireball. I’m very happy to have both in the neighborhood.

  • Their vegetarian ramen is not vegan as the noodles have egg in them. Without noodles the dish is less than filling.

  • Taan is probably my least favorite ramen place in the area, although that is not necessarily a negative. Although I love the idea of duck ramen, it was really too salty. Also, the atmosphere doesn’t really say *ramen* to me. I would go back, but not go out of my way to go there.

  • Loved it. The additions to the ramen I had, like the pickled vegetables, I thought really added a nice touch. Service was decent too. I didn’t find my ramen (vegetarian) on the salty side, but perhaps others did for the other dishes? The corn fritters were amazing. Not sure how Japanese that is, but still…

  • Sakuramen is better but more chaotic. Taan has a nice bar which is convenient when dining alone. Both are different enough and good additions to the neighborhood.

  • I’ve been a handful of times. Small menu, but great service and good/solid food. I usually get the vegetarian beet with added chicken meatballs. It’s pretty tasty, but not quite as good as a vegetarian corn dish they had when they opened. I’ve tasted a few of the meat dishes and they are pretty salty.

  • I thought it was way too salty, but a nice atmosphere for a casual date.

  • Taan’s strengths are the atmosphere, plus there’s alcohol. Service is not really an issue for me – I don’t go to a ramen house for great service, I’m paying for taste. Unfortunately, the broth is too salty for me.

    I would only come here on a Monday – which is when Sakuramen is closed…Still a great addition to the neighborhood and I hope they continue to do well.

  • I’ve been to both. Sakuramen wins easily.

    Taan looks like it was just thrown together without much thought and is over priced, kind of dirty, and less friendly.

    The only plus is that Taan has a liquor licence.

  • Went to Taan tonight … the vegetarian ramen was seriously amazing. as was the tempura corn. Good looking out, PoP!

  • I have to admit I like the noodles at Sakuramen more but I like the amount of veggies and the thought made to their vegetarian dish.

  • It’s busy every night, which speaks volumes given the competition (pho and ramen right around the corner). This is even more impressive given the challenges of the layout inside (see all the past attempts at this location). The food is excellent, if a bit expensive.

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