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Back in 2009 Pho 14 started offering delivery in Columbia Heights. Now they also offer delivery from their new Adams Morgan and Van Ness locations. So does the Pho travel well? Any fans of their delivery? And they have a sense of humor too:


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  • It was OK when I ordered online or called in an order. The last time I had it delivered the delivery guy tried to charge me more than what was quoted. Which was strange. We worked it out though.

  • The ordering process can be cumbersome, but the actual delivery and packaging has worked well in my experience. The broth arrives in a separate container. I’ve heated it in the microwave before adding to the meat, noodles, etc., and it’s a pretty decent replication of what you would eat in the restaurant.

  • I order it when I am too hungover to move. It’s good, but not as good as dining in. It usually takes an hour and there’s a minimum charge so I usually have to get a Bahn Mi to get over it. At least they accept cards, although no Amex. If I don’t mind driving, I usually go to 75, which I think is the best in the area. Pho 14 is probably the best in the city.

  • Nothing quite like a steaming hot bowl coming right out of the kitchen. I would never think to order it to-go, even with a microwave or stove handy.

  • Ehh… it’s not as good. Service is great, but the noodles are overly gummy and stuck together, you have to re-heat the broth to be able to cook the eye round steak and get the noodles separated. plus the fact that most people don’t have a bowl big enough fo pho means you have to go through the building process twice. Not a bad reflection on them, more that Pho is something that shouldn’t be ordered takeout or delivery.

  • I always like to heat up the broth again when it gets delivered and I try to avoid the raw meat ones since it just means I have to be more fastidious about cleaning up. But otherwise I’m happy it’s an option, especially when I’m fighting a cold and don’t want to leave the house but really need some vietnamese penicillin.

  • I’ve always had a good experience with their delivery, only used the Park Rd location, but they usually say an hour and it comes around 45 minutes. Because it is Pho I recommend using a large mixing bowl instead of a standard size, makes the dining experience much better. Sometimes you have to call a few times to get through to order but compared other delivery places in the city it really isn’t a bad deal.

  • We order from the Park Road location. Delivery is always prompt and takes less time than they tell you. The broth is always hot, maybe not as hot as in the restaurant, but hot enough. I’ve never had to nuke it and it cooks the eye of round just fine.

    By the way, exactly what part of the cow is eye of round steak anyway?

    Online ordering is cumbersome, so I always call. I wish they would put their phone number on the online menu so that I don’t have flip between pages to get all the info I need to order.

    Pho 14 delivery is a favorite option at our house when someone isn’t feeling well or we just need a quick weeknight dinner. My 6-year-old kid loves the chicken pho. I confess to being proud that he adds sriracha.

  • Sound cute? Ok, but when they are delivering to my house and have my address. NO Thank you

  • Had one computer mix up with a delivery a few months ago but otherwise have had nothing but good experiences with their delivery. Points made above about reheating broth and noodles sticking together are spot on and 45 minutes is about the average delivery time. Good spot!

  • As a regular orderer from the Park Road restaurant, I have to say, it travels way better than expected. You usually have to reheat the broth for 2-3 minutes (I like it piping hot) but the noodles don’t stay stuck together and you get all of the add ons you would get at the restaurant.

    The only downside, the amount of plastic that is created through the delivery.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love the delivery! I love that everything is packaged separately, my order is never messed up, and it’s still steaming hot when it arrives (I do live very close). It was heaven having pho delivered when I was having the worst bronchitis of my life this winter.

  • I’ve ordered a few times from the Park Rd location. I like the on-line ordering system and have been very happy with the in-home version of pho.

  • I’ve gotten take out from both locations, but I’ve never used the online ordering option, always call. They are friendly on the phone and delivery usually comes in 45 minutes. There is a 15 $ (I believe) min on delivery, and a small take out charge… maybe $.50. The broth is always separate from the noodles with a packet of sprouts/mint/lime and sauce on the side. There is nothing like going to the restaurant and sitting down to a steaming bowl of soup, but delivery is a close second. I’ve never had an order messed up, never had any problems with delivery, and always enjoy my pho!

  • We order from Pho 14 in Columbia Heights to our Petworth home all the time. It’s our favorite delivery food option. We get pho or vermicelli with pork usually – both are great. Yes there are some compromises to doing pho as delivery – lots of packaging and sticking noodles, but if you reheat the broth all works out great (the noodles unstick themselves). They always say 45 min to an hour but almost always get to our house faster. We have a little one so often order by 6pm – delivery is very fast that early.

  • It used to be great but the wait time has gotten longer and longer. It usually takes much longer than hour now.

  • Question – we get delivery from Pete’s Apizza and Pho 14. Are there other good restaurants in Columbia Heights that deliver to Petworth?

  • I’d love to have an opinion on this, but they won’t deliver to my house, even though it is less than a mile from the restaurant. They refuse addresses in 20001.

  • Pho is far too fussy to have delivered. Stick to the banh mi sandwiches and other entrees, and it’s really good.

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