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Not my traditional pick for houses that I really admire but this one is for posterity. I think it is the last boarded up little house on T Street west of 14th. There used to be so many that looked like this. The block looks amazing now.


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  • Yeah, it is wild how much this block, all of Shaw really, has transformed from homes like these one by one over the last 8 years or so.

  • Any idea what the status of this house is? It was for sale several years ago for a short period of time. It got a ton of showings but then it supposedly went under contract. However there is no sign of life.

    The interior of the home is a disaster. It is a shell and you cannot access the upstairs (most if it doesn’t even exist). This is more than a traditional “fixer-upper.”

  • It is listed on the latest property assessment as vacant — cannot believe it is not listed as blighted…but then again DCRA plays fast and loose with these properties. Similar situation at 1807 12th Street NW–last hold-out of vacant properties that pull down the whole block. Property was listed as blighted last year with a $40,000 tax bill. The owners convinced DCRA that they are living in it by signing an affadavit and having a small water and electric bill. Neighbors suspect the rats must be listening to the radio and running a little water! The T street property is $60,000 past due in taxes, but the city doesn’t seem to care. Shameful!

  • There’s a large old rundown and vacant house on T street just a few houses west of Anna Cooper Circle in LeDroit that is a hold out. I’m amazed that there are so many places worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that no one seems able to do anything with.

  • Pop it up 11th & V Street Style…just kidding

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