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  • Agreed on the sweetness of the house. I used to refer to it as “Thr Captain’s House” on dog walks because I fancied that I flew flags from the porch in a somewhat nautical, shipshape fashion. Except that my friends toured the basement whe
    n it was on the market some years back, and it seemed as though the “Captain” was into some weird stuff in the basement …O Captain!

  • I purposefully choose my route to Ga Ave to drive by this house. I want their stairs. I want their yard. I want this whole house.

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    The deconstruction of the house across the street doesn’t actually look that “crazy” to me. I understand that people are upset the house is being torn down and that the contractor apparently didn’t have the proper permit — but that is just what houses look like during demolition. It has only stayed in the half-torn-down state for so long because of the stop work order…

  • It is pretty nice inside. A former coworker rents it with a bunch of other guys. Pretty good space for a party.

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