Have a Look at the new H Street Coffee Now Open in the Former SOVA Space

1359 H Street, NE

About a month ago we learned SOVA had closed at 1359 H Street, NE and would be replaced by H Street Coffee. What do you think of the new space?

Stay tuned for the bar to reopen upstairs in the future though a date has not been announced yet.


More photos of the space and a look at some sandwich options after the jump.




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  • I never frequented SOVA since I live two blocks from Sidamo, but when I did go there, I appreciated the atmosphere. This is kind of sad to me. It looks more like a corporate chain and all the warmth of the old SOVA appears to be gone. Too bad, but I guess it is in keeping up with the changing demographic of the area.

  • Where are the couches and fabric covered chairs, that makes feel comfortable etc? Wait never mind- it says Coffee not Cafe…

    • My girlfriend and I were talking about going out for an hour to have coffee and catch up on work, but she prefers cafes with comfy chairs/couches and we couldn’t think of one nearby. I thought of SOVA, but I wasn’t sure if it had changed with the new ownership (good thing we didn’t go there).

      • Try Jacob’s, it’s not really a great coffee shop, but it is comfortable.

        • Thanks for the suggestion. I always see Jacob’s when I’m on the bus and I think I should try it, but then I forget it exists. Do you happen to know what their hours are like?

  • I stopped in over the weekend and it’s very different. No more upstairs, and the space downstairs is small and without couches or very good workspaces. The service area does look good but I’m sad that the neighborhood lost a great space. I wish the new operation lots of luck but there’s a need for a SOVA-like space on H and I hope a new place can open and bring something like that back.

  • The layout looks virtually identical to Sidamo, without any of the coziness. While exposed brick is a bit over-used in coffee shop settings these days, this place looks almost TOO clean/sterile. I miss Sova’s couches already!

  • What happened to the upstairs space?

  • I think it looks great. SOVA might have been ‘comfier’, but every couch or chair I sat on there smelled like mothballs or cat pee, so I stopped going completely. Always felt like I was going to bring bedbugs home or something. But then I usually frequent coffee shops to have a quick coffee/meal before doing something, not to camp all day long with my laptop. This place looks fresh and clean, and hopefully they’ll actually have some of the food they put on their menu, unlike SOVA. Looks like you still have to toast your own bagel though, that’s kind of unfortunate. Bring in a behind-the-counter quick bagel toaster!

  • Nice, but a bit sterile–I’ll miss the bohemian comforts of SOVA

  • Couches or not, at least it’s not a Starbucks. We should at least we happy about that.

  • Wow quick renovation, looks great to me. Like that they added a lot of outlets, there were often Gallaudet students working here whenever I stopped by.

  • As a longtime Sova customer, I’m excited for this new place. A new shop aping the old one just wouldn’t work as it would never be the same, and the awful, uncomfortable sofas, horrible HVAC, and sagging counter had to go. But, when they reopen the bar, I really hope they have a performance space and bring back Bluegrass Thursdays.

  • They could use some art on the walls!

  • Sova had a great sense of community, but let’s face it- the place was filthy. Fruit flies flying around everywhere, ripped and sagging couches, I even saw a roach on the counter one time. The coffee and espresso was mediocre, despite carrying a great brand like Intelligentsia. I had one of the best lattes on Sunday. Same staff, and same customers- why can’t the sense of community be the same too? Comfy sofas would be nice, but I would still rather a clean area (especially since food is served) and a bathroom with working appliances. Bravo H Street Coffee and best of luck!

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