Good Deal or Not? “shatters the barometer” edition

1440 A St NE

This house is located at 1440 A Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“If you are painstaking & thorough in your assessment, you’ll be amazed before halfway through. Best prepare w/You Tube preview before turning mind, body & sole over at the threshold. Connell & Schmidt sets another bar, then shatters the barometer. Each level a far-off fireworks finale; stunningly explosive, quiet delay, you start walking away, but it’s far from over…”

You can see more photos here and the youtube tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $898,750.

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  • “body and sole”. Case closed.

    • I *hope* no one turns their sole over at the threshold…sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen!

  • You may want to mock this listing, but pay heed: I failed to “prepare” with the YouTube preview, and I had to be hospitalized due to the sheer awesomeness after visiting this property.

    What’s odd is that this property actually looks really sweet, despite the amateurish and ridiculous listing.

    • Agreed! I’d say it looks like an absolutely lovely home. I adore that big window in the bedroom. But having been told that this house surpasses all houses that came before it, I’m pretty disappointed by “lovely.” p.s. Get well soon!

  • Meh. I saw so many houses in Cap hill with that awful open layout on the main level and the exposed brick stairway. There’s nothing special about this place to warrant the high price. The upstairs kitchen’s nice, but I wish it wasn’t part of the living room. It’s not clear if you could rent the basement (if so why didn’t they install a full kitchen?).

    • I believe you could not legally rent out the basement because of the access to the upstairs. Even if you closed off the door, the steps up to the closed access still make it not legal. My guess is you’d have to remove the steps and the access point to make it legal. It does already have the separate outside entrance, so that’s a big plus.

      • It wouldn’t really be possible to make it a legal basement rental, but by virtue of having only a sink and a mini-fridge, it can’t even be an _illegal_ basement rental.

        Had the developer bothered to put in a stove and a full-sized fridge and called it an “in-law suite,” it could have made for a nice (albeit not fully legal) basement rental.

        • I think you could still rent it– I’ve seen ads for rentals that just had a mini fridge and microwave. But you wouldn’t get much money for it so I’m not sure it would be worth the trouble.

  • Were there walk-in closets? With the nice bedrooms and bathrooms, would have thought they would show the closets as well.

  • If I had $900K I’d buy it. I don’t have an open floor plan on my main level and I wish I had one.

  • Good Deal. Nicely done.

  • This thing is an absolute monstrosity; no other house on our wonderful block has an added McMansion third story. Yuck!

  • It looks very nicely done on the interior, though I can definitely see neighbors being annoyed by that third floor popup. I guess at least they attempted to make it look like it goes with the rest of the house instead of slapping a box covered in vinyl siding on top. It’s hard to say though from the angle of the photo…

    • I thought Capitol Hill was a historic district where pop-ups would be illegal. ?

      • just outside historic district (ends at lincoln park, i believe)–several popups on the A St blocks from that point on.

    • Yeah — the angles of those first two photos made me think the photographer was trying very hard to disguise the fact that the house had a pop-up!

      The pop-up wasn’t obvious to me in those first two photos — I was more struck by the bright teal (which I did not like) of the house next door. I didn’t realize it was a pop-up until I saw one of the photos of the back of the house.

      I’ll give them some credit for “attempt[ing] to make it look like it goes with the rest of the house instead of slapping a box covered in vinyl siding on top.”… but it’s still a pop-up, and it still messes up the block’s roof line.

  • I live a block further east on A and they’ll likely come close to that price or maybe $20-30k below–a big family with dogs will jump on it given it’s next door to Lincoln Park (which makes up for lack of nice yard).

  • The renovation itself looked OK but pretty generic — open floorplan, exposed brick by the stairs, etc. I did like the window seat in the master bedroom, but other than that I don’t remember any specifics.

  • bfinpetworth

    Pretty sure this is another Rainbow Properties, both by the over the top listing by Tom Faison and by the finishes in the house. He loves white marble counters. The wood island countertop is a new touch for him. I like it.

    I bought one of Rainbow’s houses a few years ago. We’ve been quite happy with it overall. They do a quality job.

  • “…mind, body & sole…”?
    Hey – leave my feet out of it.
    Not to mention my mind and the rest mybody.

  • I m going to say that the angle of the front photo was likely done to make the house actually look better – because I assume that pop on top is a lot more obvious than this shot would indicate.

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