Good Deal or Not? “Custom-designed closets” edition

725 L Street Northeast

This house is located at 725 L Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Modern Living in H Street Corridor Beautifully renovated 2 BR, 1.5 BA, 1,100-square foot house. Brand new kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances. Custom-designed closets and storage throughout home make great use of space. Refinished wood floors throughout. Large back yard with deck perfect for entertaining. Blocks to H Street restaurants, bars, Union Market, Metro, and more”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $549,000.

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  • Is this a joke? Bad deal.

    • I agree, sweet baby cheeses is this a bad deal. This house is ugly as sin, two bedrooms, near the Florida speedway, no offstreet parking, no basement, awful kitchen, weird windows cheap finishes everywhere…

      God help us.

  • A lot of the finishes are nice. The kitchen seems a bit off – maybe it’s just the fridge next to that access wall. But, you seem to have to choose between a dining room or a living room and no parking. Seems a bit high.

    That being said – I’m sure it will sell.

    • Agreed– the kitchen is off. The stove next to the fridge looks strange.

      • That and the tiny front windows, and the fact that the living room is on the second floor, and the dining room is right next to the front door of the house.

  • A bit rich for my blood but it will probably sell given the real estate hysteria around here.

  • not a fan of the layout on the first floor at all

    no true closet space either

    the kitchen loks extra weird, stove is just tossed in a space so it seems

  • Is it just me or do those front windows look unusually tiny? Look how small they are compared to the window on the second floor above the front door. Weird.

    • If you look closely (hard to tell with those photos) you can see that the windows has been filled in – likely by a previous owner so they could use standard windows. Also, compare it to the window above the door.

      The front is painted formstone (look at the street view photo).

      The tile chose for that bathroom is awful and the kitchen layout is bad, the location is so so, that back deck looks like something I would have a home inspector check carefully, that bathroom door barely clears the tub surround, and that “closet” seems to cover part of the door frame in that bedroom (don’t know if it conveys so it may not matter), and if the flipper was smart they would have inclosed some of that brick wall and built a proper closet.

      All in all I don’t know if the price warrants this. Looks like a really cheap flip not one that sells over half a million dollars – even given the relatively decent location.

  • novadancer

    I am a fan of modern but this doesn’t do it for me. Kitchen is horrible. Whoever designed it clearly doesn’t cook/bake – with all that space could have done an island.

  • Seems high.

    Looks like someone took the cheap route and put in windows that are shorter than original. That picture on the back of the house looks like all the windows have raised eyebrows! Same thing on the front, but harder to tell since they painted over the detail.

    Looks like they lowered the first floor ceiling also. Perhaps for central heat/air. I think you can see original height in the kitchen where the ceiling fan is recessed.

  • 1200 feet in the ‘hood for over half a million. Whomever buys this deserves the pain.

    • That area is hardly the “hood”…but yes, I agree this is overpriced for the amount of house you’re getting. This seller is definitely taking advantage of the market.

  • I hope it has a custom-designed security system too.

  • Odd choices made in this house if you ask me… And those aren’t custom closets, they are custom wardrobes. Staging what should be the living/dining space as only a dining space is a bad choice, in my opinion.

  • Half a million and no basement?!?!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been inside a rowhouse in DC that I disliked this much. Ick.

  • WOW. I paid $90k less for my place last year and am under half a mile from 3 different metro lines, plus have a parking space and an extra 200 square feet. I hope this person gets the asking price because it means my place has really gone up in value! Of course, my neighborhood doesn’t have a hypothetical future streetcar and only has 2.5 bars within walking distance (more to come soon though).

    • Seriously. We bought at 6th and I a few months back and got a house with more than twice the square footage including a separate income unit and a yard with two-car parking. We paid a bit more than this. I’m glad we bought when we did because clearly our money wouldn’t go as far now as it did 6 months ago.

  • No washer and dryer included? For that price would think it would have more than just hookups.

  • Horrible deal. over 500K and you have to decide to either have a living room or a dinning but you can’t have both? Not worth the money in my opinion.

  • I don’t like it at all, inside or out. But according to Redfin it’s already under contract, so someone thought it was a great deal.

  • wow have times have changed so quickly..i guess backyard band should stop the “7th and L Mob!” shout out. ..half a mill for a tiny rowhouse? more power to you.

  • Already pending

    • Definitely not surprised. Bet they paid at least asking. There has been increasing competition in this area. I’ve even seen flyers posted asking for help finding a house since the market has been so insane.

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