Good Deal or Not? “Crestwood, DC’s best kept secret” edition

4861 Blagden Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 4861 Blagden Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Live in fixer upper in good condition. Nice size lot, garage and driveway parking, wood floors, wide double living room w/ fpl, separate dining room, full basement with space to expand. Great block with high end homes. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy into wonderful Crestwood, DC’s best kept secret”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $599,777.

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  • If you had some money to put into it, I’d say it’s a very nice house. Right next to 16th, so easy to get a bus downtown.

  • andy

    I wish Crestwood was a slightly better kept secret, such that demand and therefore prices in the neighborhood would not be so high.

  • Awesome deal. It makes me think about selling my house and moving there.

  • Definitely a deal (considering current DC prices). I hope whoever buys it keeps the old bathroom tile! I love that look for a bathroom.

  • Well, it must be a well-kept secret because I’ve lived in DC 11 years and never heard of Crestwood. I was going to say good god $600K for that?? But then realized it must be a fairly upscale area, so maybe it’s not a bad price.

    Though, google street view reveals it’s across from what appears to be a mega church. Would not want to look at that every day. That’s just me though.

  • You can hardly find a 3 BR house for less than $600K anywhere in NoVa, I think it’s a fantastic deal! And I would much rather live across from ANY church than any of the condo building’s popping up everywhere. At least the church will be there for awhile.

    • Yeah, I was thinking this would be a good suburb alternative. You still get some of the benefits of living in the city and it’s cheaper.

  • Buy it for $600k, drop $100k in renovations, and you have a $700 detached home of your own creation in the heart of DC. And no Crestwood is not traditional urban living, it’s like a quiet, clean, crime and foot traffic-free suburb in the middle of the city. Gaithersburg-like living 7 minutes from Marvin. Deer in the front yard, brick on my trashcan lid to keep the raccoons from climbing in, walk to the zoo with the kids. While it may not be for everybody…

  • Crestwood is beautiful. I think just a couple of blocks down on 16th — around Crittenden, maybe? — is a small commercial block with Rough ‘n’ Ready in it. It’s not the most happening strip, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually becomes something a little nicer and more interesting, as development continues stretching up from Co Heights.

  • My friend used to live here, I really like this house. If it weren’t so far out in the suburbs we’d buy it.

  • Crestwood is a great, underappreciated part of town. Lots of cool Mid Century style homes and proximity to RCP. I’m really surprised these homes don’t cost more. A young family could do really well there.

  • So, Just Sayin’ just so you know, that commercial strip is in 16th St Heights. Crestwood is on the west side of 16th St., everything to the immediate East is 16th St. Heights. There is no commercial development in Crestwood. That’s what gives it its character, no one goes there unless they live there, thus making it very quiet.

  • The reason Crestwood hasn’t gotten even more expensive is the schools. Compare test scores from the local DCPS.

  • Yep, schools are a big problem. If you can get into an out-of-boundary elementary school that feeds into Deal, then you’re (relatively) set. But DC may clamp down on that, so it’ll be private or charter at least to grade 6.

    BTW, there *is* crime, just read the list-serve: car thefts, car break-ins, house burglaries, and even the occasional stick-up. Some no-doubt originates from teen-aged residents, but not all: scum balls seem to think it’s relatively prosperous easy pickings. Sneak up out of RCP and break into a back window, then dash back into the woods!

    • That house is actually in boundary for Deal and Wilson at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boundary moved east as the number of public school students west of the park goes up, but at the moment, it runs to 16th street. There are even special school buses from metro that run down 16th street in the morning and afternoon.

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