Possible Gas Leak on 14th Street by DC USA in Columbia Heights, Major DCFD Response


Thanks to all who’ve sent emails and tweets. The photo above was sent by PM around 8:50 pm:

“4 fire trucks, 6-8 cop cars blocking off 14st”

@ShermanAve_DC tweeted around 9:00pm:

“Major police activity at #dcusa mall. 14th st closed. Officer said gas leak maybe fire”

More info as it becomes available.

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  • Washington Gas has also been working on a gas leak at Sherman and Lamont since 1 o’clock this afternoon. Coincidence?

  • the business has really been brisk at Chipotle.

  • The Sherman and Lamont fix is still ongoing, I think. I was thankful that the jack-hammering didn’t go too late last night, but it looks like they had to tear up a significant chunk of the street (and evacuate folks from at least one house). Funny that there would be a major issue blocks away, too.

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