Fire at old C&K Hotel by Red Derby

Photo via @Ardvaark

@IAFF36 tweets around 8:15pm:

“WORKING FIRE. 3711 14th St NW. Vacant boarding house. #DCFD on the scene.”

and around 8:50pm:

“Update. 14th St NW. The old C&K Hotel. Fire on all floors. Injured firefighter reported. 1 victim self rescued.”

And around 9:10pm:

“Final update. C&K Hotel. 3711 14 ST. NW. Fire under control. Searches negative.”

Photo via @quincyreba

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  • Wow, I live two block away and I didn’t even hear a siren…

    • For what it’s worth, I literally live across the street on quincy from this place and didn’t hear a siren either!

    • Really?? I hoped I’d see some explanation on PoP this morning, because the sirens were overwhelming. It went on for so long and at such volume that it put my blood pressure up. And I live way down 14th. Closer to the firehouse, admittedly.

  • I live right by here too. I wonder how long the burned out shell will sit. Any bets?

  • (aka @quincyreba) This is the second fire in less than 6 months…ugh.

  • Thank you District of Columbia for allowing yet another vacant, blighted property to decay to such an extent that it goes up in flames during a snow storm.

  • It was just a matter of time a crackhead in there starts a fire.
    After waiting for almost 2 years for the property owner to board up the windows and put fencing to keep out squatters… now I’ll have to live beside an empty, burnt down building. Awesome.

  • What’s the deal with the “one victim self-rescued”? Are they referring to the firefighter, or is this someone that was inside the “vacant” building when the fire started? If so, I think we’ve found our perp.

    It’s too bad that a firefighter was injured when this place could have simply been demolished years ago. Still, if this is what it took to get this eyesore out of the way, then so be it.

  • A lot of action on that stretch of 14th st yesterday. Hours before the fire (Maybe 5 pm?) police had 14th st and sidewalks closed from Parkwood Pl NW to Spring St NW. Police had a dog sniffing vehicles parked at the Exxon Station and along 14th. Anyone know what this was about?

    • How did this get no mention?! Well over 10 fire trucks and many, many other emergency vehicles in the middle of Sunday afternoon…

      Firefighters rescued people who were hanging out of windows, trapped by a fire in a Northwest D.C. apartment building Sunday afternoon.

      D.C. Fire/EMS responded to reports of the fire breaking out about 1:52 p.m. at 1371 Peabody Street NW in a three-story building. First reports say the fire might have started in the basement.
      A resident of the building tells ABC7 it might have been arson, but that has not been confirmed by fire officials. The resident says there was another fire there about a week ago.

      • Nope, not this. Peabody is up by the Rock Creek Golf Course. The earlier 14th street closure was cops only, and from Parkwood to Spring NW. Anyone else know what was going on>

  • Washington Post still silent on this. What a great local newspaper.

  • alphatango

    Looks like they tore it down sometime between Monday and today. I looked up from the bus stop and realized something was different. It took me awhile to remember what had happened!

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