Desi Living Loft Furniture Coming to Navy Yard

Foundry Lofts at 300 Water St, SE

From a press release:

The roster of retailers and restaurants locating at The Yards continues to grow and diversify with the announcement that Desi Living Loft Furniture plans to open its newest store at The Yards. Forest City Washington, the master developer of the 42-acre, urban mixed-use, waterfront development project made the announcement of this latest retail signing.

Desi is the DC area’s premier stop for the most affordable, stylish and unique concepts in living room furniture. The stores provide many color choices, including approximately 200 different fabrics and 70 different leather colors. Desi strives to give customers abundant options in fabric, leather, configuration and style for the most affordable price. Additional information about Desi Living Loft can be found online at

Expected to open in late spring of this year, the 3,000 square foot Desi furniture showroom at The Yards will be located on Water Street at the south end of the Foundry Lofts Apartment building, facing The Yards Park. The Yards will be the third area location for the growing furniture retailer which has existing stores in Rockville and Annapolis.

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  • Guess the Foundry Lofts folks have an easy time for good Thai and furniture shopping

    • Oooh, that reminds me, I should go to Kruba tonight.

      • I actually ate there today. Usually their green curry is amazingly kick-your-ass spicy, but it was “white people spicy” today. Might have to specify in the future to keep it “thai spicy”.

  • I was puzzled as to why a furniture store would be orienting itself toward South Asians… until I realized that somebody probably thought “desi” was a clever shorthand for “design.”

  • Isn’t there also one in Pentagon Row? Is that one closing?

  • very excited to see desi living loft become a part of this great area.
    great exciting furniture with affordable prices… a winner!

  • Desi Living’s website is no longer up. All stores are empty. Costumers are left with no furniture, no refunds of money paid, and no return phone calls. Has the landlord done research into this company? If this store opens, do not shop until you have read reviews. learn from my mistake.

  • I hope the landlords do some research before leasing to Desi Living, from their track record, the landlord will have trouble with Desi. They were evicted out of Pentagon row and the Rockville store leaving customer angry and so far not getting their furniture and

    After ordering our furniture Oct. 10, 2012 from the Rockville store. We finally got our furniture March 15, 2013.
    This took much too long and it was beyond frustrating and aggravating. I made numerous calls throughout the months, being told it would just be a few more weeks each time and many of my calls not returned that went to voicemail. I was even told by one employee after asking him would he feel if in my shoes and he told me to “go see a therapist”. So rude!!

    Funny, after asking for months for Jeff to call me, he finally did on March 16 to ask me how the furniture was and to tell me to take my original ‘Yelp’ Review down or his lawyers would be in contact with me and said it was “very hurtful” and untrue. I had put in some case and legal information in my original review. I asked him if he was threatening me he said no.

    Do yourself a favor and look into public records like Maryland Judiciary Case Search and Virginia judiciary cases and look under companies. I won’t post the link but you should be able to find it easily if you search for Maryland Judiciary Case Search and search under “company” make sure to look at the company parent name and use that to search.

    Additional notes:
    March 22, 2013—–I heard from another “Yelper” that was nice enough to send me a message yesterday that they had the same problem but their sofa was missing so they went to the Rockville location. While they were at the store, a Montgomery Co. Sheriff served the store with an eviction notice.
    Check out and search for JaagI, Desi’s parent company.

    I hope the landlord knows what they are getting into…

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