Dear PoPville – Has Anyone Screened in their Front Porch Due to Mosquitos?


Dear PoPville,

Prior to the dreaded mosquito season, looking for recommendations for screening in porches. This beauty is from Crittendon St right near Sherman Circle…

Anyone else considering screening in their porches due to the horrible mosquitos we’ve been having? For those who’ve done it, how much did it cost?

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  • bfinpetworth

    I considered a mosquito curtain last year, but my neighbors objected that I’d be creating a barrier to socializing…. So, I contracted with Mosquito Squad last year, and for about $450 for the whole season, we were super pleased with the results. Amazing that it could create a sort of invisible barrier to mosquitoes even though our neighbors did not get the service – in fact, they clearly benefitted from our service. Anyway, we will definitely re-up on that contract.

    • A barrier to socializing? I don’t understand this. If it’s a curtain it can be drawn back when you want to socialize no? Also, pretty sure you can still talk to/see someone through a screen.

  • Just get a fan.

  • My friend who shall remain nameless gives me injured bats that people bring into the shelter he works at. They are quite happy and healthy (except they can’t fly). They waddle around the porch and feast on any mosquitoes that fly across the DMZ. Sometimes the hawks come and get the bats, which is awkward (especially when company is over!). I might get a ceramic bald eagle to to scare off the hawks, but I’m worried it could give my bats anxiety issues : /

  • Speaking of bats. Has the city explored putting up bat houses around the city to help with mosquito control? Seems like it could be an effective way to manage the pests without expensive and likely bad for the environment sprays. I come from a city with a lot of bats naturally and we had very little mosquito problems. I’m sure there are some potential public health risks with bats but it seems like they could outway the public health risks of mosquitos carrying diseases like West Nile. I’m really talking out of my ass here so there could be major implications I’m not thinking about, but does anyone more informed know if this is either a brilliant or terrible idea?

    • The mosquito problem is fast becoming a quality-of-life issue in DC. We looked into bat houses and learned they have pretty precise requirements for their construction and location. A bat specialist also told us that DC offers so much preferable housing (tunnels, under bridges, etc.), it might be difficult enticing bats to move to your bat house.

      Another great predator of mosquitoes is the dragonfly, but they require a nearby water source. Ever go to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens? Tough to find a mosquito there.

    • Bats are NOT effective at mosquito control. It’s a popular myth not supported by research. And nocturnal bats will not diminish the daytime tiger mosquitoes.

      What works? Dragonflies (scientifically) and barn swallows (anecdotally) for control, a good box fan for protection.

      I’ve also had good luck with a mosquito coil.

  • I’m in the process of interviewing a few companies to screen in my back deck. I was pretty much eaten at will last summer. And I can’t even get out the back door before they attack like hungry vultures. Haven’t really used my deck for the past two summers. The mosquitos are relentless. Even when I’m pulling weeds I have on long shirt, long pants and socks and a mosquito hat with a screen that covers my face. I also have two cats and it would be nice for them to be able to spend some time on the screen-in porch. I can’t wait to be mosquito free!

  • I screened in our back porch a couple of years ago, and I got the screen from and the other hardware from Lowes (Screen Tight). That took up most of the cost. That site even have pet proof screen, and it was much cheaper to buy it from them versus Lowe’s and HD. If you plan on tackling it yourself, let me know if want some advice.

  • We have a large porch on the top floor of our building at the top of a hill & are eaten alive by mosquitos. They are worse each year. We tried a combination of overhead/ceiling fans & floor fans & that kept away only the mosquitos with large wings that can’t fly through the breeze. The little annoying ones just kept coming. Nothing seems to keep them away. Our neighbors had their front & back treated by Mosquito Squad, but it had no knock-on effect for us!

  • I swear I am going to patent a military R&D mosquito flight detection and laser-assault population-control device! After I solve the rat problem in DC first.

  • The city should really spray for mosquitoes like they do down south (yeah right like the liberals in dc would let that happen). They are becoming vectors of serious disease like dengue fever. Agree that they make the ground level outdoors torturous all summer in the late afternoon and evenings. My wife and i have started neglecting our garden as a result.

    however our roof deck is another story. they’re not strong fliers so they rarely make it up there.

  • mantids work wonders. you can buy nests, place them in areas around your neighborhood in late spring/early summer, and you will notice a def improvement in mosquitos!

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