Dear PoPville – Does anyone know anything about Nancy’s Pickup Dry Cleaning and Laundry?


Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know anything about Nancy’s Pickup Dry Cleaning and Laundry? It’s on 13th St NW between N and O St, across from the gas station. I’ve lived in Logan Circle for four years and it’s never been operational, as far as I can tell. But the sign remains. Anyone know about it?

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  • They were open for about a month in 2008 when I lived at 13th and M. They closed after some neighbors complained about improper permits or not having the right approvals or something, and never opened again since.

  • The sign has been there for much longer than 4 years. As I understand it, Nancy’s wanted to start a dry cleaning business at this location but was stopped by the ANC. The ANC did not want a commercial dry cleaning business on this site and so made sure that the business. I don’t know whether these folks own the building, have a business elsewhere, or plan to try again. It would be nice to have some additional businesses on 13th St.

  • Kind of like the hardware store at 12th Street and Florida Ave. NW

    • Ha! What’s the deal with this place? I’ve lived around the corner for the past year but never saw anything happening there. It looks like there’s still a business inside, but its never open.

  • I spent 4 years dating someone on this block and walked by this place every day wondering what on earth the story was. I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!

  • typical anc meddling.

    • false. this was not the ANC being a stickler…the business was operating illegally. And that sign was installed illegally without a permit. Funny that it’s still there.

  • The cleaner “opened” without getting any of the permits they were supposed to have, some neighbors complained to the District, and the District slapped a violation notice on the building. The owners gave up immediately rather than get licensed. At one point, they taped an obnoxious, sarcastic thank-you note to the shutters, saying how grateful they were for such a nice neighborhood welcome.

  • OP here, thanks for the info. I wish someone would take the sign down after all this time!

  • I agree w/ statements…opened in 2006 or 2007 and something to do w/ curbside service or lack of parking…city permit stuff….buy yes surprised to still see the signage…or why not resold to another business after all this time…who knows.

  • DC’s Board of Zoning Adjustments has a record of this case here:

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