Dear PoPville – Beuchert’s Saloon is Awesome


Dear PoPville,

I wanted to send you a note about Beuchert’s Saloon — I went here for drinks last night and had a fantastic time! I wanted to tell you about them, and see if other people had checked them out. They’ve been open for a little over two weeks, and the staff are some of the most genuine people I’ve encountered in the service industry. Apparently, I’m told by a Capitol Hill local that this stretch of Pennsylvania Ave they’re on isn’t an easy one to draw in the crowd, but they were already packed on a Wednesday night. Outta this world cocktails, great marble bar, and two enormous bison heads mounted on the wall.

We previewed Buchert’s, located at 623 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, back in early Feb. You can see their menu here. Anyone else check them out yet?

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  • LOVE Beuchert’s. Excellent food, drinks, decor, and service. You can tell the owners really care about the quality and the experience. So happy I live around the corner.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm $18 charcuterie with a $7 Amstel!

  • I went a couple of Saturdays ago when they first opened – it was packed. Great place, nice people!

  • 11 dollar cocktails, sounds like a great neighborhood bar.

  • Very excited to try this out. Sounds like a great addition to this neighborhood!

  • decent food and good service… but holy crap, the price points are insane. i’ve paid less for meals at four star restaurants!

  • So a common theme here is people complaining about cost. As we all know, DC is expensive.

    So what makes this different than any other place? Is it that much more expensive? Are the portions miniscule even in a city obsessed with tapas and meze?

    • Two problems with this place: It’s much more expensive, and the portions are miniscule even in a city obsessed with tapas and meze.

    • Yes, DC is expensive, which is why no one here expects to see $7 pitchers as you might find in other, cheaper cities. But even within that universe, the prices here are silly. $7 for an Amstel and $14 for a cheeseburger are laughable. This place looks and sounds cool, and if people pack the place, good for the owners. But the way I see it is that there are plenty of other joints in town that do the same thing for less money.

  • Went the second week. found it crazy expensive, and food was good but not justifying the price. I’ll save that money for Hanks next door – Hanks might even be a little cheaper, with better beers and food. It’s a shame, too – was looking for a new neighborhood bar. I also get their motif, but the roaring ’20’s music is just painful.

  • I get the impression that people who open new bars think it’s okay to just add another dollar or three onto the price of a beer or mixed drink, since a lot of people have been conditioned to pay a ton more for those things around here than in other places. But I’m noticing certain newer establishments around town that are ending up mostly empty after everybody’s been there once, and figured out that the portions are tiny and the prices are a little overambitious.

  • This place is an incredible addition to DC. It is unqiue… I am so sick of the usual exposed brick, minimalist decor of places. The food is fantastic. Yes, it is expensive. We all wish DC was more affordable. But, this place is not overpriced compared to other places in the District. The atmosphere is amazing. The service is great. Sure the cocktails are not cheap, but they seem to be consistently delicious. You can tell that the people who own this place want it to be a success. I’ll be back.

  • Are all of you serious? What world are you living in that you want great food and great decor with $5 pitchers and fast food prices? You want a neighborhood bar? Go to Lil Pub or 18th Amendment, then write to Popville about how great the food is. If a new spot is cheap, half of you will complain about how bad it is, if it isn’t cheap, the other half will moan about $10 drinks. Why hasn’t anyone complained that they don’t sell PBR? Get a job or go to Taco Bell.

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