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  • I assume that is there to notify the emergency personnel that they should turn off their sirens as they approach the hospital.

  • Does it have a DDOT sticker on the back? I’m going to wager it does not & is just the result of someone putting it up there.

    As it stands it appears unenforceable: not an approved sign standard nor does it define what “noise” is (at the least a decibel allowance).

  • the signs I love are the ones where people try to translate “no loitering” into Spanish. Every single sign seems to use a different word for loiter. “No agruparse.” “No holgazanear.” “No vagabundos.”

    Whatever phrase people use, always HIGHLY effective.

  • ah

    Least effective sign? Any saying “Stop” on it.

  • Also:

    No gridlock (Please)


    Red Light Enforcement Zone (Not ineffective, but implies that red lights outside of the zone are not enforced.)

  • At least it makes sense. My favorites are the “Don’t Block the Box” signs at intersections with a red bar through the text. Maybe that’s why drivers in DC are always blocking the box — the signs tell them to.

  • I wish the city used no honking signs more liberally in residential areas

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