DC Bike Party Ride Tonight

DCBP St. Pattys Day Ride Poster

From a press release:

Continuing efforts to capitalize on Washington, DC’s large community of cycling enthusiasts, build friendships with like-minded individuals, and explore our nation’s capital, DC Bike Party will hold its St. Patrick’s Day themed riding event (“Gears and Green Beers” this Wednesday, March 13. The event, which held its first ride in July 2012, grew to over 250 riders last month.

The group, departing from DuPont Circle, will set out to complete an approximately 10-mile ride, visiting some of the city’s major landmarks and attractions with a pit stop in between, before ending with a celebration at The Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights. Local funk band, The B-Side Shuffle will perform at the post-ride event. From DuPont Circle, the Bike Party will ride through downtown, Chinatown, and Northeast DC before heading north through the city’s historic neighborhoods. A map of the complete route is available here. Riders are welcome to join or depart the group at any point.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Full details on the event are below:

WHAT: DC Bike Party
WHERE: Departs from the middle of Dupont Circle
WHEN: Wednesday, March 13th
Meet at 7:30 P.M.; Depart promptly at 8:00

More information on the organization, including details on future rides, is available at www.dcbikeparty.com.

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  • Went and was really disappointed. As a cyclist, I enjoyed the mass of people enjoying the ride but as a cyclist I felt the attitude of hogging the whole street and blocking traffic while yelling at drivers was immature and not good for bike-car relations in this city. Especially since this was being done by the event leaders.

    Riding down L Street with a huge bike lane the group organizers and others decided to ride right in the middle of the street leaving the bike lane almost empty. If you really want the street to yourself then get the permits and have the road shut down

    Did I mention that I was a cyclist and love biking events especially if it involves ‘pistops’ but the attitude of the organizers and quite a few participants was arrogant and crappy toward everyone else on the road.

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