Council Member Muriel Bowser Launching Campaign for Mayor on Saturday

Muriel Bowser with then Mayor Adrian Fenty at the Ribbon Cutting for Chezy Billy on Georgia Ave

From a media advisory:

“Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser announces that she is a candidate for Mayor of the District of Columbia at her childhood home in Ward 5’s North Michigan Park. Saturday, March 23, 2013”

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  • The last thing this City needs is Muriel as mayor…

    • +1

      She has been completely unsupportive of our school, yet manages to attend all of the charter school’s ribbon cutting ceremonies. She is the worst.

  • Gross. She’s done very little as a legislator and her affiliation with Fenty is even more gross.

  • The only thing I recalld from her is that she’s the one that wanted to change the speed limit down to 15 miles in the city? can cars go that slow? what an impressive record!

  • Maybe she’d better do some actual, like, constituent services. Maybe something more than her normal ‘hands are tied’ responses like on this damned pawn shop project.

  • I strenuously disagree. She spearheaded legistlation that enabeld is to get many abandonded homes back into productive use, and slashed the crime rate by doing it. She worked hard to get our redevelopment efforts launched. And anybody who bashes Fenty forgets what he did to make 311 work, and what he did to get the Fix-It teams running. I miss those badly. She has my support.

  • jim_ed

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a clue as to what she’s accomplished as councilmember. I don’t have anything against her per se, but I live in Ward 4 and cannot think of anything she’s done to improve either the ward or the city.

    If someone has some concrete examples of legislation she’s passed or developments she’s championed, I’d be very interested to see them.

      • I see Vince Gray cutting that ribbon, he’s the Mayor… Sorry try again.

      • saf

        Let’s ask some of the involved neighbors how involved Muriel was with that.

        DAVID T! Are you around?

        • Yep, I am around, and I fully support her. She’s helped us make great leaps forward in our neighborhood.

          • How? Have you interacted with her? She is incredibly condescending, rude, and clearly does not care about her constituent base in Ward 4. I’ve attended meetings with her where she blatantly disregarded parents and their opinions regarding their child’s education. Should I mention the fact that all of the parents were either Latino or African American?

      • jim_ed

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’re building/renovating rec centers citywide, no? Was this a project her baby, or did she just show up for the ribbon cutting because it’s in her ward?

    • I’ve been led to believe that she played an important role in getting lampposts installed in Sherman Circle. Not sure how true that is though.

      • Not true… That’s NPS land, Holmes Norton did the work on that.

        • Yeah, I know NPS and Holmes Norton were involved but they didn’t just up and decide to do it of their own volition, did they? Giving Bowser (some?) credit seemed plausible since I assume there would have to be some amount of sustained community support and/or pressure to get such a project started and finished. Is that not the case?

          (Honestly asking – I don’t know the full background to this story. I think the project was in large part a response to the Godleski murder on the circle?)

  • She has always been Fenty’s “useful idiot”. That said, I miss Fenty a lot…

  • isn’t being affiliated with Fenty a good thing?

    • Being affiliated with Williams is a good thing. Being affiliated with Fenty just means you don’t know much about what caused this city to turnaround so dramatically in recent years. Fenty was in the right place at the right time yet he still managed to often get in the way of those trying to progress the city further. Additionally he was more interested in promoting himself and his own career than improving the city for residents.

      A list of a few of his exploits (some minor and others more significant):

  • I don’t like her as my council member, sure don’t want her as my mayor.

    That being said, if it comes down to her or Gray…

    • Sorry, but I’d rather have the old guy… The fact is that the city hasn’t gone to sh$t like some, i.e. me, predicted and I can accept I was wrong.

      • Yup. I think Gray has actually done a much better than expected job, and shown more vision than anyone expected (myself included).

        • I have to say as a charter parent, I’ve actually been impressed by the geezer. He picked the chair of E.L. Haynes as the Deputy Mayor for Education! Until someone with some major game steps up, i.e. non of the current council, I’m sticking with gramps.

          • I don’t think Ms. Bowser can win. I think she is overestimating her city-wide appeal. I voted for Fenty last election because nothing about his actual performance warranted him not getting another term. Nothing about Mr. Gray’s performance warrants him not getting a second term. He has been pretty business friendly (maybe too friendly to Walmart) so I don’t see deep pocketed business lining up against him to support a challenger. It would take another Fenty-like (Fenty-‘lite’) candidate to beat him unless something more comes of election investigation.
            He is practical – He did not like Rhee, fired her, kept her # 2 in place and essentially stayed the course.

        • Agreed. I don’t think he’s been bad at all.

  • ugh. she’s been a running joke here in Ward 4 for years now . . .

  • I would love to know what Popville’s thoughts are about Bowser and the other council members rumored to be running (Wells, Evans, etc). I long for the day when Gray is no longer Mayor, might as well start fantasizing about his replacement now, right?

    • I like Wells, although he can be a bit sanctamonious. He has some good ideas, is definitely clean, and is principled. I also don’t know if he’d be a good fit as mayor. A lot of his peers don’t like him. Not sure how effective he’d be in getting legislation passed.

  • I was behind her SUV the other day traveling north on 14th Street, she does not have a respect for traffic light or speed regulations. She blew through a few red lights and was traveling at least 20 over the speed limit.

  • I’d vote for whomever had a serious plan for dealing with the teens that are runnign amok and terrorizing law-abiding citizens. So I don’t expect to vote for anyone.

  • Terrible. I don’t think she’s had one original idea since she took office. I was no big fan of Fenty, but I at least he took some initiative-what has she done? I live in ward 4 and the few times I’ve called her office-her staff has been zero help.

  • bfinpetworth

    I don’t know why exactly but I support her. Maybe because she’s pretty, who knows…

  • Im so happy that Muriel is running. She has made so much progress in ward 4 Raymond Rex would not have happened without her, she secured the $$$ and kept fighting to make sure it wasn’t reallocated. She made Sherman circle happen again she faught or funding from DDOT not Eleanor. And it was Muriel that kept pushing so finding wouldn’t be reallocated. It was Muriel that made sure upshur playground, shepherd field were rennovated, it was Muriel. Check out her website and view her record. Muriel Bowser for mayor!

    • She is certainly running for mayor. She has her minions running around and commenting on every blog and article about her running. They are all spouting off about how wonderful she is, while not addressing any valid concerns about her. All wwell the vast majority of commenters on same articles point out the truth about her, that she is simply an empty suit.

  • I do hope Catania is serious about running. I know he’s an asshole but I do like him. Also, it’s so nice to see people paying attention to local politics! I feel like the local gets lost in this city.

  • The few times I contacted her office, I got the help I needed, one time for a very serious issue.

  • Muriel is a very good Councilmember. There is a big difference between being a Councilmember and being Mayor, and Muriel is not Mayor material.

  • Bring back Fenty! Isn’t Gray still under federal investigation?

  • I support Muriel Bowser for mayor. I call a DC office, nothing happens. I call Bowser’s office, stuff gets done. With all the corruption on that council, it’s refreshing that she’s stayed above board, giving it to members and even the Mayor when they’ve run afoul.

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