Checking Out Awesome Row House Roof Decks Vol. 6


Going Roof Deck Green (16th Street Heights!) Nestled between a green roof and ten solar PV panels, the deck is the coolest and most mosquito-free space to be on hot summer nights and is the warmest spot on those occasional warm days over winter when sitting out in the sun would normally still be months away. It was added as part of a larger project that included an attic bump up, roof stair access, rear eave extensions and a new metal roof beyond the green roof. The whole project took about five weeks and was competently designed, engineered and well constructed by Noel Design Build based in DC.




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  • Now this I am envious of..I can only imagine what the inside of this home looks like…..This house seems HUGE!!!!

  • Emmaleigh504

    This garden is beautiful. I wish my building would put in a green roof so the view out my window would be better.

  • Very pretty … I wish I had the money to do this …

    What’s the access?

    One other quibble / question … it looks like the AC heat exchange is located under the wooden overhang and next to the panels? Probably not best for PV efficiency (but a very small impact). And it’s probably just the perspective that makes it look like that wooden overhang might interfere with air flow … just curious.

    • I don’t think there is wood over the AC unit; it’s part of the rail up close to the camera. It’s blocking the view of the AC unit but not hanging over it.

    • The stair tower that can be seen on the right side of the first pic is where the deck is accessible from the attic. And flipperman75 was right that the deck is behind and also above the roof deck and understructure plus not too close to the first PV panel in that row. So there is plenty of open space around it for circulation. But I’m not sure that I’m going to be using the AC much anymore if last summer was any indication…and that was before the installation of spray foam insulation in the rafters and walls of the attic.

      I didn’t add cost info because a lot of factors influence cost…is it part of a larger project or a one off deck only? …what is the condition of the existing structure? …how accessible is the work area? what railing and decking materials are used? …etc. But I found good metal roofs systems for about 1,000 sq ft to be around $25,000 and there was no premium for a green roof compared to metal. But green roofs will make the waterproof membrane underneath last much much longer than if it was exposed to the sun and the metal roof should last more than 100 years if cared for properly. Most other roof material warranties are for between 10 and 20 years…so pay now or pay later I guess.

  • I am loving this roof deck feature. There’s this whole world above us that we’re getting a peek at!

  • Thanks for this feature!…… for those of thinking about diving into a project like this it is helpful if the project owners could tell us about how much it cost and (like this post) who did the project.

    • This one costs a crap load. I can’t even afford the metal roof, let alone the access, the deck and the garden 🙁

  • AMAZING space. Congrats.


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  • who was the contractor?

  • Fantastic!

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