Checking Out Awesome Row House Roof Decks Vol. 5


You can see Vol. 4 here.

“Built by OdC Studio – Rancho del Cielo, our culinary garden in Shaw.”



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  • What a beautiful space…and an impressive potted garden!

    Can you provide any details on the cost of the project? How did you handle access to the roofdeck?

  • And did you have a spigot added to make watering easier?

  • Thanks, yes, we have electricity and water upstairs.
    We had to build a stair -in an awkward space where no commercially available stair would fit, and the access is from the backyard up. The roof deck is in two levels. Cost was kept under control, but not low, though…. I did a lot of it myself with a crew. It actually cools down the house in the summer, by projecting a shade over the actual roof….

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