Alero Looking to Add Music in Cleveland Park

3500 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Alero in Cleveland Park is looking to add some music options. From a recent liquor license application amendment:

“Request for Entertainment Endorsement to include acoustic guitarists, DJs, dancing and cover charge.”

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  • They should first fix their underwhelming food and bad service. Live music could be fun but won’t compensate all the reasons not to go there anymore.

  • Among the worst Mexican restaurants I’ve ever been to. Only Don Pablo’s in Alexandria is worse.

    • maybe, but it’s hard to have a bad time with chips and salsa and a few pitchers of margaritas.

      • Except that Alero’s bartenders don’t know the first thing about making a proper margarita. You need to start with these round little green things called limes.

  • I bet an army of neighborhood activists are plotting to block this as we speak.

  • Bringing a little bit of U Street to Cleveland Park!

    But seriously, how are there 5 outposts of this awful, overpriced restaurant? $40 for a pitcher of sugary, watered down margaritas is a crime. As is the 20% auto gratuity for any check over $100.

    • I don’t know how they do it at other restaurants, but in Alero I saw the barmaid pour bags of grey/yellow powder in huge pitcher cans filled with water and slowly dissolve it with a spatula. Not really what you wanne see when you are paying top dollar for the margarita in front of you…

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