Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Ledroit Park

This rental is located at 321 Elm St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Experience the best DC has 2 offer! This lovely, fully furn, 3 br, 3 FP home sits in LeDroit/Howard U area. The loft br highlights this fine home with skyllights, deck,& stainless steel stove&frig. The community gaden in rear allows for quiet enhoyment. Located neat the Howard Theater, U St Corridor, Embassy Row, GA. Ave, etc. What U want is just blocks away. Come see 4 youself!!!!”

This 3 bed/ 3 bath is going for $3,780/Mo.

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  • Overpriced by at least a few hundred bucks.

  • U Street Corridor? Embassy Row? Ha, no, I don’t think do.

    $3780 seems like a lot for Ledroit, unless it is group housing for three Howard students paying $1200 each.

  • Ugh, a real estate listing written partially in textspeak.

  • If you define the U St Corridor as “Nellie’s/The Brixton”, then this isn’t far off. This is definitely targeting Howard students (that whole block has a pretty high percentage of student houses). I glossed over “fully furnished” at first which makes the price a little more palatable.

    I would not rent from this person on principle. If they can’t take 10 seconds to notice and correct a half dozen typos in this listing how attentive to your issues do you think they’ll be 😉

  • I am baffled by the Embassy Row reference.

  • There is a cluster of embassies on 16th Street. Still, not close to this location, but I’ve found that many people dont realize that “Embassy Row” is a proper noun and not a noun to just describe a row of embassies.

    Alsmost 1300 per person to live in any group house is ridiculous. Especially since this is one of the smallest houses in the area.

  • You guys should lighten up a bit; the typos add an amusement value and the occasional “frig” would enhance anyone’s “enhoyment”, don’t you think?

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