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  • bfinpetworth

    My parents had a nova that looked an awful lot like that one when I was growing up (yes, I’m old). So I’d guess a 69.

  • I think it’s a ’74. And that’s a bad ass color.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Squee! I love a good muscle car! (Though Chevelle’s are my faves.)

  • It’s a 1973 (or a 1974 with the slimmer 1973 bumpers).

  • No joke, my great grandmother had one of these. Crager wheels, stripes and all. I think it was silver with black stripes though.

  • ’73 I believe. I had one. Shameful what the Nova used to be compared to now. Today its totally w/o cojanas.

  • I grew up driving a ’69 Nova. Cherry red, white vinyl top, and white wall tires with the moon-hubs. Unfortunately, it had the straight-6 225hp (I inherited it from my great aunt).

    Sweet jeebus, this is a nice lookin’ ride. That color scheme is damn sexy.

    • saf

      I learned to drive in a 68 Malibu. It had been my grandfather’s car until he gave up driving. My grandfather was a car guy. It had the V8, and was burgundy. Loved that car! (My poor younger sister had to learn to drive in the 72 Impala. Bigger engine, but much heavier. And gold, so nowhere near as pretty.)

      • I’m from Southern California, so classic car culture is MUCH bigger there than anywhere else in the country due to the fact that so many of those cars survived because of the good weather. I was driving that Nova in 1990s in high school. Many of my friends also drove inherited classic cars that they fixed up with their fathers. Whenever I go home for the holidays, I love seeing all the classic cars that are on the streets (lots!).

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