Sweet City Ride – Mercedes

Thanks to a reader for sending this sweet ride they spotted in Takoma, DC.

If you ever spot a particularly sweet one, please snap a photo and send to princeofpetworth(at)gmail.

Anyone know the year of this one?

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  • That’s a 1968 Mercedes 200 fintail

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a 1965 (based on the stacked bumper and shape and color of the front turn signals). I owned one for 10 years or so in the ’70s. Definitely the 200-series, but there were several models that utilized the same body, and without being able to read the model number on the left side of the trunk lid, it would be hard to know the specific one. So slow it couldn’t get out of it’s own way, but absolutely bulletproof. I retired mine with just over 200K miles, and still in great mechanical condition, when rust had finally made it unsafe.

  • Awesome ride! Much cooler than some of the beaters that have been posted on the site in the past couple weeks. This car is so sinister and cool, looks like something a James Bond villian or Latin American Dictator would have been driven around in back in the day.

  • Wow, very nice. This car would easily go for $15-20K, depending on condition of engine and interior.

    I’ve been looking at buying a 70s era 240D or a 300D. They get around 35-40 mpg and you can get one in decent condition for $3000. Not bad at all for a classic car.

  • I love love love virtually any classic Benz. They are just so beautiful and regal.

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