Scuttlebutt: “Evening Food Market and Bar” Coming to Former Art Gallery at 14th and T St, NW?

1830 14th Street, NW

A bit of interesting scuttlebutt this morning – a tipster sends word that an “evening food market and bar” is coming to the former art gallery (in the old Hunted House) space at 1830 14th St, NW. The proposed market will be filled by various food truck-type vendors (some who are apparently quite well known) as well as a beer/wine bar. They expect to open around May. Could be awesome. More info as it becomes available.

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  • That’s good. That building would be stunning if fixed up and its details painted and highlighted.

  • I wonder why nothing has taken over ‘Swan Auto Sales’ next door. It seems like that’s a very valuable piece of real estate. This sounds like a good addition to 14th St. though!

    • I am curious about this too. That mural has been there since at least 1992.

    • Honestly, this sounds like a temporary business to fill that space until a developer and building owners come to an agreement to sell the bldg, in conjunction with the lot next door.

      By bringing in food truck vendors to sell food, they aren’t doing any major renovations to the building (i.e. installing a kitchen).

  • “various food truck-type vendors and beer/wine bar”

    That space is not really wide or deep. Any idea how many vendors and are they on a rotating basis? Sounds like a cool concept and beats having another club like Policy on the block. Also that art gallery was pretty lame. I am not surprised they went out of business.

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