Scuttlebutt: DC Fish Carryout to Become a Mexican Restaurant in Columbia Heights?

3475 14th Street, NW

A reader sends word:

Heads up – DC Fish Carry Out [where MPD had previously found large quantities of crack cocaine] on the corner of 14th and Otis closed, it looks like they are planning on turning it into a Mexican restaurant… I live nearby so I’ve been hearing a ton of construction, I asked the guys inside today and they told me about the restaurant. They said it should be open in a couple weeks.

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  • whatever happened to the ding dong that was selling drugs out of that place? was the building auctioned off, or does he still own it?

  • They’d have to do a lot more than a few weeks of renovations for me to be willing to eat in there.

  • crossing my fingers its rinconcito deportivo

  • I hope they have awesome fish tacos. That seems to be a Mexican dish that very few places do well outside of California.

  • As a neighbor on Oak St. I am glad to see that this place will be transformed, just wish it was something other than Mexican, such as Italian or quality Chinese. We need more variety here in CoHi.

    Also Distrito Federale on the other corner has fish tacos… As I recall; I always have the burrito’s – best in the hood.

  • On the one hand, yay! I love mexican, done right.

    On the other… Competition right there might be bad for Distrito Federale. And they’re so nice, I want good things for them.

  • Really – another Mexican??? Real Mexican or Salvadoran?

    We already have DF, Chucho, Alero, etc. I am with Eric – More variety please!

    • at least we can know that we’re all suffering through this together.

    • Alero should never be included in any restaurant discussion, unless it is a discussion of awful food that should be avoided at all costs.

      But yes, it is a bit odd a Mexican restaurant is going in here considering the proximity of DF and Chuco.

  • Ugh. I’d rather another Ethiopian joint to replace the excellent one that shut down suddenly further down 14th by the Derby.

    • I agree! Bring back Tegeste! When they closed they said it was due to a problem with the building and to watch for them coming back soon. No such luck so far.

      • I was under the impression that it was rent related, or at least that’s what the paperwork that was plastered to the door seemed to infer. Obviously it wasn’t a building issue because another business has moved right in.

  • No one has mentioned the neighborhood gem that we’re losing. Where else could you get a seafood sandwich, expired calamine lotion, keys, wine, lube and cocaine, all in one stop?

    I always appreciated the totally random store hours and the guy hosing off the sidewalk DURING rainstorms.

  • chuco sucks

    • I agree. It is pretty terrible.

      • El Chucho is glorious, its what I call “hipster mexican” who doesn’t like a cheese smothered corn on a cob on a stick??

        • Someone who doesn’t want to pay $5 for a mediocre and greasy cob AND accompanied with the worst hipster servers on 11th street…and that is saying a lot!

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