Renovated Toledo Lounge to be Called Libertine in Adams Morgan?

2435 18th Street, NW

Back in Aug. 2012 we saw the new Toledo Lounge had closed for renovations. At that time we also learned that Toledo Lounge would probably be renamed. Well looks like we now know the new name – Libertine. A proposed change to their liquor license out front states the name as Libertine and says they are looking to extend their hours for the sidewalk cafe to 2am Sunday – Thursday and until 3am on Friday and Saturdays. Stay tuned.

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  • Appropriately louche, douchey, and annoyingly precious name for what was once a good neighborhood bar.

  • Things change and the bar business is competitive in this town. Complaining that bars don’t remain exactly as they were in your 20s is annoyingly precious.

    • I’m sorry you weren’t able to understand what I wrote. (But it was a long sentence with two commas.) I said nothing about bars remaining the same – only that I think Libertine is a stupid name.

      • Right. A long sentence with two commas, context, and subtext.

      • The psychic upstairs predicted that you’d post some useless, condescending comment about this place.

      • victoria – That reply was good stuff. Kudos.

      • Touche!

      • It is a double edged sword,they weren’t doing the business they wanted to do, which is why a lot of us liked it (elbow room), so they are changing the name and decor to drive up business, which is why alot of us are nervous that it will be terrible when it reopens. Not everything has to stay exactly the same, any child can attest, but damn if everything that’s changed in this city in the last 10 years hasn’t changed for the douche, i mean worst! Wow look at all the commas.

  • I’m pretty sure the world just lost its only bar themed after the mini industrial mecca of Toledo, Ohio. I was always impressed by the bold niche tribute.

    That said, having watched the name McNasty’s take its toll on local property values, I don’t think the Libertine is a particularly bad name.

    • How is another dive bar “taking its toll” on local property values? I’m curious…

      • First of all, I was referring to the awful name McNasty’s.

        Second of all, sarcasm. Enjoy it. I’m pretty sure property values didn’t actually drop because of a poorly named bar.

        Lastly, that location (now Shenanigans) has always been a dive bar, so it’s not adding any more to the area. Same with the revamped Toledo. Your perception of Adams Morgan seems to be pretty negative, perhaps from your younger days, but more higher end joints have moved in recently than dive bars.

    • I agree. My condo around the corner was worth $849,000 before this place opened. Now it’s only worth $839,000.

  • I thought it was going to be renamed Tomfoolery.

  • I’m still sad about Tom Tom.

  • Perhaps this venue will feature Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited as a backstabbing, drug afflicted, bartending double act. I hope so!

  • FWIW, I heard that this place may have the same ownership as the Black Squirrel. If that’s the case, then it’s probably going to be a reasonably classy place (presumably with a good beer list).

  • They had the door propped open the other day, so I peeked inside, of course I did, and it looks really nice on the inside. Hopefully this a good sign.

  • None of you have any idea…. Do your research before you start making accusations.

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