Reader Nominated Horse’s Ass Award – 300 Florida Ave, NW

The reader writes:

It is located at 300 Florida Ave NW… there are several building permits in the window, but there hasn’t been any substantive work done on the place in at least a year and from the PIVS documents it looks like they “planned” to start construction back in 2006 with the issue of their first permit to turn the building into a restaurant. However, it just sits vacant these days. The basement windows are all broken, and I can only guess that this property needs serious work inside. Giving credit where credit is due… PIVS does have a new permit for “supplemental/plumbing and gas” issued on 1/30/2013, but forgive me for being skeptical of the sincerity of this request. The number of building permits issued in the past doesn’t give me any faith that work will start soon.

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  • I remember about 10 years ago I would drive by this place and considered it my “dream” home. It is a huge place. Just wish I could have picked it up and relocated it to a different lot.

    If this becomes a restaurant- I see potential for a really cool rooftop bar. Probably would have great views of downtown.

  • It wouldn’t seem like a Horse’s Ass nominee on the face of it – the “bones” of the building are actually quite nice. But the long vacancy, particularly on this prime corner, clearly push it into Horse’s Ass territory.

    According to DC tax records, it last sold for $75,000 back in 2001. It isn’t being taxed at the “nuisance” rate – perhaps some PoPville calls would prompt a new investigation of that…

    Also: this one’s bad, but the one at Florida and 2nd NW is far worse. Some of the awful metal window guards on that one came down recently – does this mean that something’s going on there?

    • the property at 1700 2nd ST NW is the one you are referring too… and the rumors in the neighborhood are that it is going to be turned back into one bedroom apts and a restaurant on the ground floor. ALTHOUGH… they currently are under a stop work order from DCRA… so who knows… staying optimistic though.

  • I could have sworn that I saw scaffolding partially erected around the house within the last month and that if came down just in the last week or so. I drive by the big house every weekday AM en route to work. It is in a rough state…

  • Financing probably feel through when the housing market imploded. I assume this would be mutli-unit residential. Hopefully they will be able to get it together and don’t just sit on it hoping the value appreciates.

  • devoe

    Oh hell yes this deserves a Horse’s Ass Award – this and the decrepit monstrosity across 2nd street where once everyone thought “Snitch Eye Wine Bar” (whatever happened to that?) was supposed to go.

    People are just sitting on these properties letting them deteriorate in hoipes of a big payday and it is shameful.

    As for 1700 2nd Street (the 9 unit apartment building), until they got the stop work order they had a crew out there gutting and framing the place, but they haven’t been back in about a month, so don’t hold your breath anyone.

    • i think they were in negotiations with the building on the other side of 3rd. they announced on their facebook page that they have given up hopes of opening anywhere in DC.

  • They have 2013 permits.

  • I swear an apartment in this building was listed in one of the rental features here on the blog not too long ago.

  • if you really gave a shit, you’d try to buy it.

  • I had noticed on Dec. 23 that it was for lease on Craigslist and posted a query on the shawlistserv about it (but got no response). The listing has of course expired and I forget any details.

  • By putting up permits and doing nothing, the owners avoid paying the “abandoned/blighted” property tax rate, which they properly owe. Clever, eh? A common practice in this part of town, sadly.

  • They probably can’t afford to fix it up yet. Not everyone has unlimited cash or financing just laying around? #justsaying

    • you’ve missed the point… the problem is that it has been in the process of being “fixed up” for almost 8 years. if you can’t do this in 8 years… it’s time to sell and move on. end of story.

      • people have the right to maintain ownership of their property even if they can’t afford to renovate it. no matter what time you think it is.

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