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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: New ownership at my apartment day 1 and already cuts to amenities/services.

    Rant: 7 months left on my lease.

    Rave: Hey, I have a job (for now) and a place to live, which is better than some.

    • If the amenities/services are in your lease the new owner can’t cut them.

    • Before moving out of DC we also had a new owner of the building we were in, and I find that these people either didnt know anything about property management, didnt care or were using apathy and unresponsiveness as a means of getting people to move out so they could renovate. Either way its gross and I hate it.

      P.S. I sent my former landlords notice 2 months before informing them that I was moving and didnt hear back, left messages-no response. So I cleaned the apartment, filled the holes in the walls, defrosted the fridge, unplugged the window AC Unit and rolled out. I am so happy to be gone.

    • Which building do you live in? Ours was just purchased as well. What amenities did they cut?

      • I live in an Archstone-managed building that was sold a few months ago, though I guess today is the first day of the new management. They’ve cut gym hours (from 24 hours to 15, which, if the gym isn’t staffed, doesn’t make any sense) and use of other community spaces that are not staffed. They’ve also gotten rid of the 24 hour concierge, which sucks in case people lose their keys and can’t get back into the building. I don’t think they’ve announced the changes officially, yet, but I’m hoping that the backlash from the community will alleviate the issue. Terrible customer service, regardless.

  • Rant: The paper towel dispensers in the men’s rooms at work. They’re overfilled and packed in really tight. When I try to pull out one or two, they rip. You can’t leave half paper towels sticking out, so I have to grab. I end up using 6-10 towels when I only need one or two!

  • Rant: the guy who sings at the Dupont South metro. Dude, if you’re gonna sing (or play an instrument or whatever) please be good. You are not.

  • Rant: I’m dressed all in black today and fear I look like a back-up dancer for Liza Minnelli.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Currently at the Building Museum having a cappuccino, took the day off from work. Feels good.
    Rave: Meeting for consultant job went better than expected!
    Rant: no time for street photography

  • Rant: It took me weeks to get the Les Mis music out of my head after I saw the movie. Then I watched the Oscars, including the Les Mis performance. If I can’t get that damn music out of my head again, I may have to be committed.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I know a great little hospital just outside of New Orleans, Shady Pines…no that was the Golden Girls…something oaks, I’ll look into it for you 😉

    • I can’t even name one song from it, and I haven’t watched the Oscars (or any awards shows) in like 20 years.

    • [George is singing “Master of the House” from Les Miserables]

      Jerry Seinfeld: What is that song?

      George Costanza: Oh, it’s from Les Miserables. I went to see it last week. I can’t get it out of my head. I just keep singing it over and over. It just comes out. I have no control over it. I’m singing it on elevators, buses. I sing it in front of clients. It’s taking over my life.

      Jerry Seinfeld: You know, Schumann went mad from that.

      George Costanza: Artie Schumann? From Camp Hatchapee?

      Jerry Seinfeld: No, you idiot.

      George Costanza: What are you, Bud Abbott? What are you calling me an idiot for?

      Jerry Seinfeld: You don’t know Robert Schumann? The composer?

      George Costanza: Oh, Schu-MANN. Of course.

      Jerry Seinfeld: He went crazy from one note. He couldn’t get it out of his head. I think it was an A. He kept repeating it over and over again. He had to be institutionalized.

      George Costanza: Really? Well, what if it doesn’t stop?

      [Jerry shrugs his shoulders]

  • Rant: waited a good 14 minutes on Georgia avenue today in traffic because a guy couldn’t figure out that a wide-load rig can’t fit down a tiny side street. Then had to deal with all the people behind me rushing to cut me out of switching lanes… Still better than metro, can’t complain I guess.

    Rant: Big “I told you so” happened at work today, where an employee I’ve been bumping heads with is now recommending my prior recommendations as their own. I can’t say “I told you so” though, because then I’ll look like an a hole, and I don’t really care for any apologies from that employee, it’s the bureaucratic mess that’s fed gov.

    Rant/Rave?: Actually may be looking forward to furlough days, they’re the only way I can get 3 day weekends at this point. Not too happy about the “losing money” part though, hopefully that doesn’t hurt too much.

  • msmaryedith

    My grandmother is dying. Parkinson’s fucking sucks. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    My great aunt (her older sister), whom I was also very close to and considered a second grandmother, just passed away three weeks ago. I feel like I’m losing everyone I love, and it terrifies me to think of going through this with my own parents.

  • Rave: Gorgeous morning run – almost felt like spring
    Rant: Spring will come with no measurable snow this year

  • rave: scored 2 tickets to opening day!
    rave: almost the weekend. looking forward to quiet time with the bf, catching up with an old friend, and going to a baby shower. i’ve never been more excited for two people and can’t wait to meet him/her next month!

  • RAVE: Really great piece of investigative journalism in The Atlantic today

    • I’ve been reading this article on my phone on the metro the last day or two. I have a sinking feeling about where it is going…

  • Rant: Slipped in the shower this morning and landed squarely on my knee. Ouch.

    Rave: Remembered at 3:30 yesterday afternoon that I had to reconcile my credit card in our online system by the end of the day…and got it done!

    Rant: For whatever reason, our cable was out last night so I couldn’t watch the Top Chef finale!!!

    Rave: Made butternut squash lasagna! Pretty proud of myself.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work has spoiled me with dual monitors. Working from home is more tedious because I only have 1 tiny monitor.

    Rave: Working from home so I have my kitty, still in my PJs, have good coffee, etc. Really the pros out number the cons.

    Rave: Rumor has it sequester isn’t going to effect (affect? which one is it Victoria?) my office. Please let that be true!

    • affect. The way I remember is a for action because affect is the verb and the e from ‘the’ in front of effect, ie. the effect, because it is a noun and takes a modifier.

      • Though don’t forget that both words can be both nouns and verbs….

      • Emmaleigh504

        Thank you! Sadly, I won’t remember the next time I need to write that word. I need a good substitute. For example I use eatery instead of the r word I can’t spell, and I use lounge because I can’t remember if one lays in bed or lies on the bed or whatever, so I lounge in bed. Yay vocabulary! 🙂

  • Rant-ish: waiting between ultrasounds is pretty terrifying. Every cramp, lack of symptom, etc makes me worry.
    Rave: my parents are visiting this weekend, so it should keep me busy.

  • Rant: Car would not start yesterday suddenly. AAA came out to check the battery and couldn’t figure it out. Had it towed to a shop that looked at this morning, and said, it starts! Go figure. They are holding on to it though to see if they can find out what the problem was.

    Rave: Since I was not able to make a dr appt due to car not starting, they took pity on me and rescheduled later in the afternoon after I was able to get a rental to get around.

    Rant: This is one of the big things I miss about living in the city! But I do need the car for my job unfortunately.

    Rave: My cold is pretty much gone. Usually when I get sick it drags on for 1-2+ weeks. This one was quick and short.

  • Rave: the weather isn’t that bad today.

    Rant: Jim Graham still has a job.

  • skj84

    Rave: Off from work today so I have some time to get a few things done around the house.

    Rant: Going stir crazy for spring! The fact that its sunny is helping, but I need warmer weather. I just want to be able to walk outside in a light coat.

    Rave: Not as achy as I was earlier in the week. I keep finding new ways to maim myself, and I was beginning to worry i’d never heal.

    Rant: Looking for a new job is wearing on me. I get so overwhelmed and I feel like i’m going to be stuck in my current position forever.

  • Rave: In the traing to Manhattan for Big Job Interview.

    Rant: Between trains to New York, changing a vacation flight to accommodate an interview that was subsequently cancelled, and the occasional hotel room, this damn interview process is costing close to a thousand bucks.

    Rave: Nonetheless, a fast process. One phone call, two interviews in one day and this afternoon I sit down with the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm to see if he wants me. I don’t guess it happens any more seamlessly than that.

    Rave: And I get to spend the night in New York with a good friend. Mo’ money, mo’ fun.

  • Rave: Being alive and being able to pay these here bills (yes lawd)
    Rant: Having a younger sister who isn’t responsible and has this misguided sense of entitlement that I find disgusting and off-putting. Blaming everyone for her lack of careful thought and planning. I hate it! ugh
    Revel: It’s boneless wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings and I have enough self control to enjoy this tasty salad I brought from home. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

    • Sorry for sister – with all these sibling rants I’m so thankful for the brother and sister I have – just wish they both weren’t oceans/continents away!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m the irresponsible little sister in my family and I eventually grew up and got mostly responsible, so there is hope for your sister. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to figure things out.

      Rave: So glad to have the sister I have.

      • I pray this happens soon. I dont want to be this stressed about other people’s problems. Fulltime school and full time work is stress e-damn-nough

      • My sister in law (wive’s older sister by a year) drives us nuts. She is married, and lives in a house down in Richmond, but because she works in a very low paying instructional assistant job, and refuses to work during the summers, as well as the fact her husband is constantly laid off, they are regularly asking for money from my mother in law for groceries and such.

        MIL works hard, and is getting up there in age, and FIL is almost 70 and still working full time and cannot afford to keep helping this couple. VERY FRUSTRATING.

        • wow, very frustrating. Sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and do what is needed to survive. There has to come a day when you have to stop looking to parents for help.

    • Are we related? Sounds like my younger sister. Fortunately I have two other sibs who are responsible and not crazy.

  • Rave: My friend got a job after being unemployed for a very very long time!!!

    Rant: Mom’s with 13 kids from 13 fathers.


    • Actually, the article says that the children had “different fathers.” It does not specify how many. I cringed when they used this woman as one of the faces to illustrate the level of need and desperation that exists in this city– not because I necessarily judge her, but because I knew that’s the only thing some people would focus on. Not the 3,300 homeless children attending DC’s public schools, or the 600 living in DC general, or the 500 living in hotels, or the fact that homelessness is up 74% since the economic downturn. It’s so much easier to cast judgement on one person than it is to try and digest all of that.

      • +10

        Hell yes. This story is just red meat for people who think that the poor deserve to be poor.

      • +100 Really well said. Thank you!! Exactly my feelings.

      • Asking the wrong questions here. The real issue is why should we keep families who have a parent or parents on long-time public assistance, who have no realistic chance at ever supporting their children, living in one of the most expensive cities in the country? Especially with the crappy public schools the children will go to?

        You could buy a 4 bedroom house in most of the rest of the country, totally support the family financially and give the children better schools, health care and a chance to escape the deadly suck of urban poverty for about 1/4 of what it costs here.

        • Agree with Victoria here. Obviously, everyone feels bad about the people who are in these situations (even those who have made bad choices that got them there), but for me the interesting part of the article is where she finds out she will was able to get the house (I assume with heavily subsidized rent paid by the city). While great for her family, is this a viable possibillity for all the homeless in this city? Given the cost of land in this city, I don’t think so. There was an eye-opening City paper article that talked about the countless of DC residents who are on waiting lists for houses for years over generations, some even avoiding taking work that would disqualify them for the housing. Are there some perverse incentives set up by this program that are more damaging for the many who will not have their name called out? I don’t pretend to know the answer, but wish the Post would delve deeper than this.

        • You’re essentially proposing that we ship off our poor to live somewhere else, and that’s not an idea that’s going to fly very far. In fact it sounds like something that’s probably not even legal. Obviously there are problems with the existing system but I think you’re on the wrong path here.

          • Who are “our poor?” No city has a responsibility to guarantee housing & sustenance to anyone who may desire to live there. But our nation does in fact have that responsibility to ensure that no family goes homeless & hungry.

            Basically this – no one should be homeless, hungry and poorly educated. But if you’re on the dole, you don’t get to pick where you want to live. And especially important – misguided programs should not stick you in a place where your children have a poorer chance of escaping.

          • You (we, the DC gov’t and taxpayers) can pay them to live here or you can not pay them to live here – that’s a fine debate to have. But you (we, the DC gov’t and taxpayers) can’t pay them to live somewhere else. That’s what you said we should do and that’s not a plan that’s ever going to be on table the way I see it.

        • Just because someone is living in a temporary shelter does not mean they “have no realistic chance at ever supporting their children.” Referring again to what the article actually says, one of the women was supporting her children just fine with her loan officer salary until she lost her job. The other was an admin at Georgetown, and her boyfriend was working construction to help out. Sure some people are trapped in an almost permanent cycle of poverty, but I think the increases this article is talking about are due to a lot of people falling on really hard times in this economy. Yes, the lack of affordable housing in this city is a big issue, but I think the idea of shipping poor people off to live somewhere else is a non-starter.

          • “Shipping poor people off” is a silly phrase. You assume poor people are stupid. I don’t believe this. But there is a lot of stupid policy for poor people.
            I want there to be affordable housing options in the city for the LPN mom and mechanic dad with 2-3 kids.

            But for the ultimate welfare mom with 6-8 kids and no skills? – Move somewhere less expensive and I will still pay my tax dollars to support you. .

    • Why is your problem with the moms, who are trying their hardest to take care of the kids, rather than the fathers who are nowhere to be found?

  • Rant: Two flat bike tires from large, pointy screws in one week! Yikes!

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