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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave!! Beau Thai in Mt Pleasant!

  • Rave: D.C. Council finally voted to reprimand Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham.

    Rant: He should have been censured.

  • valentina

    rant: Dating!! What’s a African American woman have to do to get a decent date in this town? Sheez!
    rant: May have to go back to online dating. To the people who have has success at finding someone, how much info did you reveal in your profile? what type of pictures?
    rant: still living in DC. Can’t wait until I can move back down south.
    rant: I hate life.

    • msmaryedith

      Not sure race has anything to do with it. I’m white and I think dating in this town is absolutely terrible! I’d give some feedback on online dating, but I would not claim I have been “successful” using it.

      • From a woman’s perspective, what makes dating in this town difficult or unrewarding? Just curious from a late 20s male with a decent career who hasn’t been all that successful on dates lately.

        • From my perspective, it’s not that I’ve found it unrewarding really– I’ve met some great men here. I think the biggest problem I’ve found is that there are just SO many more women than men. I don’t know if that’s the social circles I hang out in, being around too many nonprofit types or what, but I just don’t encounter that many men in my day to day.

        • msmaryedith

          For one thing, DC has more single women than single men, so we’re at a disadvantage when it comes to dating.

          And it’s speculation on my part, but I think that a lot of people here are just not interested in committing/settling down. Many guys are very career focused and seem to view dating as an afterthought. I also think people don’t tend to see their future as being in DC and therefore are not as likely to make commitments in relationships (romantic or platonic–I just think in general relationships here tend to be relatively superficial).

          Time and time again, I’ve found that the guys I meet online really are not looking for a relationship, whether they advertise themselves that way or not. I’ve tried OkC, Match and eHarmony over the years, and had similar luck (or lack thereof) with all three. But I work in a tiny office with no one my age (and only one male 25+ years older than me), and just don’t tend to meet potential dates in my normal routine (since I’m pretty introverted and mostly enjoy activities that would not really expose me to new folks). So I keep trying online dating, only to be disappointed that most guys seem pretty flippant about it all. I got so sick of it that I took a year long hiatus, but I’ve recently started again. I’m 32, and find it much harder to do the online thing now than when I was in my 20s.

          • Responding back after my original question, many of those same criticisms apply to women in DC. Most of the women I’ve dated seemed too wrapped up in their careers, brunches etc and don’t really seem to want to invest themselves fully into a partner. Many times you meet someone out, but they are busy for the next two weeks and will have to get back to you to meet up. For all the travel, education, knowledge that people supposedly have in this town, the women I’ve dated seem to be a very uninteresting, ordinary and not very dynamic group.

            This opinion is just my own, though I have quite a few good friends who are women that also find it tough to find great, awesome friends of their own gender. So it might not just be me.

          • Followup to my last post, how does a man show that he’s “flippant” and not interested in a relationship? My response to the question: do you want a relationship? is always I’d like to find someone to have fun with and that I’m inspired by. Sorry if that response gives you the willies.

          • Anonymous 12:57, by answering in that fashion you’re sidestepping the question (to which the real answer appears to be “no”).

          • What was the question?

          • The question was “Do you want a relationship?”.

          • If I say that I like being with someone as long as its fun, interesting, edifying, passionate, and makes us better people, does that count as saying I want a relationship?

    • I feel you Valentina. Dating in DC is difficult, but in my experience and from what I’ve seen, it’s particularly rough out there for African American women.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I think this is a pretty good town for online dating, not that I’ve been particularly successful. It just seems like more people here do it than in other places I’ve lived.

      Good luck to you!

    • Boyfriend & I have been together for nearly two years and met via OkCupid. My profile was very detailed (not with things that make me googleable, mind you, but a lot of insight into who I am), and I had ten pictures, with a mix of pictures with friends out drinking, travel pics, and stand alone shots where I was dolled up. My philosophy was to meet people early and often. If you think you could be interested, go, because you never know, and don’t waste weeks talking to someone before you meet up. I probably went on dates with 55+ people in the four years I was more or less active on the site, and had a couple of short-lived relationships, plus a dozen people I dated for a few weeks.

    • All dating is the equivalent of the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. Online dating just allows for the creation of smaller haystacks – which although smaller, are still haystacks and thus still very difficult to discover the needle hiding within.
      I would define “success” in online dating as finding the occasional person who is worth getting to know better. I would not define “success” in online dating as finding a long term relationship because that’s not likely to happen. Not because of anything specific to online dating but because of dating in general.
      As far as profile advice:
      -Pictures should be accurate and recent.
      -Physical self description should be accurate and recent.
      -Personal statements: Let’s be honest, prospective dates only get to your musings about yourself once they’ve determined that you are physically attractive enough for them to want to date – “physically attractive enough” being completely relative. Basics about who and what you are, the kinds of things you enjoy doing, the kind of person you are looking for – that’s all you need. No one wants or needs to read a treatise.
      -Don’t waste a lot of time exchanging emails. If you’re somewhat interested, push to meet early. Make a definite plan. Anyone who can’t spare 30 minutes for a cup of coffee anytime in the foreseeable future is not worth pursuing or waiting for.

      Good luck!

      • Some dating is the proverbial roll in the haystack.

      • I’m not sure if I would say that finding a long-term relationship isn’t likely to happen; I have a number of friends who met their spouses through online dating (match.com, Friendster back in the day, and yes even CraigsList–which I admit is rare, and those two still get a kick out of how they managed to meet someone normal on CL about 7 years ago). However, I would definitely say that finding a long-term relationship through online dating can be a very long slog and can require an enormous amount of effort to be successful. For the most part, my friends went endured a lot lot LOT of dates and super short-lived relationships (some truly dreadful, most just “meh”) before they met their long-term partner.

    • binpetworth

      Just remember: DC is a small town. Whatever you put in an online dating profile, keep it honest. A friend of mine recently went on two blind dates who happened to be exes of close friends of mine. One look at their profiles and I could tell her one lied about his age, and the other, his relationship status.

      • msmaryedith

        I definitely have found men to be very deceptive on them. They’re likely to claim they are 5’11 when they’re really 5’7 (I’m 5’2–if I have on heels and am taller than you, you are NOT 5’11), 35 when they’re really 43, and single when they are actually married. They also have a tendency to post 10 year old photos.

        I think women are less deceptive, except perhaps when it comes to weight stuff. Women are probably more likely to put up the weird-angle photos that make them look 30 lbs lighter.

        • Yes, while I’ve never met a woman who was deceptive about her age (at least that I’m aware of), marital status, etc, I definitely have had a surprise or three related to her size.

          The old pic move is also done by women as well.

    • I agree that, regardless of race, dating can sometimes seem tough in DC–and indeed, everywhere I’ve lived the consensus seemed to be that dating sucks in X City, but is probably so much easier in Y City (even though it never is). Having said that, I remember reading a while back that OK Cupid does a lot of interesting data-crunching with its user profiles, even though their demographics are of course skewed and not a strictly scientific/random sample. One of their projects involved investigating which users contact the most people and which users got responses to their messages most often. Can’t remember the exact findings, but it was something to the effect that OK Cupid’s African American female users were the “most polite” in that they had the highest rate of contacting users without getting reciprocal contact, even though they tended to reciprocate at a higher rate when others contacted them. (Sorry for the lack of specificity–it’s probably Google-able or on their website somewhere…just figured I should probably avoid perusing OK Cupid for the exact citation while I’m here on my work computer.) Unfortunately, that doesn’t help resolve the dismal DC dating situation…I’m just kind of a data nerd and I found some of OK Cupid’s analyses interesting.

    • Umm, I may have met my boyfriend on Craigslist. This was ~6 years ago…and it was in the PLATONIC section. Still embarrassing.

    • As a single straight guy with no kids in DC I think DC has lost it “hang out friendly” culture… There simply aren’t enough comfortable places to hang out any more. It was a little “cooler” here when the city was less populated, but that still was fairly boring on the emotion meter for dating and adventure.

      For example, Tryst used to be less occupied, meaning that you could do your work there for an hour and not feel pushed out or compelled to drink 5 lattes to earn your stay. Now most new coffee shops are in tiny row houses, and if they’re any good, there’s no seat space, and they’re too loud or bright inside to facilitate conversation… You rarely see the same people out more than once when going out in DC, even if they work at a place, they’re not there for long enough to get to know them before asking them out.

      I think it’s a culture shift, where not enough attention is paid because people are buried in their electronics as well and we’ve forgotten how to talk or smile at each other. I’ve gotten used to the whole thing and I just work on making myself happy and then paying attention to magnetism when it happens.

      • I think there’s more wisdom in your last couple sentences than may be immediately obvious. Most importantly, the one person whose happiness you can affect is you, and without being happy first, how can you find happiness alongside other people?

        • Very cool. Personal happiness has sustained me through years of solitude while I worked my way up the corporate ladder, while I renovated my house, and while countless friends and family members got married & divorced… So many people say that they believe in faith, yet don’t throw themselves into it’s waves. I know I’ll be happy whether single or alone, and I’ll find the right person if I focus on being myself and being aware. πŸ™‚

          • binpetworth

            You sound like one of the most normal, easygoing men I have yet to see on dating sites. Where do you & your ilk hang out? πŸ˜‰

          • Thanks BinPetworth,

            That’s just the thing… I haven’t gone out in a while, usually I’m around The blue Banana or DC Reynolds when I do go out once in a blue moon πŸ™‚

        • This isn’t directed at you in particular, but I don’t understand why someone has to say this every time someone expresses frustration with their dating life. It always come across as a bit condescending and self satisfied to me, even though I know it’s not meant to. I have what I would call a pretty full and good life: good friends, good job, hobbies, an active social calendar, etc. I’m not an unhappy person- I just wish I had someone to share it with.

          • I’m sorry that you may have interpreted those statements as condescending and self-satisfied. There is nothing abnormal in wishing to share happy and sad moments alike; the intent was to be affirming with recognition that the hardest work in our lives is in ourselves.

          • No problemo!

            Life is much better with good company, but when I see so many wasting it with the “wrong type of company” and then getting divorced or having harsh break-ups, it pretty much convinces me that I’m just as good throwing my destiny into the winds of blind fate. It’s been kind to me so far. I am an “in person” type of guy, I like to meet people in person to see their aura and how they interact. I won’t buy anything off a web site, much less trying to meet people, I’ve had too any bad experiences “shopping” for stuff online, I’m pretty much done with online dating beyond an existing facebook friend.

      • And even when you find these “cool” places, everyone has their nose in a phone or laptop. I don’t know why, but I find that so much more unfriendly and communal than reading a magazine or book or writing letters longhand or the other things we used to do in those public spaces.

    • 1st tip: Don’t cover your face in profile pics… It makes guys think that something is wrong…

    • dating in dc is difficult for all females as there are not enough eligible – serious about wanting a relationship/not already married – men. if you are black and successful, well, it definitely does not make it easier from personal experience. if you are not olivia pope, i vote for looking out of town for a potential date or serious romance.

    • Have a friend review your pictures and make sure they are conveying the image you want. I have several friends and even a great former nanny who when you look at their dating or employment profile it’s like, really? That’s the photo you chose? And beyond that, remember that there are a lot of great guys out there. Some of them had crazy ex-girlfriends or need to work on their game and that’s the only reason they haven’t been snagged already. I recommend the tall science nerd types.

      • valentina

        I’ve tried to have varied types of pictres in my profile as well as outline exactly what I am looking for. I don’t know if my profile is to wordy because I et responses from people looking to just find someone to sleep ith, or they ask questions that I clearly answered in my profile(shows they didn’t read it), or we email back and forth a bit and then they drop off the face of the earth. The worst is sending a message to someone that you are interested in only to see them view your profile and not respond. I know i shouldn’t take it personal, but it hurts to be rejected.

        I’ve found that a lot of the black men in DC are pretentious and care a lot about job titles and salary’s. Where are the real men in this town?

        I know I’m not as pretty as some of these women here that walk around in 6 inch heels all day, but I’m a good person with a good heart that wants someone to love and someone to love them in return.

  • Rant: Looking to buy a house in DC right now sucks. Come on spring market, bring on the houses to relieve some pressure. I really don’t want to move to MD, but I’m not gonna over pay for a house πŸ™

    Rave: I’m really excited and thankful to finally be able to buy a house.

    • Your good money is chasing dumb herd behavior. You’ll get burned. The smart investors buy when assets are cheap, which they are not right now. Assets are bid up due to a loose monetary environment and there’s a list of headwinds on the horizon.

      My mom just sold her place in California after 3 days on the market. The buyers definitely overpaid, in an all cash deal. She times it perfectly and is locking in $300K+ in profit. The market is overheated right now in all major metro areas.

      I’d wait it out.

      • Use real estate tools to see how agents use one sale to whip up prices in the same area. It’s blatant. Caveat emptor. Once you buy, the seller has the cash and you are stuck with the mortgage.

        • Yep, my mom has been tracking the neighborhood comps for the last year. Things have really blown up in the last 6 months, as lending standards have eased to take up the slack provided by loose monetary policy. Too many investors in the market, driving up prices to artificial levels, IMHO.

          • But, but…I thought The Market is always right and perfect and organic and incontrovertible! Isn’t that what economics tells us?!?

          • Actually, no, that’s not what economics tells us.

            And “the market” in this case is hugely affected by government policies aimed at simulating the economy, fighting wars against phantom enemies, etc.

      • Sometimes you can’t wait it out, unfortunately.

      • I don’t think “waiting it out” is really a feasible option in the D.C. metro area.

        Yes, prices went down in 2008 (or was it 2007?) when the bubble burst… but prices are significantly higher than when I bought in 2002, and higher still in comparison to, say, 2000.

        I remember a co-worker of mine was saying circa 2006 that eventually the bubble was going to burst, and that he’d buy once it did. But even when it did burst, prices were down only in comparison to prices from a few years beforehand; they were still up vis-Γ -vis, say, 2004. And he’s still renting.

        Buyers should probably be wary of buying in areas where home prices have recently shot up — not because the prices are likely to go down, but because they might slow down to a more typical rate of appreciation. I don’t think waiting is the solution, however. A better bet (IMO) is to buy in a place that you think is up-and-coming, but where prices are still reasonable for your budget.

    • We bit the bullet and bought in MD. Granted, we are buying a very small house, but it was about 1/5th the cost of a similar sized house in a neighborhod like Columbia Heights. We can pay it off iin less than 10 years and then hopefully move back to DC!

  • RANT: Another violent crime near u Street last night. This time it was a gun robbery at 10:20PM (1900 block of 12th St). Be careful anywhere, but especially near U Street. It is becoming more and more dangerous to be there every single day.

  • Rant: Rapid rise in cyclists and bus drivers who ignore red lights and zebra walks, yet I live to tell about it.

    Rave: DC looks more gawjiss every day. I hope we have a cool-ish summer to enjoy it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Kitty cat’s wee nose was clean last night when I got home from work. I think she’s going to beat this sinus infection yet!

    Rant: I had another rave, but I have forgotten it.

    • Stupid question and I apologize in advance…but how do they clear out their noses? Do you have to wipe it for him/her?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Mostly I wipe it because it just dribbles out like it would with a little kid. She does sneeze a lot which is kind of traumatic for me. When she sneezes lots of snot comes out and then it’s a race with the Kleenex to wipe her nose before she shakes her head and flings it around the house. So many snot nightmares (eating is the worst), I never knew such little sinus cavities could produce so much. *sob*

      • Emmaleigh504

        Sorry if that was overly descriptive. I’ve been dealing with this sinus infection since November so I’m a little desensitized.

        • Oh no worries! I was just curious. Poor kitty πŸ™ I know how awful it is when I have a sinus infection I cant imagine how bad it is when a small animal does.

        • My cat does that too! He had a URI when he was a kitten and he basically recovered but he still sneezes a good amount and there are snot lines in random spots in the house. I found that taking him in the bathroom with me when I shower helped. What really kicked it was about three months of doxycycline. I also constantly vacumn to get up the dust. Obviously URIs are different than sinus infections, but just wanted to share the cat mom wisdom πŸ™‚

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s actually nice to know someone knows my cat snot pain. Every day I get to play find the snot and it is a TERRIBLE game. I did get Ashlee a heated pad to sleep on so now the snot is pretty much on her bed or in and around the food bowl. She only leaves the heated bed for food or to use the euphemism.

        • Not to be a hypochondriac, worry wart, Debbie Downer, but are you / the doctors positive it’s a sinus infection? A human friend of mine had docs telling him for months he had a sinus infection, and it was actually a big tumor in his chest causing all the symptoms. An x-ray or something similar may confirm.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Pretty sure it is just a sinus infection. She doesn’t have a cough or anything that would even lead to a respiratory infection or anything in her lungs. Basically, her only symptom is copious amounts of snot.

            If this round of antibiotics don’t do the trick (and it takes a long time in cats) then she is going to a specialist.

  • Rave: Son moved back in, house that’s been empty but for me and the cat since my wife’s passing not so empty.

    Rave: Son last seen doing dishes with girlfriend. Apparently this will not be the disaster his last extended home stay — wonderful what maturity and steady work and a nice girl will do for a kid.

    Rant: Can’t ask Valentina on a date because I’m afraid to get the third degree from my son (“I waited up until 2AM, Dad. You know it’s a work night!”) πŸ˜‰

  • Rant: The idea that that it’s OK to call a 9 year old girl a c*nt as long as its said in a satirical context.
    Rave: Spring is a coming!!
    mini-Rant: with Spring comes allergies πŸ™

  • RANT, RANT, RANT: Pedestrians at the 16th/U intersection that use the bike lane to cross 16th Street instead of the pedestrian crosswalk.

    • Related Rant:

      Cyclists who use the 16th Street Cycle light to cross U St. The cycle light is to be used by cyclists on New Hampshire St to cross 16th St stopping in the the bicycle boxes on 16th St. These lights are not to be used to continue straight on New Hampshire or turn right onto U St.

      • I’d say a 6 second long green bike light doesn’t really provide ample time for a cyclist to cross 16th, come to a complete stop in the bike box, and then continue on their way when the traffic light turns green…Certainly won’t provide you enough time if you’re 3rd or 4th in line at the bike light.

        • I’d say:

          If 6 seconds isn’t long enough to go from NH across 16th street and stop, it obviously is not long enough to cross 16th and U St which is a longer distance (even going kitty-corner) from the stop areas on NH.

          Take up your concerns with DDoT on the light timing.

          The legal use of this light is clear. Following such would provide useful information for any alterations of the timing.

          • Concerns have been brought up. It’s being looked at…Best bet for the users is to do what is safest. Taking the bike light across U really isn’t any faster than waiting in the bike box (relative to the time saved by those who don’t use the bike light at all, which I find to be much more foolish than those who cross U with the bike light). Those who do so might do this to save time or out of laziness, or they might do so because they’ve been caught entering the bike box and having the traffic light turn green and the cars moving on them when they still have cyclists stopped right next to them and they still need to get to the other side of the bike box. Being out in front of the motor vehicles already moving might seem like a safer spot to be in then that.

          • “Best bet for the users is to do what is safest.”

            And there is the cyclists mantra. Ignore laws, do what you want, and always cite “safety”.

          • I’d be more concerned about cyclists flouting the law when it comes to right of way issues and/or lack of lights at night or many other things that I see every single day that are dangerous, but if this is your hot ticket item, cyclists taking a bike light across U-Street, stay with it man.

          • If you’d like some more data towards your cause John Allen has put together some quality information on this intersection. Check it out:


  • RANT: Italian voters – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

    RAVE: Market volatility = mo’ $, mo’ $, mo’ $! Keep screwing up, Europe & Congress.

  • skj84

    Rant: I did a little too much walking in inproper shoes this weekend and I really hurt my right leg. I could barely walk yesterday and It still doesn’t feel so good today.

    Rant: A good friend’s visa is up and is going back to Europe today. I know we’ll keep in touch, but still super bummed they are leaving.

    Rave: I had a great weekend, and I look forward to the next one. My best friend’s birthday is on Sat and a wild night is planned!

  • rant: why do businesses that have two front doors as their entrance often keep one locked. is this a fire hazard? tired of being the guy pushing and pulling on the locked door.

    • I think it’s done to keep the cold air out. People going in/out of two doors simultaneously allows a lot of cold air to come inside/heat to escape outside.

    • I am totally with you. I also hate it when I go out the right door, assuming the person on his way in with use the left door, but it’s locked, so I look rude for barreling through the only door available.

    • weird when you think you were the only one that noticed this too. really bugs me

  • Rant: VERY close to getting smeared by a car this morning in Dupont circle. I was in the crosswalk with the pedestrian light on, speeding scumbag on the phone very nearly hit me-screeching brakes and everything. I’ve had close calls before, but this really shook me up. I had to sit for a minute because I was so upset.
    Double rant: Waved at me WHILE STILL ON THE PHONE, like that would make it better. At least he acknowledged that he almost killed me?
    Triple rant: didnt get his license plate as my life was flashing before my eyes

    • Glad to hear you came out of this ordeal unscathed. I drive and I get pissed when I see folks on their cell phones driving erratically. Hang up and pay attention damnit!

  • OK Popville…I need your help.
    For my 30th birthday I decided that I want to do a 10-14 day tour of Europe (maybe 4 or 5 countries). My questions are:
    1.Since I will be doing this trip solo what travel companies do you all recommend. I just want to pay and have them take care of everything else (excluding my flight-I am picky about seats and stuff like that) .
    2. What airlines are good for a flight to Europe? I want to be fed, I want leg room, and a I want decent customer service.
    Thanks in advance yall πŸ™‚

    • I’m a huge fan of Contiki-lots of solo travelers. Its all young people-ages 18-35. Not sure if you fall into this category, but if you do, check it out. I’ve done two trips with them on my own and will definitely be doing more. They have a lot of Europe options!

      For airlines, British Airlines is the way to go.

      • I also recommend British Airlines. Not sure about the tour company, but my old roommate did a short small-boat cruise around Italy and Slovenia that catered to single travelers and really enjoyed it.

      • I’ll be 30 (IM SO OLD!!!).
        Thank you both for the suggestions. I just checked out Contiki and they actually have a package I like! I am sooo excited! I never traveled that far alone before…it should be great!
        When it comes to British Airways did you fly Economy or Business? Where you able to pre-select your seats? What kind of food did they serve?

        • I always travel economy and the only thing i can tell you about food is that it was edible. Which is a huge compliment when it comes to airline food. πŸ™‚

        • BA is nice – but can be ridiculously over priced.
          Virgin is terrible IMHO
          United isn’t bad – but probably only if you have status and aren’t a big drinker (1 free drink)
          SAS is fantastic – amazing service!
          Lufthansa – like United but German and free booze.

          • OMGawd I just did a price check for SAS 1300 bucks…not bad at all!!! You guys rock!

          • If you’re going to fly United, highly recommend paying the extra $ for economy plus. I enjoyed flying on Lufthansa when I went from DC to Munich. Service was good and hard to argue with unlimited wine/beer, food wasn’t too bad either.

    • I’ve heard good things about Intrepid Travel (from two different friends who don’t know each other). I think they tend to stay in smaller hotels and don’t try to keep you in the tourist bubble.

    • I flew to Europe on Virgin Atlantic in premium economy. Not as pricey as business or first class, but a step up from coach. Worth every penny! Seats were comfortable, food was actually good, and they give you a glass of champagne when you board.

    • I went on a Trafalgar 18-35 tour when I was in college, and I would not recommend it. (I imagine Contiki is similar, although I’ve heard Contiki is more of a wild hook-up scene!) We were hardly in any one place long enough to see much of anything, and most of my tourmates were shopping-crazy racist Australians with little interest in cultural stuff.

      If I were you, I’d try to spend the 10-14 days in just two or three cities — maybe London and Paris, or Amsterdam and Copenhagen, or maybe Reykjavik and another city (if you do one of those Icelandair stopover things).

      I’d fly on whatever airline is cheapest and/or has fewest connections — in my experience, they don’t vary from each other all that much.

      I took Virgin Atlantic once and was sorely disappointed, as I’d heard good things from other people. The plane’s bathrooms smelled like pee before we had even taken off — eww!!

      • Shopping crazy racist Aussies…lawd jesus!! LMAO
        I may have to find a friend to go with me then. Just so I have someone to talk to.

      • Aww Man!! VA was on my top 5 list. I think I have so many requirements of airlines because I HATE flying but if I am going to be on a plane for that long I need to at least be able to sleep comfortably which means I need leg room hmmmm if only there were a way to do a walk through of airline cabins…like you would an apartment or house.
        Someone needs to make that happen.

        • Seatguru.com has quite a bit of info about airline seating. You can look up both the airline, then the plane for that airline and it has have a seat chart highlighting which seats you want to get or avoid. It looks like it now is run by tripadvisor and a lot more slick than when I last looked at it about 5 years ago.

          And while you want to see 4-5 countries in Europe, you might want to look into going to Turkey. 2 years ago I went there for 600 bucks r/t nonstop. Turkish Air is also a fantastic airline (voted the top European airline in fact) with some of the best airline food I’ve had. Looks like airfare is a bit more now, but still pretty reasonable. Leg room was nothing special, but my flights were maybe half-full so I had a row all to myself both ways.

    • Another one is G Adventures — they have tons of tours and are similar to Intrepid in quality, age group, etc. I think that neither charge a solo traveler fee (unless you want your own room but even those fees aren’t too high) and while it’s a varied age group, I think they tend to be younger because they are more focused on adventure travel. They have YOLO tours for 30 and under I believe as well.

      • YOLO tours you say??? *strokes chins contemplatively*
        Let me go check them out…

        P.S. I am still laughing from that shopping crazy racist Aussie comment…thanks for the honesty man. I wouldnt want to have to knock someone into next year whilst on vacay.

  • Rave: Being in love

    Rave: Excited to try East Side Produce for the first time! Has anybody in PoP tried it?

    Rant: It’s only Tuesday…

  • Rant: Second day in a row where I just can’t seem to do anything right. Work, home, you name it. This is a CRAPPY week so far! Plus, it’s only TUESDAY.

    Rave: Went ice skating in the Sculpture Garden last night! The full moon was beautiful, it wasn’t too cold and there weren’t many people. AND I didn’t fall!

    Rant: I’m in a bad mood. I don’t want to rave, just rant!

    • I’d almost bet money that you are being way too hard on yourself. I hope the second half of your week (and mine) get better!

  • Rant: My coworker that repeatedly fails to give me his work on time which results in my having to staying late. Every week. I’ve talked to my boss, who talks to his boss, and then it doesn’t happen for a couple of weeks, and then it’s back to not being on time. After 3 years, it really pisses me off.

  • Rant: My apartment building has gone downhill in the mere two years I’ve lived there. It’s no longer clean in the common areas and people have started to take that as a cue to treat everything and everyone like crap. Since the first of the year I’ve had three packages stolen. Obviously, I won’t ship anything there anymore, but this is all while I have volunteered to spend my time, money, and sanity as Tenant Association president.

    Rave: challah dough is rising/maturing in my fridge. Tonight I’m rolling it out, filling it with nutella, braiding it, proofing it, baking it, and eating the whole thing.

    Rant: I also can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.

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