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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I can’t seem to find any dedicated venues for the Daytona 500 this Sunday. I’m sure just about any sports bar could accommodate my needs but I find it unlikely that there isn’t at least one bar in the area where NASCAR fans rally.

    Anyone know a good place to catch the race?

  • Rant: R.I.P. Chicago bluesman Magic Slim. The first time I saw him was at the DC Blues Festival at Carter Barron.

  • Rave: The fellow in that picture looks like the long lost brother of George W. Bush.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: My bike. I took it for a tune up and there was some communication problem which meant the bike shop did much more work that what I asked them to do. They were nice and we came to an agreement, and now my bike has to be the best in the world. It just rides so amazingly.
    Rant: No time for photography lately because
    Rave: I’ve been doing some architectural work on the side 😀
    Rave: All the other situations that are being solved in my life

    • Nothing like a well tuned bike! Makes all the difference. I’m getting bike #1 checked out tonight and having some new brakes put on. #2, a recent purchase (Surly LHT), gets the full tune-up and some tweaking to fit me a bit better, tomorrow. Can’t wait to ride it when the work is completed.

  • Rant: Ugh, managers who set unreasonable expectations with clients and upper level managers compared to time and resources available, and refuse to manage the freaking projects. On the same note, managers who don’t know enough about the projects they are managing and don’t believe the staff who do about how long things take. Result: unhappy clients, unhappy main bosses, looks like it’s the hamsters’ fault, but really it’s that the wheel is 10x bigger than it should have been, despite hamster’s constant declaration that we need to scale down due to time and resources.

    Rave: Friday. Not working for said manager today.

    Rant: Checking emails from above projects even when I’m not working for them today and getting my blood boiling.

  • Rant: Furniture stores are miserable pits of sales badgers. Found a (real leather) couch set I love at Bob’s in Rockville MD, it hugs me like an obsessed stalker (very comfy)…. But they won’t come down on the price for the entire set, and it can’t be found anywhere else… I am also worried that their delivery process has many online complaints, I hope I don’t make a mistake by buying it. But oh well.

    Rave: Tax refund. Finally. Sheesh.

    • Maybe you should try another Bob’s? I had no problem with sleazy sales tactics at the Bob’s on route7. The store you went to may not be honest about the other sites having the same furniture.

      • Sorry for the incomplete detail o the back-story, I meant all Bob’s stores have the same furniture set, but none of them will come down on the price so the price is fixed without allowing competitive pricing, while the couch set can’t be sold there. They tell me that the guy who owns the store (Bob) gives all sales proceeds to charity and lives like a poor man (so that’s why prices are fixed), but I don’t really believe that story, furniture salesman are notorious for lying. LOL.

        • I wish I could edit posts on here, I meant to say the couch set isn’t sold anywhere other than at Bob’s Furniture Stores.

          • Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Bob’s already a low budget discount furniture store? I don’t know about the quality of their furniture, but if you’re buying at a discount there may not be room to negotiate. Ethan Allen, on the other hand, will negotiate.

          • That’s what they say, they have mostly cheap furniture there (made of bonded leather) for low prices, the couch I want isn’t bonded leather, it’s real leather so the price is pretty much the same when compared to Ethan Allen etc, but those stores don’t have the couch I want… Technically I’d expect an overall discount if I’m buying an entire set and accessories, rather than a fixed price for just 2 pieces of furniture, every other furniture store I’ve been to will discount their full furniture sets because I’m offering to buy a lot more stuff than the average buyer at one time.

          • Have you looked at Ashley or Value City? I don’t like leather personally but have bought upholstered/wood furniture from both and been happy, if they have something similar to what you like there.

          • Thanks Stephanie,

            Yep, I checked pretty much every major and medium-sized store in the region thus far. I was disappointed that Ashley and Value City in Bailey’s didn’t have anything close. They didn’t have couches as comfy as this one. I’m afraid to put the name of the couch here so that my order won’t be delayed, but I’ll post about it after it’s delivered! 🙂

  • Rave: For the first time in my life, after over 3 decades, I finally broke down and bought an umbrella. So beautiful! Black on black with a graphite handle, two tier covering to withstand heavy wind gusts, really wide so even my shoes don’t get wet. Now I know the wonder of a quality umbrella and what I’ve been missing out on all this time.

    Rant: I forgot and left it at the first bar I stopped in, and don’t think I’ll ever see it again. I owned that umbrella for less than 4 hours.

    • special_k


      That was sadly the fate of my first iPhone. Had my eyes opened to the wonderful world of smartphones only to leave it in a cab a couple of short weeks later.

      I hope your umbrella gets returned!

    • mtpgal

      Your rave made me want to get a fancy umbrella! And your rant reminded me why I cannot.

    • I have a great ability to lose a nice unmbrella almost as fast as you lost yours, but when I buy a basic cheapo one, it lasts and lasts and lasts….

    • I just got my first nice umbrella– one of those art-museum ones with Degas’ ballerinas– as a Christmas present. I never would have bought one for myself, but it’s definitely one of those little things that makes life so much nicer. I do take precautions and make sure I only take it on days when I’m carrying a purse big enough to hold it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Hit a brick wall at work. I’m supposed to work on 3 projects a day (completing 2 and starting the 3rd), but I find my brain is mush after the first 2 projects.

    Rant: Can’t seem to convince my mom to buy the family a tiara, not even a “beer drinking” tiara.

    Rave: It’s probably for the best, if the family just had 1 tiara my sister and I would fight over it.

  • austindc

    Rave: My family is awesome

    Rave: Last day at this job

    Rave: Cool new job

    Rant: People who offer to buy your stuff on craiglist, confirm the appointment with you the day of, then never show up, leaving you standing on a cold corner for 20 minutes with your thumb up your ass.

    Rave: People who offer to buy your stuff on craiglist once that first jackass never showed, and then actually show up on time with cash in hand. Roses among thorns.

    Rave: Beer and oysters. A tasty treat.

  • Rave: The vending machine that has ripped me off in the past gave me two things of Mike and Ikes for the price of one! It probably ripped off someone else who tried to buy Mike and Ikes, but oh well, sucks to be them.

    Rant: Rode my bike to metro this morning and now it’s starting to snow and sleet. It’s only a ten minute ride home, but it looks like it’s going to be a cold, wet ten minutes.

  • Rant: No plans for the weekend and don’t want to be in the house. Or the city, for that matter. Oh, to have a car……….

    Rant/Rave: One last event today and then my job is event-free until May!

    Rant: My fundraiser came up short. We still raised a lot of money but didn’t reach our goal.

    Rave: Boyfriend managed to catch the last train after work last night and came all the way to Bethesda to see me. He used to do that a LOT and now it never happens. Nice surprise.

  • Rave: promotion!!!!

    Rave: last day of NPR’s winter membership campaign means I’ll have regular NPR back on Monday!

    • Ugh, it’s been painful the past few mornings. I started listening to the inane drivel of the Sports Junkies once again because of that pledge drive. I bet that if they knew how many people were tuning out, they wouldn’t beg for money so much.

      • My house is filthy and my sewing project is a week behind because I always do those things while listening to NPR and now can’t listen. And I know we have to support, and I do, but pledge week makes me hate the world. At least I have several audiobooks on MP3 player so the dog still gets walked.

        And the dog – this morning, needing to leave her mark on a huge deep pile of leaves, but apparently not liking the way the leaves tickled her belly, she stood on her front paws to pee there!

      • I stopped listening to WAMU when they got rid of most (maybe all) of their music proramming. Years later, I started listening to their music station. Bluegrass Country. It’s nice to have that back. I don’t think there’s anything besides that on NPR I could enjoy.

      • A good work around for this is to download the free app for KCRW, which is the NPR station for Los Angeles. The app does a live stream and they are not fundraising right now. And their programming is waaaaaaaaaay better than any other NPR station in the country, IMHO.

        Morning Becomes Eclectic weekday music show is the shizz.

  • Not really a rant or rave, but an update from yesterday:

    One of the three women who hasn’t been talking to me (B, one of the younger two) e-mailed me back yesterday and said the three of them want to meet with me together. I’m quesitioning if it’s even worth it at this point, but I’m going to go anyway, partially because I’m curious what they have to say (I seriously have no idea why they are as upset as they are), partially because I would like to see if at least one of the friendships (with M) is salvageable, and partially because one of them has several of my things that I’d like back and owes me $100. I don’t have any illusions about getting the money (and I don’t lend people money that I can’t afford to lose), but I’d like my things back.

    A part of me feels like this is just an opportunity for them to gang up on me, which also has me wondering if it’s worth going, but I’m hoping they’ll surprise me and they actually want to talk, not just reprimand me.

    • Good luck!

      I hope they aren’t going to gang up on you. I really did get the sense from yesterday’s postings that there was a “Mean Girls” vibe. You are much better off without people who are in their 20s but persist in injecting junior-high-style drama into your life.

    • I’d say it’s worth going. Good luck and remember to keep your cool.

      Kill ’em with kindness, but don’t kiss their ass either. No one respects a doormat.

      • thanks for the update! I def think you should go…if these were really 3 of your best friends its worth it. Agreed that you should just keep your cool (if possible). If its starts to be a gang up session just don’t let it go down that road. You admit you were annoyed the first day because of other things, explain that to them and apologize. Nothing good will come out of ‘you did this xxx’

        not trying to sound preachy. Its odd though that one responded for all 3. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

        • You don’t sound preachy at all! I wouldn’t post about it if I didn’t want to hear feedback/advice.

          And yes, it’s so strange that one responded for all three. Another (M, whom I’ve been friends with the longest) did text me this morning in response to a text about getting my things back (this was before I got the e-mail) so apparently she’s done completely freezing me out, as well.

    • I didn’t read yesterday’s post – but I would say definitely go – if for nothing more than an interesting perspective on how people behave. And get the stuff and the 100! I’ve recently had a long-time friendship go sideways with no real explanation and it hurts, but at some point you just have to accept that it is their decision. Remain open and keep a generous heart, examine your own behavior but if you’ve honestly not transgressed, don’t accept guilt. Sometimes people just change and fail.

      • Thanks for the kind words, all! I have decided that I am definitely going to go and kind of hope for the best (that they want to have a real, genuine conversation and that one of more of the friendships is able to be salvaged), but prepare for the worst (that they all just want to gang up on me and tell me what I did wrong without accepting any responsibility). Prior to this week, I really did think nothing but the best of these women, so I’m really hoping for the first outcome. And, like you all said, I’m going to be nice, but firm.

        Victoria, it’s a long story, but basically it boils down to I was upset with these three women (previously my three closest friends) and was in a bad mood the first day of a trip because of it. I didn’t say anything mean to/about them, but I’m sure I wasn’t that pleasant to be around. I have since apologized a few times, but they were at fault as well and I’m not willing to accept 100% of the responsibility for the situation. I think because it’s a 3 v. 1 situation and each one of them has two other people to confirm she’s in the right, they are all having difficulty admitting they did anything wrong.

        Anyway, even though the friendships may just be gone (and I’m hoping at least one of them isn’t), I think going will be worth it because, at the very least, it won’t be such a mystery why they are so upset!

        • anon. gardener

          I just want to point out, from your description yesterday it sounds like their bad behavior started in the planning phase of the trip. It sounds like they didn’t want to go, or at least to with you. I hope you have a good outcome. Stay calm and unemotional, and def get your stuff back regardless. Friends should have respect for one another. Good luck.

          • +1.

            It seems to me that you had good reason to feel upset on day #1… they were basically excluding you and being cliquish on a trip that was supposed to be in celebration of your birthday.

            If they didn’t want to go on the trip in the first place, fine, but in that case, they should’ve declined. It’s not OK for them to accept and then be all passive-aggressive about it after arrival.

            From your very first post yesterday I thought that maybe you had done something to warrant their behavior, or that you and they were equally at fault… but from the posts since then, I get the feeling that if anything, you’re probably blaming YOURSELF too much and not holding them accountable for their rudeness/meanness. If they try to gang up on you and accuse you of character flaws or something, stand up for yourself.

          • +2

            It honestly seems like they really didn’t want to go on the trip. And if that’s the case, they should have declined instead of taking it out on you. But I guess misery loves company.

          • Thanks for the input, anon, zerosum and anongardener.

            I realize now that they probably didn’t want to go for one reason or another, but I wish they would have just told me and that would have been that. We could have celebrated my birthday here or I could have gone to NYC alone and visited friends who live there or I could have visited family-I had other options to celebrate my birthday! (I usually don’t really even celebrate, but I felt like I had to do something for 30.)

            And I probably am taking too much of the blame. I may be overcorrecting because when I was younger I let my pride get in the way and I hated to be the first to apologize, etc. I vowed to never be like that again-maybe I need to figure out a way to strike a balance between the two extremes.

        • Sometimes this place reminds me of a Lifetime movie.

          • Ha ha. This drama is way too boring for Lifetime! There are no torrid affairs or murderous husbands. An episode of Girls might be a more apt comparison.

  • Rant: Because of sequester one of our mail room staff got layed off and diagnosed with cancer.
    Rave: A sliver of faith that things will get better and he’ll be okay.

  • Rant: Everyone standing at the front of a half-full bus.
    Rave: Everyone moving when asked politely (except the few that obviously didn’t care).

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