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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Nice weather, although I would prefer winter be a bit more wintery.

    Rant: Moron riding a Vespa in the bike lane on my way to work this morning.

    • I was under the impression that motor scooters were allowed in bike lanes?

      • Maybe they are, I don’t know. But they shouldn’t ride right up onto your back tire and then try to squeeze past, giving no warning, with parked cars on your right and moving traffic on the left.

      • Definitely illegal. This is a question on the motorcycle permit written exam.

        • I was referring to a motor scooter (under 50cc, not have to have motorcycle license- like some Vespas), not a motorcycle. I just looked it up and the scooters are actually allowed to be in the bike lane.

          I only ask this because I looking into purchasing a scooter and there seems to be a huge gray area about what scooters can/can’t do. I’m not afraid of ticketing since I know the laws, but I just don’t want to deal with people yelling at me when I’m in a bike lane or parked on the sidewalk because they think they aren’t allowed.

          • Good point on the under 50cc specification, there does appear to be some shades of grey.

            For legal purposes, anything 50cc or under is treated as a motorized bicycle. All you need is a provisional motorcycle permit and it needs to be registered and insured. But you can park on sidewalks and ride in bike lanes.

            Anything over 50cc, including both scooters and motorcycles, are treated like automobiles. So you must be licensed, registered, insured, park on the street in a legal spot, and stay out of the bike lane.

            That said, cops can’t tell if your scooter is over or under the 50cc mark. They tend to not enforce any laws against scooters, regardless of size. They will enforce the law against motorcyclists who violate it.

            Bike riders will probably bitch to you about riding in the bike lane, but you’re on the right side of the law. Just continue to exercise caution and avoid the bike lane when bikers are in it, IMO. That seems to be the courteous thing to do.

          • saf

            Ah, the scooter/motorized bicycle discussion again.

            In DC, VERY few scooters qualify as “motorized bicycles.” Please see:

            A motorized bicycle is a two or three wheeled vehicle with all of the following characteristics:
            1) wheels more than 16 inches in
            2) automatic transmission,
            3) piston displacement of not more than
            fifty (50) cubic centimeters,
            4) incapable of maximum speed of over 35 miles per hour on level ground and,
            5) not more than one and one-half (1.5) brake horsepower (S.A.E. rating).
            If the two or three wheeled motor vehicle does not meet one or more of these characteristics, it is a motorcycle.

          • For what it’s worth… I briefly dated a guy whose Vespa received a ticket when it was parked on the sidewalk near Matchbox in Chinatown.

  • Rant: Some piece of crap broke into my garage and stole some of my stuff.

    Rant: last I checked cross-bow booby traps aimed at testical level were still illegal in D.C.

  • Rant: My boss is making work almost completely intolerable. I wish I knew why she was so hellbent on being so difficult to work for.

    Rave: Supportive coworkers and family who keep me sane.

  • Rave: Cuba! But not till May or June. Still – Cuba!!

    And, blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures this morning.

    • Do be careful about getting a license (or at a minimum being very discreet) – the policy may be ridiculous, but the laws are there and enforcement and fines are real.

      • Thanks – I’m going for work so it will be on the up and up. I know people who have skirted the law to visit Cuba but that’s not a risk I’d take.

  • Rant: Still feeling like crap. T-5 days til I leave town for vacation – hoping I can kick this sickness.
    Rant: No rest for the weary.
    Rave: No rest because of awesome after work plans every day this week.

  • Rave: SUN! It’s sunny today!

    Rant: 4 year old son with the flu.

  • Rave: Sun!

    Rant: The ridiculous out-dated policy that the US government has on travel to Cuba.

    • valentina

      I thought I read an article saying that some of the restriction were going to be lifted?

      • Why should there be ANY restrictions?

        • should we have open trade with screwed up countries? remember when america went apeshit over our corporations dealings with apartheid-era south africa? should we not have employed sanctions against them? with cuba it clearly hasn’t worked, but their nation is no friend to ours. they were are are still ready to set up missile bases against us. what’s the answer?
          i honestly don’t know, but i’d love to hear thoughts.

  • Question: Is the rumored Apple smart watch going to be the device we need to get everyone wearing devices on their wrists Pip-Boy style?

  • Rant: Jerks who are nconsiderate dog owners that don’t pick up after their dogs!

  • Rant: Jerks who own dogs that they don’t pick up after them on their walks!

  • Rant: The NY Times closed the loophole that let me read unlimited articles without paying.

  • Rant: Yet another graph showing how many more single ladies there are in DC than men, just in time for Valentine’s Day. So, so discouraging.

    Rave: Good friends to keep me busy.

    • There might be more of you, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of us.

    • Luckily they are 70 percent crazy bitches who are looking for a rich handsome sporty funny guy who goes to the same church or someone who reminds them of their dad, and doesn’t mind a girl who doesn’t cook or clean. They will be single until the great shrinking ovary panic of their 42nd year, putting the odds greatly in your favor.

  • rave: beautiful weather today. enjoyed a nice long stroll with the pup.

    rave: opportunities to learn new skills in my field, and add to my portfolio.

    rave: starting a couple more classes in the next couple weeks.

    rant: putting a ton of mileage with the new work i’m doing on an almost 20 year old car. hope it keeps holding up with all of this.

  • Rant: Feeling a life crisis coming on. Getting increasingly disgruntled at work – non-stop frantic pace with long-promised help still nowhere in sight – and seriously wondering if a reduction in responsibility and $20K paycut would be worth it for a change of pace and opportunity to work 6 blocks from home rather than 12 miles (no car! no commute!). Ugh.

  • Rant: the weather, only because the drizzle and warm weather has caused the massive amounts of unpicked up dog shit to me large smooshes of it all over area sidewalks, my dog can’t even dodge it. WTF pick up after your f’ing dogs!!!!!!

    Rave: My carrot soup – last leftovers today, leftovers better that night-of. Hope someone has made it!

  • Rave: It’s my birthday! Having a massage and dinner with a friend.
    Rant: I’m at work.

  • I often find cross walk signals violently out of alignment. What’s causing this?

    • Maybe it’s wind? I know they’re intentionally installed with some free play in case they do get hit by a bus or truck, but given the number I see pointing in all directions I wonder if they aren’t leaving them too loose.

  • Rave: Getting a refund

    Rant: Why is Turbo Tax pulling always the bait and switch on people with the pricing? And why didn’t I learn after last year? Guess I need to head on over to Tax Slayer.

    • What do you mean about the pricing?

      • They tell you that your federal return will be 29.95, which you can pay using your return funds, but oh by the way that process will cost you an additional 29.95. Then if you want to add your state taxes you can ‘combine’ the returns for $36.95. Only they don’t mean $36.95 for everything, they mean $66.95. Also, if you decide that you only want to do federal at that point, you are SOL. They lock you into the screen where you have to choose both or nothing. It wasn’t like that a few years ago. I like the service, but just remember that you try it for free, and pay when you file.

  • Rave: Fundraiser still going phenomenally! All the stress is worth it!

    Rant: Boyfriend working tonight through Sunday night. So much for Valentine’s Day anything…

    Rave: Good friends to “celebrate” with instead!

    Rave: Finally found the last roommate we needed to fill our house. Now no one gets screwed…AND she seems normal!

  • skj84

    Rave: The beautiful weather!

    Rant: I was inside most of the day and didn’t get to enjoy it.

    Rant: good friend decided to chat me at 11:30pm last night even though they know I need to get up super early in the morning. I just wanted to check my email quickly before bed and almost immediately they started messaging me. Went on for a half and hour while I tactfully tried to extract myself from the conversation. I should’ve just not responded, but I didn’t want to seem rude.

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