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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Car problems, and not having the appropriate funds to fix them. UGHH Every time I feel like I’m on the road to being fiscally responsibility, something bites me in the butt.

    Rave: I love my friends and coworkers, they’re super supportive and always make me feel better when I’m down in the dumps. Plus, I have a crush =)

    • Re car repairs. You are fortunate in DC to have cheap repair options. One time we got an estimate of $1600 for some body work, but we asked a taxi driver where to go, and had it all done for $450. It was definitely good enough.

    • Revel: Lasting crushes.

      Rave: Car troubles, running rough at low RPMs. Found one spark plug was literally out of the socket, but that didn’t solve it. Then, I found another spark plug hole was filled with oil to the top, saturating the wire. After a new valve cover gasket, new plugs, new spark plug wires, I’m hopeful it’s solved. All over lunch today in the backyard….

  • Rave: My brother is in town for business so he came over last night to see us. He is my daughter’s favorite so it was great to see them together.

    Rant: Big storm up north means my MIL can’t make it down to visit this weekend. She was going to babysit while we went to a wedding.

    Rave: One of my daughter’s favorite daycare teachers is available to watch her instead. Phew!

  • Rant: Can’t find a partner. Having a tough time not feeling like a complete reject as all of my friends pair off. Gonna be alone foreverrrrrrr! 🙁

    Rave: The madness at work has calmed down, I feel good about a job application I sent in yesterday, it’s Friday, and next week is going to be a short week.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Micro-managers.

    Rave: My parents sent a king cake for my office.

    Rave: It arrived on Friday when a lot of people are working from home, so I will have leftovers!

    • binpetworth

      How do you not gain 10 pounds at this time of year with all those king cakes? 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        I ration them! I only get 1 maybe 2 a year. When I lived in New Orleans and had king cake every day, the parades helped me work off the calories. In high school we had king cake every day in each class during Mardi Gras season, it was heaven!

    • yum yum! I had 2 seperate king cakes yesterday and did not get the baby.

    • I must be doing it wrong because I am a major fan of New Orleans and its cuisine in particular, but I don’t get the King Cake thing. It is at or near the bottom of my list of favorite types of cake. Maybe I’ve just been getting unexceptional versions.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Part of the joy of king cake for me is it’s connection to Mardi Gras. My dad on the other hand, not a big fan. He wants about 1 bite of king cake a season. Although he does love the king cake bread pudding a friend makes, maybe that’s the way you should go.

  • Rant: Still not feeling so hot. Too sick to visit my good friend’s new little one.
    Rant #2: Waiting on one person to finalize something and make my “next step” possible. I don’t want to be pushy or ungrateful but they’ve had a full week when it should only take an hour…
    Rave: A weekend hosting no one (we’ve hosted people the past four weekends). Lots to catch up on but at least it’ll be just the two of us (well three if you count the dog we’re taking care of!).

  • Rave: Friday!

    Rave: The lady trying to get the book “Beloved” banned from Fairfax County Schools lost!

    Rant: Kind of wish we were getting some of that historic snowstorm

    • I wish we were getting some of the snow as well! Maybe not 2-3 feet, but a solid 5-10 inches would be awesome!

      • Me too! I even bought a new snow shovel this week. I guess if I don’t use it this season I’ll have it for future storms.

    • I agree. That book banner irritated me. I mean, Beloved confused me, frankly, and I much preferred Morrison’s other works. But, if her 18 year old son taking an AP Class can’t deal with a book without nightmares, I think she may have other worries than a novel. Glad she lost.

      And, boo to another snowless winter

      • I liked Beloved, but the Bluest Eye wrecked my world. I’m so annoyed with this ridiculous woman and her whiny son. From the article, it doesn’t appear that either of them even read the book! He says he stopped reading because it was “gross” and gave him nightmares, and she doesn’t mention reading it at all. These helicopter parents have really got to stop.

    • The thing I really don’t get about the woman trying to get the book banned is that the class apparently already had a policy that if a book dealt with disturbing subject matter, you could somehow opt out of reading it. So, what is the big deal? If her kid didn’t have to read it anyway, why keep all kids from reading it? And we’re not talking 13 year olds! We’re talking high school seniors about to go to college who have chosen to be in an AP class and take what are supposed to be college level courses.

  • Did anyone win the P-Funk tickets yet?

  • Rant: DC DMV opening a new location on Rhode Island Avenue AND closing down C Street Service Center. Now there is officially no place in NW to get a drivers license, new tags, etc. DMV reassures me this is not a substitute for Georgetown DMV closure, but they provide no further information on when NW will see another DMV.

    • From what I understand the G’Town DMV will be coming back when the extensive renovations to the mall are done. No?

  • RANT. Have been running again and counting calories but not one ounce is gone yet. I know it’s muscle growth taking over because I hadn’t been running for a while, but… cmon man, give me something! ;/

    Rave: Thinking about taking in a foster cat. Perhaps a PoP reader has some advice… I have a geriatric cat (around 18 y/o) who doesn’t do much more than sleep and eat, but he has never lived with another cat (though he has lived with many dogs and couldn’t care less about them). Is taking in another cat a big mistake? He is so easy-going, and if I had to guess I’d think he’ll enjoy having company, but I’m not a cat expert and am scared to distupt his cozy end-of-life routine.

    • I’ve read that bringing in a new cat when you already have a much older one can present challenges. I think it is definitely recommended that you not get a kitten when you already have a senior. That said, you might talk to the good folks at Homeward Trails. I adopted a crazy cat from the Humane Society and decided he needed a companion. Enter Homeward Trails. They were able to work with me and give me advice on the type of cat I needed- a cat that would work out with my mischievous male cat. I did a foster-to-adopt arrangement, which protected me in the event that it turned into a fiasco. I should note that I live in a studio apartment, which definitely meant making it work was imperative!! You will probably hear that providing height (i.e., cat trees) and places to hide is important for keeping harmony in your feline household. Good luck with the research. 🙂

    • I’m not an expert either and I only have experience with dogs but: when I was a kid we had a 18 year old dog who was seemingly near the end of her life (no pain, just really slowing down) and we were told by the vet to get another dog, smaller than her, opposite sex, and not a puppy. Our elderly dog then lived until 21 the happiest we’d ever seen her!
      Best of luck.

    • I just did this and totally recommend it – with a couple of caveats.

      1. Do you have enough room to keep the new kittens contained for 3-4 weeks- in their own room, ideally with a baby gate – while old cat gets used to them? (Although one of my teeny 5 weekers climbed over the baby gate the first day – it was more to give them a place to “escape.”

      2. Are you willing to get a pair of kittens – (always better anyway!)

      My old cat spent the first 3-4 days hiding out, then cautiously investigating, then interacting with some hissing, then reduced hissing (only when the interlopers broached her territory) now – after about 5 weeks, sharing the couch (not exactly snuggling, but no hissing) and even shared playing when the extra special feather toy comes out.

  • Never been very PC in my life but when I think about the Redskins name it really does shock me that this region can be so tone deaf about exactly how offensive it is. I think a change is long over due.

  • Sadnt (it’s more sad than rant): A very valuable worker died last night, far too young. I had to be involved in the notification of a number of people outside the org, so now all of their replies are coming to me and it’s making me more sad.

    Rave: Tonight I’m on my way to meet a good friend in Florida. We’ll be warm and happy.

  • Rant: A coworker constantly interrupts to answer questions that are being asked of me. It’s almost a reflex. If she has ANY knowledge on the topic I am being asked about, she jumps in. How do I respond to this in a non-aggressive, diplomatic manner? It drives me nuts!

    Rave: Friday.

    • I’ve had a couple of colleagues do this, one at my first professional job. In the beginning I would clam up and let her answer, but I finally learned to NOT stop talking when she would interrupt me. I would also glance at her and hold up my hand in a “one moment, please” way. It was much more courteous than I felt like being, but it allowed me to answer the question posed to me. Also made her look like the buttinski she was, and made me look poised for handling it politely. The key is not to look flustered by the interruption. Good luck.

    • Knock, knock.

      Who’ there?

      Interrupting cow.


  • Rave: spending the weekend in San Francisco with my sister!

    Rant: she has some sort of stomach bug. I hope it is just a one day thing and that I don’t get it!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: no need to tell that English is not my first language, and I think I speak a fairly good English but every once in a while I make a mistake that brings my confidence down!
    Rant: that happened yesterday and I left my whole office confused.

  • I’ve always wondered when I would actually “feel” like an adult (I’m 45)—today I found it is when I have to PAY income taxes rather than get a refund!!!

  • Rant: People cheering on the cop killer in California.

    Rave: Walking Dead returns Sunday.

  • Rave: The only thing better than a new job is a new job where you get to talk about and taste delicious whiskey.

  • Rant: Dog blew out both of her knees this winter and needs two separate $4000 surgeries. Paying for this wipes out all the good saving I’ve done over the past two years and then some. This might be the final straw that breaks my finances.

    • Not trying to be insensitive but I am wondering if you’ve thoroughly investigated your options and determined that it’s worth it to put your dog through this – operation, pain, rehab, limits after rehab assuming the operation is successful, etc – and to put yourself thorough the financial strain you will be under.

    • I had a dog that was about 7 years old that was in that situation and I decided that the surgeries would diminish her quality of life so bad that I looked at some other options. I found this brace (http://www.woundwear.com/product3.cfm) and healed her knees enough that she was able to resume regular walks/light playtime. Might be something to look into.

    • Dreadful news – and all sympathies to you. Please tell us how your dog got injured – it is a nightmare speculation to all of us with dogs.

  • Rave: Story corps this morning – here’s a link – listen, don’t just read it. It made me tear up.


    Double rave – the host (Steve Inskeep?) was also choked up.

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