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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Not sure if this is a rant or a rave but there is a crazy looking giant Bin Laden poster on the side of Mad Momos. Interesting way to get noticed as a new bar in the neighborhood.

  • (Semi-anal) rant: seeing a group of young professionals jump in front of a mom and her two elementary school kids to get on the bus this morning. Is getting to work ASAP THAT important to be rude?

    Rave: A couple minutes later, a less crowded express bus arrived, mom and her kids were first on.

    • I have noticed that young professionals in DC often have no manners.

    • the mom couldn’t get on the bus because of them? daaaaaamn.

    • I often think as a parent one of the best things I can do is teach my children to be well mannered. Even if they end up being the only ones left on the planet that are.

      • I know plenty of kids who were “raised properly” by good families and still act like selfish, classless morons.

        By the time they are 16, their circle of friends and acquaintances will have more influence on their life direction and personality than you will. Regardless of how much effort you’ve put in and love you’ve shown.

        • Having raised two teenagers — they actually didn’t start out that way, but I couldn’t seem to stop them from becoming teens, thank goodness they seem to have gotten over it — and spent a decade around them I’d like to offer a lot more optimistic thought.

          Sure, kids in groups when they think no one’s in charge can be a little, um, boorish. But the dozens of kids who passed though my house over the last decade were almost unfailingly polite, intelligent and even charming. Even the little 16-year-old stoners.

          I get so annoyed with the “kids these days” rants. Kids these days are just like we were: energetic, stupid, capable of brilliant insight and clueless behavior. And the stupid tends to go away.

          Go for it, TG, it will pay off. And, by the way, over the years, you will have many conversations with other parents where you commiserate with them over because they had to spend time with your unruly offspring and they will look surprised, suggest that you have raised a little angel, and apologize for their own little brat (whom you found charming). Just the way it goes.

    • Self-entitled little {redacted} like that need a good slap. Maybe a rolled-up newspaper across the nose like you would with a misbehaving puppy.

  • Not really a rant or revel but a PoP question, anyone know what’s being built on 17th just north of Mass? There has been a bulldozer digging away for a few weeks now. The property looks like it belongs to the church next door and I think it’s right behind one of the SAIS buildings. Anyone know what’s going to be there?

    • Pricey rental condos.
      The wealthier foreign SAIS kids are going to eat them up (they usually rent in the older apartment buildings right across from SAIS).

      • Surely they’re not being built as “rental condos”?

        Most condo buildings with any sense impose limits on how many units can be rented out, as too high of a ratio of investors to resident owners means people can have problems selling their units or refinancing.

        • Sorry, I meant to write “rental units”. Rental condos make no sense.

          The developer is going to make a killing on this property. There’s really nothing else to develop around Dupont Circle that has this large of a footprint. And all the rental buildings along Mass are pretty old and in foul shape. An upscale rental building will do very well. I’m thinking that they will charge $3000/month for a 1 BR.

          They will get lots of diplomats and wealthy foreign students.

  • Rant: You know those signs all along the major north/south numbered streets that dictate no parking in the curb lanes during rush hour? THESE CANNOT BE DISREGARDED. Vehicles that stop in these lanes remove a much needed full lane from these roadways. The resulting backup tacks on additional time we all have to spend in our (already) ridiculous traffic. I shouldn’t bitch, since there are other commuting options, but COME ON. Please find somewhere else to leave your vehicle during rush hour!

    • When I used to commute from D.C. to Maryland, I’d take Harvard Street eastbound to Sherman Avenue.

      The side of Harvard that was supposed to be a no-parking zone during rush hour ALWAYS had at least one parked car in it. ALWAYS. So in reality it had only one lane of traffic during rush hour, not the two it was supposed to have.

    • Ugh, I feel you. I rarely drive to work, maybe 2-3 times a month, but I live in DC and commute to MD and it’s hellish when people are parked in the rush hour parking lanes on Connecticut Ave. Twice I’ve been delayed between 20-30 minutes because of one parked car on the block south of Military.

      What angers me the most though, is that I never see parking enforcement towing cars in the reverse commute direction (and we’re talking 8:15 am or later). As a DC tax payer who is already giving commuters more lanes it makes my blood boil that I’m not treated with the same urgency.

      • ooooh you gave me something new to get irritated about!! totally unfair. i’ve NEVER seen parking enforcement/police ticketing/even asking people to move their shit from travel lanes. and i commute EVERYDAY!

  • Rave: T-minus 2 weeks until I start the new job.

    Rant: Saying goodbye to my good friends/colleagues at work. Six years of getting nit-picky nasty grams from some of the most dedicated, nicest, and genuine people I have ever been blessed to work with and learn from.

  • Rant: You know when you sleep funny and your neck gets all jacked up? Last week it was the right side, and I must be overcompensating because now the left side is all screwed up. I can barely move my head. HATE that feeling!
    Rave: Other than the neck, I’m feeling good today. I have no reason to be, but I’m in a good mood.

  • Rant: One of those mornings where you can’t get anything right – feeling daft, slow, and sloppy. Ugh.
    Rave: At least I’m feeling better than yesterday when I was feverish and achy on top of all of the above.
    Rave: Dogsitting 😀

  • Rant: Metro riders who don’t scootch over to the inside seat, especially on buses or totally packed metro trains. So inconsiderate. Seems like everyone’s being a jerkstore on Metro lately!

    Rant from yesterday: My client schedule an in-person meeting during my working-remotely day. I certainly can’t go to a damn client meeting in my yoga pants so I’ve got to wear work-appropriate clothes. Jerk.

    Extra-rant: I’ve have been on extreme bitch overdrive lately. Grrrr at everyone, everywhere, just because!

    Rave: Big ol’ glass of wine when I get home.

    • i just assume they pissed their Depends and are embarrassed.

    • “Oh yeah? Well, the Jerk Store called and they ran out of YOU!”

    • Also, people who put their bags on the seat next to them and refuse to move them!

      • I hate the bag on the seat too! I was in sort of a foul mood this morning (running late, drank too much the night before, etc.), and this guy had his backpack on the only available seat on a crowded train. I just ignored him and sat right down anyways. He was able to move it just in time, but I still sat on the straps. When he got off at the next stop, he had to tug to get them loose and I sort of half-lifted my butt off of them. It was super awkward, and I know I’m an asshole, but do you ever have one of those mornings where you just don’t have any f**ks to give?

      • I just sit on their bags. They can choose to move them or not.

        I don’t understand the people getting off the train and think it’s okay to cut into the elevator lines. What about going to the end of the line? It’s not okay to cut into other lines, i.e., ticket lines, deli lines. Why is it okay to cut in the elevator line?!!

        • Do you really need to use the elevator or do you just not want to walk to the next escalator? I don’t cut ( and avoid the elevator as much as possible- only use it when I have a stroller), but the signs do say give priority to the elderly, disabled, strollers, and bikes.

  • rant: supposed to drive up to nj during the worst part of this impending storm on friday because on saturday my friend who is getting married is having all the bridesmaids up to look at dresses. everyone is traveling in from out of town and it could be really dangerous, but she is not willing to consider rescheduling. and i understand she is excited about getting the dresses, but this falls under the sometimes weather happens and it sucks, but can’t be controlled category.

    rant: also, i have been sick and out of work the past two days.

    rave: sick day tv. price is right. i love lucy. lifetime original movies.

    • She might not *want* to reschedule, but that doesn’t mean you (and the others) can’t force the reschedule by refusing to drive through a blizzard. Don’t let Bridezilla win.

    • That sounds a bit bridezilla-ish on her part. If the conditions tomorrow are looking dangerous, don’t go.

    • NJ might not be getting 2 feet, but there will still be snow. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t drive. If she guilts you, guilt her right back for caring more about a dress than your LIFE.

      • none of the other bridesmaids are willing to speak up and voice concern, and the bride keeps insisting it will just be rain, even though the area is under a winter storm warning. i can’t be the only one not to go, so i’m going, or at least trying to go. the whole thing can be easily rescheduled, but whatever, no one will listen to reason.

  • Rant: Being treated like children in the workplace. We now have mandatory “workplace civility” training. Today I got an email about information privacy and it included a word find puzzle! Do they think we’re 8 years old?

  • Rave: DC FINALLY repaired our sidewalk after more than 3 years of calls and emails.
    Rant: Some genius etched “Fortune favors the bald” in one of the blocks right before it was done drying.

    • Hi neighbor! I was really excited about that too, though I didn’t get close enough to see the etching. I hate that crap.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Lunch time meeting. I’m not sure why my bosses think I want to spend my lunch break working with them.

    Rant: They aren’t even paying for lunch.

    Rave: Found a coat on eBay that looks just like my favorite coat that died last year!

  • Rant: CRAMPS!!
    Rave: Chocolate, ginger ale,ginger snaps and white meat orange chicken
    Revel: having my own office so I can writhe around in pain and no one will be aware of it.
    Revel #2: My birthday is upon us!!!! Someone get me some sweet lobby cupcakes!

  • Rant: Shephard St. robbers wearing all black!

  • In addition –
    Craziness: Recognizing a colleague in a cover page story in the NYTimes from across the world and notifying him that his picture was in the NYTimes.

  • Rant (and question to PoPville): Apparently at some point in my commute yesterday, one of my hubcaps went flying. I blame the absurd amount of pot holes in the city and specifically the bumpy state of Sherman Ave for the past two years.

    My question – does anyone know of salvage yards in the area or other places (that aren’t the dealership) to get a replacement?

  • Rave: Leaving early!
    Rant: Leaving early to go purchase things for work.
    Rant1: Might not get out of here early b/c still so much to do! (granted, being on PoP is not helping one bit)

    Rave: My new roommates are both gentlemen. I’m diggin’ this so far. Now if only we could find a NORMAL, laid back female…

    Rant: Can’t, for the life of me, track down the volunteer coordinator! I need volunteers!

  • Rant: That picture, i.e., the never-ending and seemingly worse-each-day construction going on right outside my front door. First it was just the renovations to the old post office building and now they’re digging up the street and sidewalk next to the building. Oh, and the construction vehicles LOVE to idle in the alley next to my bedroom window at any hour of the day or night. Enough with the construction on 14th St!
    Rave: Vacation someplace warm next week. T minus 5 days.

  • skj84

    Rant: The Blizzard. While DC won’t be affected, my family in PA will be. Super worried about my parents getting around. My mom just had knee surgery last week and has physical therapy tomorrow, and my dad has terrible balance. Plus he insists on shoveling snow even if he risks falling. I’m so afraid they are going to hurt them selves this weekend.

    Rave: At least it isn’t going to snow here. Of course its probably going to rain like crazy, but I don’t feel like dealing with Snowpacalypse part 2.

    Rant: Crappy day at work.

    Rave: Going to the Hinge launch party tonight!

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