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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: House had not magically cleaned itself up from the big dinner Saturday night.

    Rave: Having people back in what has been a sad and quiet house — emerging unexpectedly from the basement the morning after the party to spend a day knocking around; moving in while they look for a new place; hanging out on the couch for soft conversation. I’ve never done alone very well.

  • Rant: DC area voted number one for traffic congestion.

    Rave: Living in the city definitely has its perks.

  • Rant: One of those days
    Rave: Silly sweet emails from the fella

  • rant: i have a cold again for the second time in a month. not cool body. not cool.
    rant: guys who can’t act like men.
    rave: visited a really good friend over the weekend, who i haven’t seen in a year. it was really nice to catch up and quality girl talk time.

  • Rant: Noisy neighbors who insist on having incredibly loud sex at 3 am on school nights. I have not had a good nights sleep in months with them. From her screeching screams and his load moans it is impossible to sleep. Why can’t they have sex at regular times, when people TV’s are on to muffle their sounds, it is so loud my dog barks at them.

    • Just give a little bang on the wall. They might be clueless.

      • We’ve tried that and our neighbors on the other side have taken to ringing their doorbell, but nothing stops them 🙂 I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, but it completely sucks for those of us who have to get up for work in the morning

        • That really sucks. But at this point, I think the best thing to do is shame & embarrassment. Which means knocking on their door and telling them to their face that their loud sex at 3am is keeping you and other neighbors from getting a good night of sleep. And that you would appreciate it if they did their loud sexin’ earlier in the evening.

          The embarrassment on their faces should make this awkward conversation totally worth it.

          • Even better: Do this, but coordinate with the neighbors on the other side so that ALL of you go over and tell the middle neighbors that the loud sexin’ is affecting your sleep.

          • austindc

            What about this: have louder and better sex than they will ever have in their life. They will feel inadequate and eventually realize there’s no point in trying to compete. They will take up a quieter hobby like knitting or model trains.

            But then invite them over to see your incredible model train set. Bam, one-upped again.

          • You are all fu**ing nuts! Sue the person that built your stupid thin-walled condo – not the people having glorious noisy sex!

          • Why in the world should anyone be embarrassed about having noisy sex in their own apartment?

          • I actually woke up this morning to a unfriendly note from a neighbor complaining about “on-floor” noise. I’m not sure if they meant the sex last night (not THAT loud) or the jumping jack workout this morning. Either way, I’d much rather they knocked that way I knew which activity it was and could apologize in person. Our walls are super thick, but there is no apt next to where the jumping jacks were so… What was so unfriendly was the way of saying “I will complain to the landlord as long as necessary”. Listen lady, we’re adults, tell me when I am bothering you when I am bothering you and I will stop. No need to tell my mommy on me.

    • haters gonna hate.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Rave: My loud sex neighbors (11pm and 4am) moved or he got a new, quiet girlfriend.

    • People should have sex whenever they feel randy. I know I do.

    • Assuming your walls are thin enough for this to be effective (sounds like they probably are), next time it happens just yell “She’s faking it!” loud enough for them to hear. I can’t imagine they’d want to continue as they currently are after that.

    • love the Freudian slip “load moans”
      I just laughed out loud!
      Sorry for your lack of sleep!

  • Rant: Very flat tire

    Rave: It happened in my parking spot
    Rave: Quick response from AAA to put on the spare
    Rave: Mac’s Tire Service – open 24 hours, no waiting and $15 to fix the flat & put it back on the car.

    • I love Mac’s Tire Service! I drove over a huge screw during the Derecho and they removed my tire, plugged the hole, put it back on, and had me on my way in 15 minutes. For $15. They were friendly to boot. I had never had a tire plugged before and I was nervous, but 6 months later and it’s fine.

      • Mac’s is GOD. Honestly – they’ve majorly saved me – ( beach bound – with camping gear and dinner for 100 – on July on Sunday morning) way more than than any conventional god.

    • Strangely depressed over the abrupt plunge from noisy sex to flat tires.

  • Not a rant or rave, but query! Where does one acquire those radiator covers? I obviously don’t mean those specific ones in the photo but I need to get a few for my house and I’m lost on where to get them. Thanks, Popville!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: one more step towards my goals, keep going…
    Rave: successful photo gig last night
    Rave: networking

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Dry winter skin that no amount of moisturizers seems to help.

    Rave: Plans to rearrange my apartment.

  • Rant: Facebook is boring.

    Rant: The Internet is boring.

    Rant: I need to get out more often and experience life somewhere where people aren’t always wearing headsets while staring into their phones.

    Rant: I’m so old fashioned, Not sure if life will ever match my mood/style any more.

    Rant: Furniture shopping is gut wrenching, fake leather couches are everywhere, and it’s generally a horrible time to buy price-wise. >:[

    Rave: Not planning on jumping off a bridge or anything bad.

    • binpetworth

      I hear ya with those rants. I like me some good old-fashioned eye contact and occasional chat with strangers on my commute, but no one seems to look up anymore. Thankfully I have good friends who eschew Facebook and all those other fake communication channels.

      • One of the best parts of riding my bike (for commuting purposes) every day is being able to talk to people while we’re stopped at lights. It’s a shame we can’t be more social and ride abreast of each other to talk.

        • Not sure if you’re being facetious about riding abreast, but it is illegal, not to mention inconsiderate and a good way to very quickly piss off motorists

          • austindc

            It’s also hard to talk to other cyclists when we’re stopped at lights because none of them stop at lights.

          • Facetious? About wanting to be able to ride abreast of the people I’m riding with in order to carry on a conversation? No, absolutely not. It sucks to have to yell over your shoulder or try to hear what the person in front is saying to you. Biking can be a very social activity and it’s the only mode of transportation I can think of where, in most places, you aren’t allowed to be next to your partner/friend/SO/whatever….we certainly don’t tell drivers to put passengers in a trailer behind the car and yell through the window to converse. If you’ve ever seen the bike infrastructure of the Netherlands, you realize that being able to converse with friends while you ride is a major benefit of bicycling AND it’s really not that hard to accommodate.
            I realize it’s illegal, which is why I said “I wish” we could do it. I’m not sure how my statement was misinterpreted by you.
            As for pissing off motorists…*yawn*. What doesn’t piss off motorists about people who ride bikes?

    • Good books are not boring. Plenty of recommendations on previous threads!

  • Rant: Just realized that the fundraiser I’ve been sitting on since December is NEXT WEEK. Crap, there’s still a lot to do.

    Rave: Had a lot of fun with roommate dinner last night. B/f and I were playing a drinking game – drink every time someone brings up sex – and we couldn’t keep up. Homemade enchiladas and cheesecake, and good company.

    Rant: A lot of work to get done but sitting here on PoP instead. Also, two appts after work means I won’t be home until after 10. Gah, long day!

  • RANT: TRUNCATED RSS FEED!!!?!?!?!! Really, PoP?

  • PoP posts in google reader are truncated, what gives? Am I going to have to click through each time I want to the full post? (in which case I will read considerably fewer posts, although come to think of it that might help increase my productivity at work)

  • Rant: Future sister in law is not coming to the wedding because we didn’t think that inviting a 1 yo and a 2.5 yo to a 2 hour long formal dinner and a late night reception was appropriate. So annoyed!

    Rave: getting married in less than 2 weeks and hopefully will never have to plan another one of these drama filled events ever again in my life.

    • You told your sister-in-law how to handle her kids?

      That’s a big no-no and not for you to decide, IMHO. Yes, it is your special day, but the kids won’t ruin your wedding. It’s one thing to ask guests to not bring children for cost reasons, but these are close family members.

      While she is acting like a bit of a drama queen, she’s also has some grounds to be offended. You’ve assumed that she won’t have the tact to put her kids to bed at a reasonable hour or that she wouldn’t remove them from the venue, if they started making a scene. I can see why she’s annoyed with you.

      • No, she is perfectly within her rights to exclude such young children. The future sil, though, might not be being passive agressive but having to stay with the children.

      • We have 50 guests and between all of them there are 13 kids, all under the age of 5. None of the kids are coming to our reception that starts at 9 pm. We assumed that SIL and BIL would like to enjoy the party too without children and therefore didn’t invite their very very young kids.

      • Yes it absolutely IS for the hosts to decide who is invited to their event. It is not for the invited guest to decide which uninvited people she wishes to bring along.

      • How so. If she/he doesnt want kids (especially kids that young) at a formal wedding then you have two choices. Find sitter or dont come. Simple

      • This is quite presumptious of you, to say they don’t have the right to tell who they want at their wedding that they (presumably) paid a ton of money for. We didn’t invite children either. It was an adult event, and I didn’t want kids. My (now) wives nieces were the only ones there, and they were 7 and 13, so not really kids. Terrific decision.

    • It doesn’t seem to me that Maria told her sister-in-law how to handle her kids; she just said that the kids weren’t invited.

      It’s the sister-in-law’s decision as to where to go from there. And I guess she decided not to attend rather than get a sitter or whatever.

      • Exactly, she has never left kids alone with a sitter or a relative, so decided to continue with that “tradition”.

        • ugh. I’m sure it’s not easy to leave your kids, esp if you’re a control freak, but jesus christ… it’s moments like these that force you to get over it.

        • You can’t win, but you can cope. We had a friend who brought their baby, and it worked out fine, so you could simply give in and “your special night” will not be ruined. But, if you have a baby sitter, you can have them come; we’ve done that with our kids. Or, you could invite the SIL’s mom to the wedding. Big gesture, and they could take the kids during the reception. It’s cheaper to buy a dinner plate now, and earn family peace forever. Let cash solve your problems.

          • We have offered to have kids at the 2 hour sit down dinner (one table, 12 people), but still asked them to not be brought to the reception, which is from 9 to midnight, at a bar. Sigh…I need to take a yoga class or something, this has me all tensed up.

          • she sounds like the kind of person would would leave at 9:05 anyway.

        • I feel sorry for the kids. She’s gonna be a crazy helicopter parent when her kids are in high school and college.

          Attachment Issues 101

          • if kids at the reception or any other little thing is disturbing you so much – are you really ready to get married?

          • saf

            Uninvited guests, especially ones for whom the situation is not appropriate, disturb me.

            I have been married for quite a while, and it seems to be going fine.

    • I totally disagree with Anon’y. While kids were a huge (and the most fun) part of my wedding, the couple reserves the right to say no to them with no raised eyebrows. There are many legit reasons kids shouldn’t always be invited to weddings. Has this woman not heard of a babysitter? Sheesh. Even if she’s neurotic, she could just at least come for the ceremony and see how comfortable she feels being away from them for longer.

      Though really, don’t feel bad. This is about HER and not YOU. She clearly has a problem that will handicap her and her family and it’s just unfortunate that she can never take back the fact she won’t have been there for this day. I’m sorry.

      • Thanks for words of support. We even offered to have her and kids come to the ceremony and dinner, or one or the other, but she still refused.

      • Seriously. F her. People that can’t get past themselves to recognize that it is your special day and you don’t want kids there are always going to bring the drama. Oh and by the way, not going to your (I assume) brother’s wedding is a much bigger slap in the face than not inviting the screaming kids (they stay up past 9?) to your late evening reception.

    • Sorry, but it sounds like you can expect a lifetime of drama-filled events if they involve your in-laws.

    • We had the same issue with someone in our wedding party! With huge family, we didn’t invite kids under the age of two and she refused to leave her son alone to be in the wedding party. But she still showed up with her husband to the ceremony and left before the reception. Odd.

      As frustrating as it is with all the drama, my advice is to forgive and forget – move along. We’re still good friends with the woman and her husband and enjoy their company. They chose not to be a part of our wedding reception but hey, life moves on!

      • It’s amazing to see all kinds of crazy come out of seemingly normal people with weddings. Oh well, it’s just one day after all. Life goes on.

    • I don’t know, most seem to be piling on the SIL but frankly if you invite people with kids to events where kids aren’t invited then you have to accept that they might not come. That’s just the way the world works, no drama or judgement needed.

      • saf

        If that were all it was, I would agree. But I’ve had a few too many experiences where the parents accused us of “hating kids” because we staged an adult event. They manufactured a ton on ugly drama.

        Also, really, babysitters exist.

        • Not only do babysitters exist, but 9 times out of 10 kids look forward to a night with the babysitter. It’s a change of pace for them, too.

        • Yes, sorry, I meant one’s own drama – you’re talking about other people’s drama. Sure, babysitters exist, but so do weddings where some or all guests can bring their children. You get to plan the wedding and choose your invitees – after that there’s no use complaining if people do or don’t come.

      • We got a hint of “we thought you’d want them there”, and I really felt guilty for wanting an adult event. And even after we made compromises and invited them to 2 of the 3 events, we still got the “i’m not coming”.

        Anyway, thank you for your advice everyone! It was good to hear different thoughts on it.

        • I’m hoping that your fiance handled all this for you both since it’s his family, right? or is it your bro’s wife?

          • My fiance’s brother’s wife. Or her husband and my husband to be are brothers. I was having him handle it, but then when i found out she wasn’t coming because of kids, I emailed her with our options for compromising. Also – we need more words in English to explain relationships. Sister in law could mean like 10 different people!

  • Rant: Still smarting a bit over a canceled date on Saturday, esp since the reason was a blatant lie.

    Rave: Brown Bird at the Black Cat on Thursday!

  • austindc

    Rave: Tried this Hopslam that everyone was getting all fired up about. Pretty tasty!

    Rave: New jeans.

    Rave: New job where I get to work from home. Only two more weeks of commuting!

    Rant: Not sure what setting up a home office entails, but I get the sneaking suspicion that I am going to have to address the mess in my basement.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Coming to grips with the reality of loss and grief – beyond the shock of the immediate impact.

    Revel: Appreciating the “little” things in life — which feel like BIG things!

    Rave: Went shopping at Nordstrom’s Rack & found the perfect top in my favorite color for about 15% of the original price. The receipt made me smile: ” Congratulations! You saved more than you spent. You’re a shopping genius!”

    Rave: realizing that I will have LOTS of things to smile about in the future even though things right now are hard.

  • Rave: Came home from the barn and work last night to a clean home, yummy dinner, and a happy husband :-D.
    Rant: Bike not taking the salt and water so well (even though it’s stored inside) – I really need to oil and clean the chain but haven’t found time. Sorry about the squeaking everyone!
    Rave: Straight talk with my bro about engagement and marriage – and giving him a family heirloom wedding band :-D. His girlfriend is wonderful and I cannot wait to celebrate!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I had my 15 /12 yo Aby put to sleep yesterday. He was diabetic and his kidneys were failing – hadn’t eaten a thing in three days. I’m sad. I still have Savannah (in the pix) and she is a cuddle bug.

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