Props to Red Onion for their Great New Sign

1901 18th Street, NW

Continuing to give props to stores that invest in proper signs instead of cheap banners – this week goes to Red Onion (records) at 1901 18th St, NW. Nicely done.

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  • Looks fabulous! Though it would be even cooler if the onion was red.

  • That’s excellent, especially considering it looked like it was closing like a few months ago.

  • So it’s not closing anymore? Sweet!!!

  • how have I not been here before? will visit this weekend!

  • Wait, what? It’s not closing anymore?!

  • No, they’re not closing anymore! They’re doing away with the book section and they’ve moved things around inside so the middle of the store is all open. They’ve even held a couple of in-store concerts since changing things up. Check it out if you haven’t been in a while!

    And no, I don’t work there… I’m just a fan. My boyfriend and I pop in about once a month and we always come out with a nice haul 🙂

  • Nice. Nicer if they’d put it on a post in the yard instead of screwing into the facade – but, this being America, commerce over all, so it makes it OK.

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