PoPville T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe – Madagascar

Top: “Overlooking the tsingy of Ankarana National Park in northern Madagascar.”

Bottom: “The world’s smallest chameleon in Mt. Amber National Park in northern Madagascar.”

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  • Very jealous! What a beautiful place!

  • Too far from the metro.

  • I have dreamed of going to Madagascar — would love to hear more about it if you’re willing to share!

  • Awesome! I was in the Peace Corps there and get so excited when other people go!

  • OP here. Madagascar was awesome. I’ve wanted to go for over a decade and finally made it happen. So much unique flora and fauna, every time you turned around there was a plant, insect, amphibian or mammal found nowhere else. I overprepared and had read so many horror stories of “prepare yourself, the country has no tourist infrastructure,” etc. but I really didn’t find that aspect to be too bad. Yes, You can go for very cheap, travel in overpacked, hot buses, and stay on dirt floors, but there are also decent hotels, restaurants, etc. We focused on the capital of Antananarivo (which I thought was pretty awesome), the west (HOT but great deciduous forest, birds and coquerel’s sifakas, and the north (beautiful beaches, forest, tsingy). I want to go again and go to the south and to Ranamafamana and Isalo. The people are pretty awesome too; so many different cultures in different areas of the country; the cultural history was a very interesting aspect of the trip that I didn’t know much about in advance.

    • OP – any more specific comments on Antananarivo? I am going next week for work, and will have some time to explore. Specific places, restaurants,anything?

      • Cafe de la Gare (at the train station) is a pretty great upscale restaurant, they have live music sometimes. The Kudeta is also a decent upscale restaurant but smaller. The Lokanga hotel at the top of the hill in the old town area is freaking gorgeous, but I don’t know that I’d stay there if I was in town for work because taxis don’t like going out that far and will try to rip you off. Lokanga has a restaurant that is good which would be nice to watch the amazing sunset on the terrace.

        If you have some extra time, try to get a half day tour of the old city, assuming you are in decent shape (lots of walking up dirt stairs, etc.). My guide called it the “slums” of Antananarivo, but I didn’t feel unsafe; it was more just walking villages with small farms, coffee growers, medicinal plants growing right on the street, etc. and was really interesting. I used Asisten Travel to arrange my tour of the old city. You’ll also hear a lot about the history because the queen’s palace is up there.

        Tana can be a bit jarring if you’re not used to that kind of travel (but since you’re going there for work, you probably are more seasoned than I). Be prepared to be very obviously not from there and people will try to sell you everything under the sun (plungers! sunglasses! maps! phone chargers!) very aggressively. Take taxis at night, agree on a price when you get in.

        Depending on how much time you have to explore, I might contact a tour operator about taking a day or two trip outside the city. Andasibe is a great rainforest a couple hours from Tana, but you’d need two days. (Driving at night is not recommended)

        • Oh, and where do you work? Can I work there? 😉

          • Thanks for the great advice! I work for an oil company, and have never been to Madagascar. I went to Chad and Equatorial Guinea last year so am interested to see how it compared.

            Don’t be too jealous, I had to move to Houston last year after 6 years in DC… 🙁

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