New Spinning Studio, Peloton Cycling, Opens Next to Praxis Crossfit on 14th Street

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new spinning studio at 14th and Florida Ave, NW. From Peloton’s website:

“The word “peloton” refers to the main pack of riders in a road race. There is nothing haphazard about the creation of a peloton – it is intentional and strategic. We have chosen to incorporate peloton into our name because the energy in each class will come from the instructor and from each cyclist alike.”

2217 14th Street NW

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  • $119 a month just for spinning classes?!? You can join a full service gym for less than that – even Vida. good luck!

    • It depends on what you’re looking for. I’ve gone to several boutique spin studios (like this one) in DC and also used to have a membership at a big local gym, and I can say from my experience at least, that the instructor makes a HUGE difference (in my opinion) in the quality and enjoyment of the spin class. When I took spin classes at the big gym, I found the instructors were typically uninspiring and lackluster compared to the instructors at the boutique studios I’ve tried. (Though I can’t speak to Vida’s instructors specifically since I’ve never tried that gym.) Having said that, I’m not sure if this new place offers anything else except spin–and personally one thing I really like about the boutique studios I’ve tried (Biker Barre, Scuplt DC, and Off Road) is that they offer other classes besides spin (barre, yoga, and TRX, respectively).

  • I know, I’ll pay 120 dollars a month to ride a stationary bicycle. In one of America’s best cities for actual cycling.

    Good luck.

    • spinning is very different from bike riding.
      it like saying why get a gym membership when i can just buy bags of concrete from home depot.

      • Exactly. I like bike riding for leisure and transportation. For a really good cardio workout, I prefer spin, where I can go full-tilt without having to worry about traffic, pedestrians, steering, etc.

  • Could be worse. NYC’s SoulCycle is like $40 a class…

  • Wow. Was excited by this in the neighborhood until I saw the price. I’ve never looked into a spin studio before. Is that kind of price typical? Seems a little crazy at first blush.

    • Having tried out a number of these types of boutique exercise studios around DC, I can say that yes, their prices seem pretty typical, at least for DC. (As the commenter above mentioned, some of the crazy-popular studios in New York, like Soul Cycle, are way more expensive.) The past few months, I’ve been going to boutique studios instead of my gym (i quit the gym membership) and in some cases, I’ve found them worth the price for the better quality of instruction and more personal attention from instructors. Don’t know about this new place, but often these types of studios will have good specials for new students, or will occasionally have decent Grouping deals.

  • There’s a Crossit, a YMCA, and an MMA gym all on that same block. Is this the healthiest block in DC?

  • I tried their free promo class the other day and it was MUCH better than the spinning classes I’ve been to at Vida.

  • I took the free intro class and it was better than any class I had at a gym. I really enjoyed it. I gave up my gym membership a while ago and much prefer the smaller studios where the instructors feel passionate. I loved it and would go back.

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