New Restaurant from Derek Brown, Mockingbird Hill, Coming to Shaw

Photo of 1843 7th Street, NW by PoPville contributor ShawBob

Thanks to all who sent links about this huge news coming to Shaw. The Post’s Tom Sietsema shares the great details:

Smitten by trips to southern Spain in recent years, Derek Brown, one of the region’s top drinks authorities, is planning to replicate some of his experiences with a new bar here at home. Mockingbird Hill, expected to open in May at 1843 Seventh St. NW. in Shaw, will have a narrow but intriguing focus: lots of sherries and abundant hams, or “nibbling rather than dining,” Brown says, distinguishing his Spanish vision from that of Washington’s popular tapas restaurants, Estadio and Jaleo.

Another reader notes the emergence of a possible Sherry trend in our future…

More info on Mockingbird Hill as they get closer to opening.

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  • YES. This pleases me greatly.

  • “abundant hams” …. there must be a joke there somewhere

  • It looks like this will be in the new Progression Place Development … any word on other retail coming into there?

  • A place to get a bowl of marcona almonds for $10.


  • tonyr

    Mockingbird Hill, just down the street from the Brixton. I expect to hear from Mick Jones shortly about the rampant swagger jacking.

  • Very exciting that Progression Place is starting to line up retail establishments. Spanish food is fine, but I still want my Chipotle/Sweetgreen…

  • Ham and sherry? That’s all. Nibbling? Really?

  • I have a bad feeling that “nibbling rather than dining” means “expensive small plates.” And if the guy is trying to distinguish his place from Estadio and Jaleo, does that mean that the small plates here will be even more expensive than at those places?

    Oh well. Seventh Street and Shaw could certainly use some nicer establishments, so this will be a good thing no matter what.

    • Jaleo has a broad menu of tapas, this place specializes in two things. Maybe they’re a little TOO narrowly focused, but this place seems like a kinda wine bar place to just hang out before or after dinner. One of those “third places” urbanists like to fetishize, like coffee shops and used bookstores. How many people go to coffee shops for a full-blown dinner experience?

      • Apparently “urbanists” (yuppies) need to waste their money in three different places for it to be considered a successful night.

        Also, your analogy is flawed. Obviously not everyone is looking for dinner at every single “third place.” But this place is a restaurant. Unless it’s not. Maybe it’s SUCH a new concept it’s actually a “fourth place” or a “three and a half place.”

        A proper comparison would be “How many people go into a coffee shop expecting to be served via dixie cups?”

        Answer: Anybody that doesn’t go to Peregrine.

  • this is great news!! love tapas!! the smaller the plates, the more things I can try!

  • I never remember tapas “restaurants” in Spain when I went years ago. So this new place sounds more like what they actually have in Spain, and sherry is VERY spanish as well.

  • i will not be happy until there are Canapé Joints.

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