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  • Did they do their research? It’s right across the street from yes! Market. Though, if their prices are lower than yes’ astronimical prices, consider me a future customer.

  • Could be this Natural Market http://www.nmfg.com/ ?

  • trader joes is still going in at 14th and U… right?

  • Excellent! I’m moving in there soon, so bring it on!

  • There’s also Smucker Farms right there, so not sure it makes sense at all!

    • Please don’t say that. I live in this area and my grocer needs are honestly not met at all. I wish this were just a normal grocery store vice a “natural”/upscale grocer, but I’m all for it. This area is pretty densely populated and the population density is only going up. I actually think you’ll be surprised to see that the TJ’s, the Yes! and this place can all survive. I’m not sure if Smucker Farms can, but that has less to do with the grocery stores surrounding them and more to do with their business model.

      • Seriously, I wish there were a normal grocery store in the area. Walking up that hill to Harris Teeter sucks, same for the Giant in Columbia Heights. The 17th street Safeway is kind of far and sucks.

        Can’t wait for Trader Joes, but still kind of wish that it were a normal Safeway/HT/Giant.

      • I live in this area too, and I shop at any one of the 6 grocers within walking distance on a regular basis. I would say having 6 grocers (Safeway, Harris Teeter, Giant, Target, Yes! and Whole Foods) all within walking distance meets most peoples needs. Throwing this place and Trader Joes into the mix, that’s going to be a lot of grocery stores.

        • You are talking walkable grocery stores and then citing the Harris Teeter, Giant, Whole Foods, Yes, etc. Those are spread out quite far on a walking grid. I mean, I am reasonable young and in good health so I could walk to any, but the fact is that it would nice to have convenient stores that I could walk to on a weeknight after work and still have time to come home and cook whatever i have bought before it’s 11:00. I think that these stores, along with the new Harris Teeter that’s supposedly coming at Florida and W, will find themselves with a steady stream of business.

          • While I’m all for more grocery stores, HT is not THAT far away at all from this location… three blocks away at the most. Plus, as others have mentioned, there is Yes! as well, and the CVS at 14th and W has a pretty good amount of food items as well, if you’re in a pinch.

            I think two natural/organic grocers within two blocks of each other is a bit much.

          • SS,

            HT is definitely more than 3 blocks away from this location. If you count crossing Meridian Hill Park as a block, it is 4-5 blocks away. Plus you have the hill to deal with.

          • Is the “Best DC Supermarket” still open at 15th & U? It’s no Wegmans but I remember it being pretty decent.

  • The developer’s presentation at a recent neighborhood association meeting suggested this ‘upscale grocer’ would feature a variety of prepared foods and bakery — that had me guessing this was more likely to be a Marvelous Market than a Natural Market as I don’t think the latter offers either. In any case, the only other detail they shared was that the grocer was DC based.

  • You’re all forgetting DC’s Best Supermarket! It’s the best small grocery/convenience store in the neighborhood.

  • This thread has amused me.

    5 blocks is walkable. 10 blocks is walkable.

    There are more grocery stores in this area than at any time in recent memory and the ones that have been in the area for more than 15 years have massively improved.

    Thanks for the giggles.

  • Hope they’re not above hosting a Redbox. Ammiright?

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