H Street Country Club Roof Deck Opening this Spring

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Thanks to a reader for sending this update from H Street Country Club’s [1335 H Street NE] facebook page:

“Margaritas always taste better outdoors. Coming Spring 2013.”

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  • I’ve been to this place two times, considering I live in the area, but I can say that this adds to the place and I’d be willing to go hang out there.

  • I hate this place. Worst bar on H St.

    • The only truly great bar on H Street in my opinion is The Pug, but even that place occasionally fills up with the wrong crowd when wait times for Toki Underground are long.

      • Define “wrong crowd.” Not challenging you, just curious.

        • The usual crowd you’ll find in The Pug is pretty unassuming and more casually-dressed, whereas sometimes the folks waiting around for their table at Toki Underground are a bit more dressed up. I suppose “wrong crowd” might have come across as a little harsh, but they just look a little out of place.

  • New roof decks are always welcome! Will definitely check it out.

  • H St CC is a cool place. I enjoy jumbo jenga and skeeball tournies there. The bartenders are not that friendly in my experience. I’ve never eaten there, only had beers. A rooftop would be cool, but I mostly go there for the games, so…not sure if they’ll put some uptop, but it’d be nice.

    • Hmmm, I’ve always found the bar staff to be pretty nice. The food is decent, nothing to write home about. I usually stick with a plate of nachos with some friends – filling, not too expensive. Good place.

      • great nachos, yucca and margaritas. i’ve found the bartenders to be really nice, but i haven’t been there in over a year.

  • mediocre food (never comes hot, for some reason)…decent drinks…poor service…the rooftop might give me a reason to go back, but doubtful.

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