Good Deal or Not? “your own private backyard oasis” edition

This house is located at 2728 28th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Take a vacation every weekend in your own private backyard oasis. Designed for entertaining, this substantial yard features a bar and built-in fire pit, which extends use beyond the summer months. Historic charm meets modern style in this welcoming home, which was completely renovated in 2005. Sandwiched between several new development sites, retail & restaurants are just minutes away.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $345,000.

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  • Isn’t this really close to the new Costco, and all its associated tickytacky? I’d much rather have this cute little place (yes, it seems quite small) than one of those Ryan Homes ™ style “townhomes”.

    I do wonder how they got all that furniture in to the attic through that little slot they cut out for the stairs…

    • It’s not far from CostCo, but you can’t see any of the ticky-tacky from this location. It’s actually a bit of hike, if you were to walk there.

      I drove to CostCo two weeks ago and took a detour in the surrounding neighborhood south of Rhode Island. There’s a lot of really nice housing stock in there.

      I know nothing about this neighborhood or comps, but I really like this place. The backyard is EPIC. So friggin’ cool. Lots of cool little details (I especially like the lofted bedroom). I’d say that this is a good deal.

      • I was citing the tickytacky as a sort of comp… favorably, for this place. I think those places are going in the $450k+ range. This is much nicer than that (for my taste) and much less expensive.

        • Gotcha. And yes, I agree with you! I’d much rather have this place at this price than live in the vinyl-sided, characterless buildings that they threw up around the CostCo parking lot.

          Imagine looking out the window of your sandwiched townhouse and having a view of the CostCo parking lot. DEPRESSING.

    • There’s nothing tickytacky about the Costco. Now about the strip club and crappy retail that’s much closer to this place…

  • I do like the backyard…A little bit more greenery/grass and it would be perfect for me…

  • I bet the whole house shakes when trains go by

  • the house itself looks fantastic. great access to costco, and the bw parkway.
    i guess you could walk to the stadium club from here. and the future chuck brown park. but otherwise the location is a huge downside, unless you like used tires and bus fumes.

    • Yeah, it seems like you might as well just live in the suburbs if you’re going to be out here. Then again, I think this house would go for a lot more in the suburbs so maybe it’s a good deal.

  • It’s a very cute house and it looks like it’s been pretty well-kept. I do like the attic bedroom (though I bet those stairs are treacherous).

    The yard, however, is very underwhelming to me- especially since they featured it in the listing. It doesn’t look all that huge and there is no green space. I would definitely expect something more spectacular at a house like this.

    • I think the backyard looks better than 90% of the private rowhouses that sell in nicer neighborhoods (Petworth, CoHi, Logan Circle, U Street, etc.). Built in bar, storage shack, firepit, tiki holders, brand new fencing. How many places do you see with that in urban DC? Not many.

      If you want more green space, it’s not too difficult to pull up some of those pavers and build flower beds.

      • I agree with you on that. I’m sure there are lot of people who would prefer this type of outdoor space since it’s low-maintenance, but I love to garden- the more dirt the better!

        However, since that location doesn’t really have much else going for it, I’d expect a yard like this one (it’s a few blocks away):

        • You’re house is 180K more so not really comparable…AND it’s the other side of the tracks which is, frankly, a nicer neighborhood and not surrounded by concrete. I imagine train noise and bus fumes are an issue at both locations though.

  • I’m not a big fan of having train tracks directly behind my house, but other than that, it’s a beautiful house.

  • I’d be concerned about buying an attached wooden house. If your neighbor isn’t maintaining their side for things like termites and wood rot, you could have some real problems on your side as well. Also, is it possible to just replace half of the roof, or would you have to negotiate with your neighbor if you developed a leak?

  • Looks like a nice deal to me

    yea, you arent directly ON U st or in the heart of adams morgan but not everyone wants that

    suburban living in the city is a nice feature if you ask me, look at upper 16th st, palisades, parts of tenley town and its surroundnig areas.. etc

    not a bad deal, and it appears they did a good job on the reno

  • Nice house and awesome yard compared to what you can get in other parts of DC however, you can’t walk to anything. Not a very walkable area of ward 5.

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