Good Deal or Not? “space for Nannies” edition

This house is located at 1530 East Capitol Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Tour this Victorian Queen today. Brilliant Southern Exposure floods the open floor Two blocks from Lincoln Park, Steps above anything else that you will find in this xcellnt area. 3.5 bathrooms,3 fireplaces. Sun-filled living rooms,renovated kitchen. Location,location,location. Huge basement w/ bath and space for Nannies, neighbors, and Nlaws …. outlaws?”

You can see more photos here.

This 2BD/3 Full, 1 Half BA is going for $765,000.

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  • binntp

    What a bizarre collection of photos–here’s four doors, here’s a view of the skylight! No way would I want to buy anything with spiral staircases like that.

  • Urgh. I don’t get the ‘loft’ treatment in the front. Everything looks like a bad, outdated remodel. Would take a chunk of change to get this thing updated…again.

  • Yikes on the spiral stairs. However, I thought the row of doors in the bedroom was kinda cool. Still, this place needs a lot of work, which I don’t mind, including adding a bona fide set of stairs.

  • Agree with everyone that the former renovations, while perhaps cool for 6 months in the 1980s, are disastrous. Big bucks to re-renovate this. So sad that that its takes over 3/4 of a million to buy this in DC (assuming it sells at that price).

  • “xcellnt” “Nlaws” Seriously? That better not have been written by a native speaker of English.

  • I think that staircase is cool. If I had the money I’d buy the place. I DO miss the 80s, yes.

    *hums “karma chameleon”*

  • Nannies might have space in the basement, but they’d quit after a day of watching kids in a house with spiral staircases.

    • My first thought! No nanny (or parent) is going to want to haul toddlers up and down a spiral staircase. And with square footage so precious in the city – the front “lofty” thing is just plain stupid.

  • Does anyone own a place with staircases similar to these? How do you move furniture up or down them? Moving a bed or couch to the second floor strikes me as unpossible.

  • easy solution for basement — you remove and make it a separate unit.

    upstairs — yeah, I’d replace with straight staircase with closet underneath.

    Are the stairs the only reservation? The pictures are terrible and make it hard to get a feel for the place.

    The cost per sqft is high if you exclude the basement level, but reasonable if included — does it usually factor into cost per sq ft? any agents care to chime in?

  • The “loft” business and the spiral staircases are all kinds of wrong.

    I hope whoever renovated it that way had a really good excuse — like, the house was a shell and they figured they’d start from scratch. Even still, seems like some very perverse choices.

    I can’t imagine it would be worthwhile to buy the place and have to fix those flaws. Seems like it’d be better to wait for another house in the same area to come on the market.

    What’s up with the lengthened windows in the front, too? Do not like.

  • Thanks, I just threw up in my mouth after seeing those pictures.

  • Site visited this place – requires another $170K minimum to bring it up to (in my opinion) liveable home. Spiral staircase is a total trip trap; by making the bottom (basement) unit a “loft” with floor tiles made it an echo chamber; only Alice from the Brady Bunch would be comfortable in that kitchen (dated and clumsy making whoever live there permanently single)

  • I live two blocks from this house. Most, if not all the houses on that particular block are about 1500+ sq. ft. So, they must have given up a bedroom for an extra upstair bathroom.

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