Good Deal or Not? “One of the widest & largest homes in Atlas District” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 1228 Florida Ave, NE:

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The listing says:

“PRAISE-WORTHY BEAUTY! One of the widest & largest homes in Atlas District on one of the largest lots. Feels like Chevy Chase homes, so rare to find in this area. 6 BRs 4.5 Baths. 3,000 sf finished space w/ Family Rm & Breakfast Area. Gleaming Hardwoods, Stunning Custom Kitchen, exotic granite. Beautiful Master Suite. Spa worthy baths. 2 car Garage. Two blocks to H St & Bikeshare.”

You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/4.5 bath is going for $926,500.

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  • As beautiful as that house is, if I had a million dollars to spend on a house I would not be buying in Atlas district

    • ^^this.

    • And I bet you in 3-5 years and the Atlas District is fully developed, and this house is worth 2-2x as much, you will feel foolish for saying that.

    • Absolutely. There are houses selling for around this price that are a few blocks from Union Station. If I had close to a million, am I going to buy a place no where near a metro in a transitional neighborhood, or am I going to buy a house in a neighborhood that’s already pretty safe and is a five minute walk to the metro…


    I’ll give up all dreams of ever owning property in this town now.

  • I’d be interested in seeing how the structural engineer got away without any center support for that entire first floor. It’s such a wide house that the kitchen looks dwarfed. In a $900k house I’d expect a huge island kitchen and a nice size first floor bathroom… Even if there were steel beams supporting the upper floor, I’d be worried about earthquakes and regular foundation settling. The one support column in the basement isn’t enough either. Sorry.

    • Do you have some training in this area? Just curious.

    • I thought the same thing about the kitchen – they’ve got it set up with two sitting areas and two dining ares, yet a relatively small kitchen. If I had that much space, I’d want a much less cramped kitchen area, tons more storage, a bigger range, etc.

  • Where exactly are the six bedrooms? And why does the slideshow have one meeeeellion photos of the living room??

  • It’s almost tooooooo wide! (and they still use a wide lens for the photos?) The kitchen seems way to small, but I LOVE the bed in the master BR! Anyone know where that’s from??

  • With that space, I’d like the kitchen to be a little more substantial, but I must admit, that’s a pretty beautiful renovation. Listing says that the finished space is 1800 sq. ft but the narrative says 3000. If it’s actually 3000, then it’s actually on the low end of $/sq. ft. for the neighborhood.

    • part of this story should sink into the pro-gun folk among us that sometimes the only charges that can stick and get violent people off of our streets are weapons charges.

      until people grow up beyond the snitches get stitches mentality, this will be the case.

      • Do you imagine “snitches get stitches” is just some curious superstition that gets passed down because it rhymes rather than post-hoc shorthand for the fact that being known as an informant can put you in physical danger of criminals?

        • I don’t think it gets passed down because of the rythme. I think it’s what happens as the result of government practices against marginalized groups that then feel that they need to look out for their own instead of letting the corrupt government and police dictate their lives. I think it’s the result of a history of redlining, of police brutality, of unjust and unequal treatments under the law and of extremely high rates of incarceration with penalties that don’t match the crime.
          The history and depth of crime in marginalized communities is hideously strong. Retribution is certainly a fear and very real, but an honor code is what is really keeping it alive.

    • Nothing in that article says Brown lives at 1226 or 1230 Florida, so how is he a neighbor of 1228 (you have inside info?). Besides, that article says Brown was sentenced to ten years for a crime that happened in 2008. Basic math says he’s not out now or any time near now.

  • DC real estate bubble 2.0. I don’t get. First it’s on a very busy road. Second, you’re technically in Trinidad, which has one of the worst reputations in the city, whether deserved or not. Finally, the renovations look okay, but the massive one-room first floor underwhelms. It’s essentially useless extra space. The dining room table looks lost. As does the kitchen (which looks like a kitchenette by scale). Pass. $699k.

    • When did 1.0 morph to 2.0? The bubble never popped in DC, it’s just continuing to grow.

      • I am not entirely sure about this. I think DC is in the process of finding its real value. It has been an underdeveloped city for years given the size of the greater metropolitan area. I think whether some of these properties are worth it depends a lot on the person’s time horizons and long term plans. If you are prepared to give it a 10 year go in this area I think you would be ok.

        • Once interest rates raise, where are the new high earners going to come from to sustain these prices? DC is facing sequestration and budget cuts for years to come. DC is not yet a world city with lots of cash-flush overseas buyers. I suppose that could happen, but hasn’t yet. The local income will not grow substantially to justify the the current rate of appreciation.

  • About five years ago I served on a jury and either this house, or one on this block was part of a drug ring. People used to come to the back window, knock and buy drugs. Sort of like a drive-thru (walk-up) window for pot.

  • You do all these renovations and don’t bother to put in a full kitchen in the basement – WHY?!?!?!

    With “9 bedrooms” and that much square footage, it makes sense to have a income generating, fully enclosed basement apartment.

    Wasted opportunity, IMHO.

    Is this gonna be a rich kids’ group house?

    • You’ll never see a flipped house with a separate, legal basement unit unless it existed prior to the redevelopment, because developers aren’t going to spend the time and energy needed to go through the licensing process. Much easier to put in an in-law suite with a wet bar and leave it to the buyers to decide whether they care enough about DCRA to bother with the red tape before renting it out. But most of these in-law suites do end up getting rented out as apartments.

      • Thanks for the info.
        If you look at the photo of the stairs leading up from the basement, you can see that it’s not even sectioned off from the main level with a closing door. It’s wide open.

  • 1.) $1M for Trinidad? Damn – Crestwood prices without the Crestwood safety!
    2.) The kitchen should have been extended past the refrigerator – the second dining space is just silly.
    3.) It sold last May for $286K – this is an unrealistic flip
    4.) this has to be a typo right?

  • Yay for Trinidad. Almost all newly renovated properties are listing for over 500K now in Trinidad. Prices have really jumped this year. Be nice for a developer to buy out all the 4unit dwellings on the North/NE east side of the neighborhood and build new townhomes.

  • My reaction to the first floor is that it has so much seating space and different seating areas it almost looks like it could be a restaurant. To me that is a bit wasted space. I would rather have some walls, although I know a lot of people like the open floor plan.

    • lordscarlet

      I am 100% with you. Granted, I think the staging could have made the overly large space look better, I just don’t see why you knock down all the walls on a house that size and make it just an uninspired open arena.

  • Atlas District??? Why do real estate people have to disrespect the original names of neighborhoods like this? I have news for you: NOBODY ever claims that they live in the Atlas District. You know what’s in the Atlas District? The Atlas Theater.

    • Because no one is going to drop a mil in Trinidad.

      • Yup.

        These “re-brandings” of neighborhoods are done to assuage the fears of scared white people. Certain neighborhoods carry the baggage of the history and renaming a neighborhood can move people past those negative connotations. It’s been happening in Brooklyn for the last 20 years.

  • I live on this block- I hope the owners enjoy hearing fire truck or ambulance sirens every twenty minutes.

    • This is one of the main reasons I no longer live on this block.

      • Also, don’t forget about the card games that come out in the summertime in the apartments across the street…

        (I lived on this block at one point as well and have many a story to tell).

  • That kitchen seems weirdly small, given how much space they had to work with.

  • Ugh, kitchen is so poorly designed! Bad work triangle, no ventilation, uppers look ugly with no soffit or crown molding to the ceiling. Sloppy design that might not matter in a 500k flip but this is a million dollar house!

  • surprised no one has mentioned Union Market yet… these developers are likely looking to capitalize on that right?

    Also agree… if I had a million dollars it would never cross my mind to move over here. Would go someplace further NW so that I could walk around Rock Creek Park with ease. The house is beautiful, but the neighborhood is not.

  • novadancer

    If i’m paying almost 1 million, I want a chef’s kitchen. Definitely not enough storage (for me atleast) nor did I see any kind of pantry.

    I disagree with zero_sum. Not everyone wants to deal with the headache of renters… some prefer a finished basement for themselves. We use our for entertaining/gaming/workout/.

  • Speaking of Million dollar homes- anyone know whats the latest on the row of Pre-Fab million dollar homes rigth there off Florida and I think 12th? It’s been several years now that they have been sitting empty.

    • I read a year or two ago that the bank repossesed them, and learned that they have foundation problems and has not been able to get rid of them. The “developer” claimed the only problem was that she is AA anid being discriminated againts.

  • Utterly appalling that anyone would think it a good idea to have an open floorplan in a house this wide. The first floor looks like meeting space or a hotel lobby. I understand an open floorplan in a narrow home. Here, you give up having a nice foyer and a nice flow from reasonably sized living room into a dining room. This is just awful.

    And I don’t know if it’s a good deal or not because I can’t get past the hideous floorplan. Such a waste.

  • I think the renovation itself looks fine (though I agree with earlier comments about the kitchen being small given the size of the first floor). However, the view from this house overlooking Florida is pretty terrible. I live right around the corner from here closer to H, so I’m really curious to see what it goes for.

  • Anyone else noticed that they flipped the location of the living room furniture with the dining room set for several of the pictures – giving the impression that there are two full living room locations plus a dining room? Perhaps it was simply to show the versatility of the open floor plan…

  • This will be some sort of commercial property – B&B, offices, frat house. And that would make the price reasonable.

  • For that much money, I want a real garage. Not a garage door leading to an open parking pad. That’s false advertising right there! As a resident of this block, I am watching this hilarious charade very closely.

  • The first floor just seems poorly staged–that second dining space is wasted as people would eat at the island or on the kitchen couch area–but it’s great space for someone with better design sense. Still seem $100-$200k overpriced given the distance to the Metro, which is really the major factor for pricing in so many places.

  • Whoever asked last week about open concept versus saving walls, show these pictures to the realtor who insisted on open floor plan and tell them if they think this is a good home layout, they should move into another line of work.

  • I’m sorry, but $900,000+l to live on Florida Ave.? Eventually maybe, but I just don’t see that right now – even if it is wide house with a lot of bedrooms/bathrooms. I am going to assume that the flippers on this know it isn’t going to sell for that and are counting on something in the $800,000’s (still a bit pricy considering the street it is on but much more realistic).

    • ^^ This. The fact that commenters are even suggesting that it isn’t worth 1 million but rather 850 is proof that the investor is winning. *sigh*

  • Oh, great, another giant empty box. Maybe I’ve been looking at too many house listings lately but I am so bored by these new renovations and so-called “floorplans”.

    My bias aside, not a good deal to live right on Florida. I say $850.

  • This is where open floor plans suck, come on guys -kitchen is tiny and all the space in the world in one big generic room. Bathroom is fugly

    If I were going to pay $1M for a home it would have to have some of the following: 1. Be near a Metro 2. Not be in a dangerous area 3. Be near RCP 4. Make good use of the floor space.

    This house has NONE of those. I’ll pass

  • “2 car garage”? Am I missing something but that looks like a slab of concrete, is the “garage” part somewhere else? These listing agents are getting to be too much, its like they don’t even respect the public anymore

  • Holly fuc# thats so over priced! It’s a $150K reno of a dump.

  • For almost a million I think you can get way better houses than this in better neighborhoods to boot. Yeah, the width means a lot of square footage but it’s really not well-used square footage.

  • Toured this house when it was open yesterday. Cheap renovations that include a kitchen drawer not being about to open because the knob on an adjacent drawer blocked it. The house is huge, but, as folks have already pointed out, you’d need to get your head examined to drop that much money on Florida Ave in Trinidad for a shoddy, cookie-cutter reno.

    Home prices in general have far exceeded the value of that area.

  • jim_ed

    I can’t believe no one mentioned that the flipper bought this in May for $285k.

    I understand trying to make a decent profit off of a flip, but it looks like someons trying to put their kids through college and retire to a tropical island off of one house here.

    • Someone did. See andy2 above.

    • I’ve never understood this complaint. Who cares what the developer bought it for? The value of the house is the price that someone’s willing to pay for it, and it doesn’t matter AT ALL what the developer got it for.

      • It does if the developer only spent $150k on crappy renovations like this one looks like: a developer who puts in $300k would never have a terrible kitchen like that. So the fact the someone thinks someone is willing to pay $900k for junk, and that someone probably will…it just blows my mind.

  • There’s also no way it will appraise for that price–last assessment was $270k–so no mortgage lender will underwrite it at full value. Bring all cash or a BIG downpayment.

  • “Two blocks to H St & Bikeshare…”

    Yeah, because if I’m spending $1M on a house, access to bikeshare is what I’m looking for… Sheesh.

  • Well, in that case, I’m headed back to North Carolina now! This housing market has lost its tiny mind. People are pricing into homes amenities they imagine the neighborhood might have someday, to the point where prices in VERY on-the-edge neighborhoods are the same as in developed neighborhoods.

    • you could get this 4br in this charming building for 750,000 in raleigh. stunning views of parking lots and the cafe downstairs has coca cola i think.

      • Yeah, but then you’d have to live in Raleigh.

        Yes, D.C. is significantly more expensive than a lot of other cities… but it has a lot of positive aspects that a lot of other cities don’t have. It’s always a tradeoff.

        • Please don’t bring Raleigh into this. That’s as much of a cheap shot as directing those considering a move to the DC region to the fabulous condo offerings of Crystal City.

          In Durham, for instance, you could get a six-bed Victorian on a half-acre lot half a mile from American Tobacco and Brightleaf Square, all for $500-600K.

          Of course there are many good reasons to live in DC and not in Durham. I myself chose to do so. But acting like the answer to a housing market so overheated that listings in a neighborhood that had police checkpoints just five years ago is to tell someone to GB2 overpriced crappy Raleigh condo ignores the fact that those of us who don’t already own homes in DC are pretty much on the cusp of getting locked out of homeownership. Meanwhile, those who are buying now are banking on the myth of an endless supply of others with a combined household income in the mid-six figures to help them keep their equity on the rise. I love the idea of buying in an area like Trinidad, but not when I could buy in Shaw or Bloomingdale for the same price.

          In the next 3-5 years, I see home prices in these areas stalling high, with those who bought at the top hanging on for dear life so they don’t lose their asses. Then what?

          • i posted the Raleigh link. okay, maybe i should have picked durham. but my point was that you can also find over priced housing in north carolina. i didn’t even bother to post something in asheville, which is also outrageous. or something in PG county which is pretty damn cheap. or east of the river. or woodridge.
            sometimes you need to just go where you can afford and hope and work for things to get better. some of us can’t just buy into something nice but we have to make our own scene.
            i think that if a person feels that their options are either the most expensive house listed in trinidad or north carolina then they should really think differently about their options.

          • My best friend lived in Raleigh for four years. It’s abysmal.

  • That first floor would make a great roller hockey rink!

  • “Shoot for the stars and land on the moon”
    -Every house flipper ever


  • I own a home in this area and am a big cheerleader for the neighborhood. With that said, this is absolutely ridiculous.

  • First of all, if you look at the basic info on Redfin, this house is 2638 sq ft, NOT 3000. I know they’re just rounding up, but let’s be real here.

    Second of all, I bought a house a few months ago that is the same size (also with two-car parking pad- NOT a “garage”), a 10 minute walk from Union Station and has a completely separate basement apartment for $350K less. Was my house newly renovated with top-of-the-line finishes? No. It was a standard flip job with pretty much builder’s grade everything, but renovated nonetheless.

    BUT, would it take $350K to make my house look like this one (not that I’d want it to)? Absolutely not. I don’t understand on what planet this house is worth $926K. Or even $850K. Or even $650K.

    • Please, do tell me where exactly you bought a renovated 3k sq ft house on the hill for 575k. You can’t get a gut job for under $200/sq ft on the hill anymore, so I just find hard to believe that you were able to get such a steal. (Open to being proved wrong though!)

      • I never said I bought on the Hill. I bought in NoMa.

        I think the reason I got a good deal is because the house, while renovated, had been used as a rental for several years (the flipper had been unable to sell it the first go-round). So, it was in need of a fresh paint job and the upstairs carpets were a total wreck (we replaced them with wood). It was also not a top-of-the-line reno to begin with (which I preferred because I’d rather add my own touches than pay for high end finished that might not be exactly to my liking).

  • There is a house across from me that the flipper bought for 280k and tried to sell for about 700k. The house, I believe is being rented out, since I’ve yet to see where it has sold. The same thing happened to the home located at 9th and North Carolina Ave. The flipper tried to sale for 1.2m and ended up renting.

  • I can’t say that a tiny, low-end kitchen like that belongs in a six bedroom house. Let’s say you have three or four children (which you’d kinda need to justify a six bedroom house) – you barely have enough room in a kitchen that size for the dishes and glassware of a family of five or six people – forget about appliances, cookware, or food storage. Modern houses for families that big have two dishwashers, a much larger fridge (or a double fridge), and bigger islands. There was plenty of space for a real kitchen there – but if I was in the market for a real “family home”, I’d never pay a million bucks for something off of H Street and Benning Road for starters (I don’t care if it’s a full-size replica of the Biltmore Estate, I’m not letting my young children run around there and it’s nowhere near Metro), but I’d certainly never pay a million bucks for a family house with a kitchen smaller than many new one and two bedrooms downtown that I’d just have to gut and rebuild anyway.

    • Same problem with the kitchen (maybe exacerbated) if you’re aiming at someone who wants to rent out to a group house. Basically, there was no excuse for that kitchen except that it’s cheaper to create bare space than to fill it with cabinets and counters.

  • Just went under contract today. Can’t wait to meet our new neighbors!

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