Good Deal or Not? “deck with breath taking views of the city” edition

This house is located at 902 Quincy Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Spectacular WSD renovation of a 4 BD/3.5 BA row house in Columbia Heights / Petworth! Over 2,000 SF of high quality finishes throughout. Gourmet kitchen w/ ss appliances, granite, upgraded hardwood floors, designer master bath w/ custom built-ins & more. Great outdoor space on deck with breath taking views of the city! 2 car prkg w/ garage door. Security system. 1 block from Metro”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,000.

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  • They have really cleaned it up since the crack dealers were evicted!

    • Awww, we moved about 16 months ago and have missed walking past the crackhead-porch house ever since. They called my boyfriend “big man” and told my mom she had nice hair. They were so nice. You know, in that I’m-dealing-crack-to-that-guy-over-there-as-soon-as-you-walk-away, kind of way.

      • I used to live two houses down and whenever I would go for a run I would pass their house and they would call me “champ” I never ran more than 3 miles but it made me feel like rocky

      • Did you know Boloski? Can’t say I would have invited him in for a drink, but I enjoyed chatting with him when I walked by.

      • “They were so nice. You know, in that I’m-dealing-crack-to-that-guy-over-there-as-soon-as-you-walk-away, kind of way.”


  • Nice car port.

    Though, where are the “breathtaking” views?

  • painfully small bedrooms!

  • I love that block. The house on the corner of 10th and Quincy is my dream location. It’s at the very top of a hill, so all of the back and side windows do really have pretty spectacular city views.

    • It is a nice block, though the house right next door is rather run-down, and that stretch of 9th St. is a little sketchy.

      “Breath taking” may be overstating it, but the views actually are nicer than those underwhelming pics indicate.

  • It’s already under contract, so I’m guessing it was a good deal for someone.

  • There’s no way that house is 2000 sq ft.

  • I bought a house from this developer in 16th Street Heights a year and a half ago, while it was still under construction. For what it’s worth, they are a small shop that seems to take care with their projects and was pretty responsive to the little fixes we needed after the sale. We haven’t had any problems so far — except for water in the basement, which we had to fix by realining the gutters to flow to the front of the house instead of the back.

  • This area is among the best in Petworth. It’s just off Georgia Avenue, the sidewalks are wide, the neighborhood is fairly quiet. The Wardman homes there make for great (low maintenance) renovation projects because they have sturdy foundations. That said though, $700k seems quite steep, though I’m sure people with lots of credit are lined up waiting to throw their money into projects like this, but there’s almost no equity gain in buying a house at that price point for at least 2 years.

    • bfinpetworth

      650-700 seems to be the going price in lower Petworth these days. A house on Allison near 5th St. just went under contract after only a few days with an asking price of 689k. I don’t know what the contract price is, but probably close to that. And that house is about .7 miles from the metro station. So 699 is likely on the low end of what the market will pay for the house above right now.

      Agree on the equity growth issue, though. I can’t imagine that houses in Petworth will go much above 700k in the near future. It just seems too crazy.

      • Yep, I am more of a “buy & renovate” type personality. There is huge money to be made by buying a fixer-upper these days, more than my yearly salary working for the Feds can be made with one good purchase in 6 months… But I guess there are people who don’t mind going “all-in” and buying a house just to live in it. The two go hand in hand, General Contractors and sellers are having a field day with this market… I’d flip my current house but I’m enjoying living in it right now because all of the issues are fixed. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see old neighborhoods getting solid renovations like this one.

        • bfinpetworth

          It’s a matter of priorities and capacity. I’ve renovated and I’ve bought a nice flip. Right now it looks like the purchase of the flip is going to make me more money, but only because of market timing. I did the renovation on a house in Burlington, Vermont and barely broke even, but we sold it in 2010 when the market was still pretty sluggish.

    • Jack – it’s an inventory thing. As in, there is none. I’m looking in this area and sadly 700K seems to be the norm.

      • Hate to break it to you guys, but right now you’d be lucky to get this below $750. 624 Princeton sold for $770. 3605 11th St. went for $757. And a whole bunch of others just West of Georgia between Park Road and Upshur are all going a good 50k over asking, and most of them aren’t a beautiful reno like this. Of course it seems crazy and out of control, but that’s what we were saying about U and 14th in 2006.

        • 624 Princeton sold at $65/sq ft. less than this house with a rentable basement. 3605 11th is more comparable but even then that place had a basement unit.

          Supply, supply, supply.

          • You are pretty much right about supply and demand – but please remember that demand is a big part of it. What happens if rates climb up out of their historic lows and budget cuts hit the until-now unaffected DC labor market? Prices here certainly managed to levitate while everything beyond the beltway was melting down, but that’s not guaranteed to last.

  • I went to the open house yesterday. The bedrooms are small, two of them too small to fit a “full” or double sized bed in them let alone anything else. They did a great job on the kitchen and back deck though.

  • I’m impressed! I’ve walked by this house practically everyday going to and from the GA Ave metro. Just this morning I walked past and thought, wow they flipped the hell out of this house. I’m pretty sure there was a bullet hole in the front window just a few months ago. And yes, there were all kinds of vagabonds coming and going from that house. It got to the point where, as a woman, I didn’t feel safe walking on that side of the street past a certain hour b/c I would get accosted by random men.

  • That location is also about 50 feet from the new Georgia Ave Safeway development, which will also markedly improve the area. I sometimes park on this street to catch the Metro to work, and occasionally when i get back around 9 p.m., there are some unsavory looking types hanging around that corner. Also, so close to Chez Billys!

    • saf

      You aren’t the one with the car alarm that goes off all day, are you?

      Someone who parks there to go to metro has a car alarm that goes off all day. Burgundy car.

  • then hopefully you a a multi millionaire- being that you have such great RE sources about the DC market…….

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Went to the open house yesterday. Stunning renovation, esp. if you recall how it was a vermin-infest crack house! Seems like the developer opted for larger bathrooms upstairs for sake of smaller bedrooms. The smaller rooms could still function as a study, baby’s room, guest room, child’s room.

    The house was on the market for ZERO days and they ended up with 4 contracts by the close of the open house. A very successful venture for WCD!

  • Cute house, but nothing good would come of me living that close to the Looking Glass.

  • The kitchen is nice, but given the size of the bedrooms I might have advertized the place as “1 bedroom, 3 home offices.” Ha.

  • Just curious about the comments re: bedroom size: How big do the bedrooms need to be? The fit beds and they have closets… what else do you need them for?

    • Went to the open house yesterday, it really is 1 BR, 3 den/offices. One “BR” wouldnt fit a bed and the other 2 would barely fit a twin.

  • I really like the look of the partially vaulted ceiling to follow the line of the mansard roof. Overall, looks lovely!

  • I’m a little surprised they didn’t put the master bedroom at the back of the house, for the southern exposure. It has a northern exposure it its current location.

  • They also needed to repoint the brick for the exposed brick wall.

  • stop painting that great old brick! It’s just soooooo f-ing stupid.

  • This will go for way, way over 700, a house on Emerson and 4 sold for 600k last week, and that is easily a mile from the metro w/o the amenities this area has.

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